Microsoft executive: Apple ‘doing their customers a disservice with old tech’

“It’s not easy when you’re 40. You can’t keep up with things the way you used to,” Chris Matyszczyk reports for CNET. “You start to peddle old ideas instead of new ones. This, perhaps, is at the core of criticisms leveled on occasion at Apple.”

“Oddly, the latest comes from Microsoft’s general manager of the Surface line, Brian Hall,” Matyszczyk reports. “In a tweet on Thursday that sounded in equal parts exasperated and bemused, he said: ‘I compete with Apple and respect them. but they ARE doing their customers a disservice at times with old tech…'”

“Perhaps that’s a symptom of the expectations that Apple has engendered across its whole product line,” Matyszczyk reports. “Perhaps we humans should just chill a little and let Apple do its thing. Or perhaps Apple is slowly weaning us off certain sorts of computers altogether.”

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MacDailyNews Take:

Microsoft's Brian Hall
Microsoft’s Brian Hall
Microsoft’s recently completed quarterly Surface (Surface Pro, Surface Book, Surface Hub) revenue: $965 million versus Apple’s latest quarterly Macintosh revenue: $5.239 billion.

We used the Mac figures for Apple because we assume that even Hall, despite his place of employment, isn’t stupid enough to be calling iPad “old tech,” since Apple’s A-series mobile processors are unparalleled and he dreams that he had access to them after he closes his iPad Pro before retiring every night.

Hey, Brian, here’s an idea: Worry about your Surface’s crappy batteries instead.


  1. Brian, take it from me:

    You might want to go with XXXL on your next Zune-colored “trying too hard to look cool” hoodie.

    (Brought to you by Carl’s Jr.)

  2. If apple ships old tech then what exactly is windows? A wizzy but nearly unusable menu structure, surface pro tablets that profess to be laptops yet offer almost no storage for that purpose, and do we mention the paucity of surface specific apps? These are excuses and pale imitations instead of products that serve the public. Fix your own glass house Brian. The world is full of stones

  3. I don’t know..I think he’s actually being honest and genuine. Aside from the fact that the surface is itself underpowered, etc, he’s making a statement most of us here have also made. It’s hard to have a respectable competition when your rival appears to be faltering. Sad, in a way..that said, his comments about letting Apple just do its thing shows he has some insight.

    1. You have to know the world knows you are clueless and asleep at the wheel relying on $MShat for the direction Apple was pointing when they disappeared.

  4. Apple Mac hardware has never been this out of date. Hopefully this changes in the next few months. I have a MacBook Pro that is dying to be replaced but I wont do it with today’s miserable hardware.

  5. I very seldom agree with Microsoft on anything. But this time they have hit a chord with me. Apple’s operating system is very good and the top of the list for me. Apple’s hardware is another matter. It’s like they pulled everyone off it for other projects. The hardware is way behind in graphics. People like me and several others that have commented are waiting to get a real great machine out of Apple. And this has been happening for at least the last two years. Look at the Mac Pro. What is with that? My workhorse, the iMac really needs to be upgraded again. I will let others speak on the laptops. I have to agree with Birdseed, Apple has a “miserable” hardware selection right now. I really hope this changes, it does a disservice to the people working so hard on the operating systems.

  6. What’s really new beside cycle updates?

    Patience. Wait until you see the next gen Apple computer. They will be, as always, years ahead and everybody will start their copiers.

    Integrating technologies takes time to make it seemless. The new generation will blow our mind. Everybody will flock to Apple.

  7. I’m not enthused about Apple these days, but I did just upgrade my old iPad to an iPad Pro 9″ and it’s awesome (for an iPad). Love my 2014 Retina MB Pro as well, and my iMac. So who’s making anything better. Just one look at Windows OS and I become overjoyed to be running back to my Mac’s. And yes, I do have Win 10 running in Parallels and it’s just plain ugly (still – as always).

  8. I think he’s talking about The Mac here.

    If so then he’ll has frozen over because I agree with him.

    Tim Cook says apples next products will be in every part of our lives:

    Apart from the parts of life that go near server rooms. & pro desktops. & pro gaming. & DIY upgrades. OH YEAH & VR.

    To all though with a wait and see attitude:


  9. MDN should stick to debating claims…and less on red herring.

    Argument: Apple is peddling old tech.
    Rebuttal: “but, but, but look how much more money macs made as a business…IN A QUARTER!!!(fingers trembling from overreaction, accelerated by too much caffeine, with a measure of “Apple can do no wrong”)


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