Apple CEO Tim Cook poised to reveal his level of confidence in ‘iPhone 7’

“When Apple reports its June quarter results today, it’s expected to post its second straight quarterly revenue decline,” Dan Frommer writes for Recode. “Specifically, analysts project Apple will report about $42 billion in revenue — down about 15 percent year over year — on about 40 million iPhone shipments.”

“Likely more interesting will be its forecast for the current September quarter, which is when it’s expected to launch its latest iPhone,” Frommer writes.

“Right now, analysts expect Apple to project September quarter sales around $46 billion,” Frommer writes. “If Apple’s projections are significantly higher than that — approaching $50 billion at the midpoint — it would imply a stronger-than-expected launch.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As usual, Apple’s guidance will be key.

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  1. I wish Cook would also be reveal his level of confidence on the Mac. I need a workstation level solution, and Apple offers nothing. I fear I will be pushed to Windows if Apple indeed has abandoned the professional market.

  2. iPhone 7 (or whatever they call it) won’t affect this quarter’s sales because it won’t go on sale until late September. Thus, it shouldn’t even be included in this quarter’s guidance.

  3. Do you have power to stop all the negativities that basing Apple day in & day out? Or at least written an article that defend Apple as a company and its CEO, making sure it would be published in all major websites. Look at Colin Gillis and CNBC, Wall Street listens to their perpepepual bashing Apple. Enough said.

    1. Negative stories about Apple have been commonplace since the Mac was first introduced and will probably be the norm for the future too. If you have a good understanding of Apple, you will be able to make a judgement about how reliable those reports really are. You might also like to consider how reliable other reports from that source might be on subjects which you have a lesser understanding of, but which are still of interest to you.

      If you imagine that news sources don’t have their own agenda, then you are being naive. Reporting and editing always involves making choices which change the perception of that story. Sometimes it’s a benign change, while other times it’s a deliberate and significant change, sometimes getting into the realms of deliberate misrepresentation.

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