“Ten months ago we first asked about the importance of Activity and Fitness tracking in your decision to buy the Watch. 60% responded that those features were core to your purchasing decision,” Bernard Desarnauts, co-Founder of Wristly, writes for Medium. “After purchasing the Watch, 83% of you indicated a notable improvement in your overall fitness and health.”

“The vast majority of Apple Watch users exercise regularly, with 86% exercising at least once per week and 22% of those exercising 6–7 days per week!” Desarnauts writes. “Leaving only 14% stating that they are not doing regular exercise. When looking at the types of exercises, the most common among respondents is running/jogging, followed by weight training and cycling. The ‘other’ exercises include various other workout routines such as walking (6%) and elliptical training (1%).”

“Only 11% of Watch owners prefer to use a third party app every time they workout, but 30% say they use both a third party app and the Workout app,” Desarnauts writes. “Our research therefore shows that in the aggregate 89% of users use the default Workout app.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We use two third-party apps to track data beyond or in conjunction with Apple’s Workout app: Runtastic Pro and Strava.