New high-res photos show off Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

“A new collection of high-resolution images depicting the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have been shared online today (via Letem svetem Applem),” Mitchel Broussard reports for MacRumors.

“The photos originated from mobile peripheral website Topp Ten, which claimed that in addition to the usual color options of Rose Gold, Gold, and Silver, Apple will offer the new iPhone in a variant of Blue,” Broussard reports. “The two iPhones in today’s images are both Gold, so any claim to the veracity of a potential Deep Blue iPhone 7 is still left unconfirmed.”

“The back of the iPhone shows off what’s expected of the device at this point, namely the single-lens camera of the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 and the dual-lens alternative on the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus,” Broussard reports. “The photos back up everything else that’s expected in the iPhone 7 this year: realigned antenna bands, tapered camera enclosures, and an overall design that keeps a very close resemblance to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s.”

Images claiming to be of Apple's forthcoming "iPhone 7" and "iPhone 7 Plus" (via Letem svetem Applem)
Images claiming to be of Apple’s forthcoming “iPhone 7” and “iPhone 7 Plus” (via Letem svetem Applem)

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MacDailyNews Take: If not “Blue” (and it has a black face), we want our 5.5-inch Plus/Pro iPhones in “Space Black.”

If neither exists, it’ll be Space Gray for us again. We tried it once and that’s all it took: We’re not staring at a white-faced iPhone all year ever again!


  1. Maybe it’s because they’re prototypes, but with iPhone 6S Plus, Apple finally got rid of those disgusting trade logos at the bottom on the back of the phone. There’s no way they’ll start putting them back on. This is either fake, or they were still using the logos on the prototypes for whatever reason.

  2. Would someone please explain what the differences are between a single lens camera and a dual lens camera? I simply can’t carry around a Plus sized device. My eyes barely can see 1080, must less 4k, so resolution isn’t gonna do it for me. I don’t need to see blackheads on someones nose anyhow.

    1. Ever notice that when u take a photo of something far away it’s a very small part of the photo? And if u pinch to zoom in, the part u care about can look very, very bad, and very pixilated?

      That’s because the vast majority of the available resolution was wasted on everything else in the way too big frame. What’s needed in these cases is OPTICAL zoom, as opposed to the digital zoom most smart phones always had.

      An iphone with two lenses would probably have two different focal lengths, and usoftware to combine the images to produce something much, much closer to that optical zoom.

      Also, the camera will, for the first time, allow you to see more detail at distance than any of us can with the naked eye. So apple’s camera app, and third party apps will now be able to provide the functionality of binoculars. I use a great magnifying glass app, that allows me read tiny print that I otherwise could never see. Which is great.

      But I’ve always I’ve wanted the same benefits at distance, which now is about to happen

    2. Not expecting two focal lengths (like the LG G5, which is pretty cool if not the greatest for resolution, low light, etc.).

      Apple bought another company sometime back with technology to pull far more detail and tonal range out two sensors (with the same focal length) dedicated to different tasks… …analogous to the rods and cones in our eyes, where one lens will capture the luminance (light level) info (like the rods) and the other the chroma (colors) info (like the cones).

      There’s also a way to edit photos in Photoshop using a mode that also separates luminance and chroma info that allows some manipulations not possible in RGB or CYMK color spaces.

      This could lead to a huge jump in resolution and low-light performance that would leap-frog all the kitchen sink bits in this years’ Samsung Galaxy and Note lines in terms of adding useful functionality to the phone.

      And even make me forgive likely kiboshing the headphone jack… 🙂

      PS: There are also other ways they could go, e.g., extracting depth info from the two lenses not for 3D per se, but allowing Lytro like effects, e.g., changing the focus point after shooting, but I believe the set up I described above is the most likely, and most bang for the buck for both everyday and pro iPhoneographers….

    1. Actually it was the HTC One M8 that had the first dual lens system over two years ago misinformed-as-usual one. Samsung won’t have a real two lens system until the Galaxy Note 7 Edge comes out. And the current Samsung camera still sucks compared to the iPhone. You are probably confused (your natural state) about the S7’s Dual Pixel Auto Focus feature,

      Sorry Galaxy S7, new camera shootout proves iPhone still best:

  3. I’m with MDN. Don’t like the white face phones. I could deal with blue phone with black face and or space black with black face. What I would like though is probably a gold phone with black or a space black phone with black face, gold trims/buttons.

    Again Apple: Currently there is only ONE phone with the black face and that’s that the space grey.

    Rose Gold – White Face
    Silver – White Face
    Gold – White Face
    Space Grey – Black Face…huh

    it’s not a racial thing is it Apple? LOL

    Just to be clear. This is a Joke. For the purposes of laughter, not ignorance.

  4. Shame I won’t be able to pay for the improved camera. I tried a plus and hated the size of it. I’m not going to compromise my enjoyment of the device 24/7 just for a better camera. Screen size is more important.

  5. The overall design is looking very antiquated. You would think Apple’s most valuable product would deserve some extra attention from Jonathan Ive, but maybe he’s bored.

    Since I always use a protective cover, I will only have to see this uninspired effort for a few minutes.

    1. Once you perfect the right shape, there is no sense in changing away from it.

      I personally like the 5s design with flat edges but it appears they will not be going back to that. The power button being moved to side I’m not happy with either but they must have thought with the bigger phone, it was easier to reach on the side.

      As to color and design patterns, that is what cases are for.

  6. For those complaining about the antiquated look –

    What are you wanting? A round phone? One shaped like the number “7”? Garish colors? Paisleys?

    As to shapes – we’re pretty much stuck. Not much way to revolutionize a rectangle.

    As to colors/designs – that’s what third party covers/protectors are for. Personalize away! I like the sleek, simple design. In that regard, I’m still on board with “boring” Apple. But I call it modern and stylish.

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