Why Apple will become a leader in artificial intelligence

“Apple’s acquisition of Turi bolsters its capabilities in machine learning and AI. Apple is following the same pattern it did in acquiring expertise in processor design, which thrust it into a position of leadership in mobile processors within a few years,” Mark Hibben writes for Seeking Alpha. “Apple will pursue leadership in AI with equal vigor because AI is the ultimate killer app.”

“SA contributor BayesianLearner has also criticized Apple’s AI efforts, but wrote a very positive and informative take on the Turi acquisition: ‘Apple did not just buy some algorithms or a team, it bought a platform that can be used as the basis for future machine-learning services,'” Hibben writes. “Indeed, perhaps the most significant aspect of Turi’s offerings is that it advertises that its solutions are highly scalable from individual devices to cloud platforms.”

“Turi is just the latest in a string of acquisitions by Apple of companies with expertise or products related to AI. These include the purchase last October of VocalIQ, a UK startup specializing in natural speech recognition, and Perceptio specializing in image recognition. Perceptio is especially interesting in this context because Perceptio’s goals were to implement its algorithms on smartphones, according to Bloomberg. In January, Apple acquired Emotient, specializing in facial expression recognition,” Hibben writes. “Clearly, Apple’s ongoing interest in preserving the privacy of its customers, combined with its own processor expertise, make localized AI a natural offering. To some degree, Apple’s AI services will have to be distributed between individual devices and its cloud services. Search, maps, and AI based recommendations all necessarily have to be cloud based. But localized AI gives Apple’s powerful mobile processors a raison d’etre that perhaps they have lacked until now.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As Apple did in mobile processors, they will do in AI.

Siri on your iOS device, no Internet required, would be a game-changer.

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  1. The problem with Siri on your device with no internet would be its lack of ability to answer a lot of things.

    Sure it could navigate your phone for you, setup calendar appointments and all of that, but you aren’t going to store the sum of all of the data sources it queries on your phone, which it needs to answer your questions.

    Data size aside, even if you did store “a bunch of information” then you have to manage keeping it up to date.

  2. How much can Siri do currently with no wifi/cell data access? That will mark the ‘low’ end of Apple’s AI range.. Upper end will depend on how much access the user and Apple allows which is usually more restrictive than the competition.

  3. AI must be local and not cloud for your AI car. Ever drive through the mountains, tunnels, under power lines, … Can’t loose AI when the internet vanishes during your drive. How about being hacked at 60 mph! I will stay local and secured from hackers. It cloud adds data, that is Ok as a copilot. The AI pilot should stay in the car with me and my family and friends.

  4. Apple might have bought the AI company , but I don’t think that is a factor enough to make it a leader in AI. Google, for example, have been investing far more in AI and have a much more experienced and advanced AI team the conducts various research. They also have their own machine learning libraries. I have been working in the AI field for quite some time and I have found that Universities across the globe are leaders in AI and their research in it is unparalleled. Apart from them, I feel google has a better chance then Apple. This is my view

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