Apple’s Mac is now a threat to Alphabet Inc.’s Google

“Later this year, Apple will release macOS Sierra, the next version of its Mac operating system,” Sam Mattera reports for The Motley Fool. “Sierra will bring a number of notable improvements to Apple’s PCs, including support for Apple Pay and deeper integration with iOS devices.”

“It also brings Siri, Apple’s digital personal assistant,” Mattera reports. “Her introduction could dramatically improve the productivity of Mac users, and give them a new way to interact with their machines. It could also pose a threat to Alphabet’s Google.”

“Once they’ve installed Sierra, Mac users will be able to call on Siri by speaking to their machines. It’s a bit of a shift from the familiar mouse and keyboard, but impressions have been generally favorable. Wired‘s David Pierce described the process of using Siri on the Mac as ‘almost natural’ and ‘definitely useful.’ Ultimately, he concluded that Siri may be better on the Mac than she is on the iPhone,” Mattera reports. “Perhaps more interesting is what Siri could do to the search market. Beyond finding files and changing settings, Siri can be used to scour the web. Since 2013, she’s relied on Microsoft’s Bing to do so. Unless you specifically request Google, simple commands such as ‘find me chicken recipes’ will result in Siri conducting a Bing search.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Good.

Google’s going to rue the day they got greedy by deciding to try to work against Apple instead of with them.MacDailyNews, March 9, 2010


      1. Next time Alphabet passes Apple in market cap it won’t be for such a short time. It doesn’t take revenue to beat Apple. All it takes are happy investors willing to pay plenty for a stock to drive up the multiple. Apple’s P/E is forever range-bound but Alphabet’s P/E can easily expand thanks to aggressive business tactics. All Apple is going to do is try to keep selling more and more iPhones in a smartphone market already filled to capacity with Android smartphones.

        Google made sure of that. One of the best ways of ruining a rival company’s business is by coercing consumers into filling their shopping carts to capacity so the consumer can’t fit any more products into their shopping cart. That’s what Google has done to Apple with Android. Apple either has no solution to that problem or they’re too stupid to fight back.

        You have to look at the absurdity of the problem. Billions of consumers can buy smartphones but Apple has already reached its limit of about 20% iPhone market share and can’t manage to sell any more. Investor’s perception of Apple always remains that Apple has no future even when it certainly does. Apple refuses to go after market share with any product it comes out with and I’m sure they can afford at least one loss leader product.

        If Apple had bought DuckDuckGo they could have had a very good start to hurting Google’s search engine business but Tim Cook simply doesn’t care.

        1. Google makes 99% of its income from search ads. Have you ever tried switching your default search engine? It takes 2 seconds and most people would never notice the difference.

          Google is incredibly vulnerable. If they had a significant breach and users started switching in mass, they would be in serious trouble.

          1. An attack would have to target the right data. Otherwise you’d be hard pressed to get the ‘important’ data of interest to you and your clients considering the huge amounts of Big Data attained and retained by Google everyday.

        2. Sad for you that you’re so invested in a company whose entire business model is built around hoarding data and obscuring privacy breaches, not to mention outright copying of Apple every step of the way. Kinda pathetic really. The ignorance of “happy” investors is not something to be proud of by the way, and neither is your absurd argument.

          Lets do a quick breakdown:
          -Apple gets 94+% of smartphone profits with only 20% of the available market, but it’s somehow saturated? lol
          -betabet has completely saturated the smartphone market with its copycat operating system, but still makes most of its mobile profits from the 20% of smartphone users that are on iOS.

          Hmm, which company sounds like a better investment?

          Troll on.

      1. Not really. Alphabet is seen to have a far higher upside than Apple. Apple isn’t going anywhere. It’s a buy and sell stock for tiny gains. Tim Cook is not making Apple compelling to own in terms of share price gains. He’s doing quite the opposite.

        1. “Seen” and actually “doing” are too different things. Google is the jack of all trades, hand in many cookie jars but only master of one – Search. Pretty much. Perception of work in other areas will only take them so far though they’ve managed to take it quite a distance fooling a lot of investors. And search is only one disruptive technology development away from a Google disaster.

    1. Fooling investors is not a world changing thing…changing world with your technology is what is important and bring you the name.

      Mac Air
      ApplePay with TouchID

      etc… are the benchmarks in their categories… what about Alphabet other than Google search?

  1. Oh great.
    Every time I’ve ever tried Bung all it’s offered is to show me what my friends are doing, and I had to go back to Google to actually find what I was looking for.

    Seriously…one time I was looking for a gorram Microsoft Tech Note and Bung couldn’t manage to find it until the fourth pages of results, but Google found it right off. Hell Google would have found it if I’d clicked “I’m feeling lucky”

    (and until Siri works in text mode, she’s completely useless for hard of hearing folks like me, especially in offices like mine where we have to keep the sound levels down on our computers so as not to interfere with the other conversations going on.)

  2. Finally. When Scotty tried talking to the computer from the past, then tried talking to the mouse like a Mike… Well looks like Star Trek wins again- people will be talking to their computers now. I just hope it’s not through the mouse.

  3. I am the owner of a MacBook Pro, an iPad Pro, a iPhone 6s Plus and airport express. And I will tell you Apple is behind the times, arrogant and repeating the same mistakes. I think there are ample fans out there especially in the press like this, who would be playing in the band as the ship goes down. I wonder if they were saying the same things in the early 90s as well.

    Google has now passed Apple when it comes to phones. Google has been a major force in helping the USA get high speed internet at reasonable prices.

    Maybe if Apple would stop insulting half the electorate, Apple actual sales would still be increasing, even with overpriced and behind HW.

    It seems the press narrative has gone from “Apple still sells more. Don’t worry” to ” Apple still owns the upend (expensive) market and has huge profit margins, don’t worry”. This is the exact same thing as the 90’s. You can have all the PM in the world, but if your market share keeps dropping eventually…….

    1. Google has now passed Apple when it comes to phones.

      Hey anonymous coward kiddy:
      Google don’t make phones, do they? They sold off Motorola. Pay attention.

      Some of your Apple criticism are more than welcome, particularly regarding the antiquation of current Macs. But you have little regard for facts. (Hmm, that’s so familiar!) Instead, you settle for 🍎🐻🐂💩 propaganda hate, turning your post into an overall FAIL. Try harder. Know what you’re talking about. Stick to facts. They’re damning enough already.

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