Apple Watch 2 to be unveiled this autumn, sources say

“Upstream component makers have seen weaker-than-expected orders for tablet and wearable products since the early first half and the issue is expected to continue in the second half of the year and will hurt the makers’ revenue performances in 2016,” Monica Chen and Joseph Tsai report for DigiTimes.

“Although the second-generation Apple Watch is estimated to be unveiled in September or October,” Chen and Tsai report, “related supply chain is seeing rather conservative orders for the device”

Chen and Tsai report, “The Apple Watch, which accounted for nearly 50% of the smartwatch market in the second quarter, has had difficulties providing sufficient profits to its component suppliers, and revenue contributions from its competitors have been far less.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’ll be snapping up Apple Watch 2 units the second they’re available!

As for component orders, better for Apple to ramp properly than to overshoot demand.

With watchOS 3 coming to enable basically a whole new Apple Watch, if Apple keeps the original models on the market at reduced prices, they’re going to dominate the smartwatch market even more than they do now!

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  1. My theory is that the top version of AW2 will be liquidmetal. Over the next few years the metal will flow into other new products, including iPhone 2017 first, then iPad in 2018, and laptop/iMac in 2019. Finally the metal will have serious use in the Car, debuting in 2020. Thus the rollout will be complete.

    If there are zero leaks of the Watch 2 body ahead of time, you’ll know LQMT is coming.

  2. The current Apple Watch is a solid design. Highly refined for a first product line model, compared to first iPhone and first iPod (and even first iPad).

    Add built-in GPS. A little thinner, if possible. Continue to sell the current technical design as the low-end (“Sport”) config only, for $100 less that current pricing.

    1. I would add significantly increase battery life, improve the design and interface, get rid of the lag and add an option for a sim card and make it less tied to an iPhone.

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