Roger Ailes resigns as Chairman and CEO of Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network, and Chairman Fox Television Stations

21st Century Fox today announced that Roger Ailes, Chairman and CEO of Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network, and Chairman of Fox Television Stations, has resigned from his role effective immediately. According to the Drudge Report, Ailes will step down from the network, but stay on as a consultant for its parent company 21st Century Fox until 2018. The Daily Mail reported early on Thursday that Ailes’ exit payment will be up to $60 million.

Several Fox-owned apps are available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch via Apple’s App Store and on Apple TV via the Apple TV App Store, including Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network, FOX Sports, National Geographic Channels, Sky News, Sky Sports, and more.

Rupert Murdoch, 85, will assume the role of Chairman and acting CEO of Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network.

Rupert Murdoch, Executive Chairman, 21st Century Fox, said:

Rupert Murdoch (left) and Roger Ailes
Rupert Murdoch (left) and Roger Ailes
Roger Ailes has made a remarkable contribution to our company and our country. Roger shared my vision of a great and independent television organization and executed it brilliantly over 20 great years.

Fox News has given voice to those who were ignored by the traditional networks and has been one of the great commercial success stories of modern media.

It is always difficult to create a channel or a publication from the ground up and against seemingly entrenched monopolies. To lead a flourishing news channel, and to build Fox Business, Roger has defied the odds.

His grasp of policy and his ability to make profoundly important issues accessible to a broader audience stand in stark contrast to the self-serving elitism that characterizes far too much of the media.

I am personally committed to ensuring that Fox News remains a distinctive, powerful voice. Our nation needs a robust Fox News to resonate from every corner of the country.

To ensure continuity of all that is best about Fox News and what it stands for, I will take over as Chairman and acting CEO, with the support of our existing management team under Bill Shine, Jay Wallace and Mark Kranz.

Lachlan Murdoch and James Murdoch, 21st Century Fox’s Executive Chairman, and CEO, respectively, said:

We join our father in recognizing Roger’s remarkable contributions to our company. Our talented Fox News and Fox Business colleagues, up and down the organization and on both sides of the camera, have built something that continues to redefine the cable news experience for millions of viewers. We are enormously proud of their accomplishments. For them, as well as for our colleagues across our entire organization, we continue our commitment to maintaining a work environment based on trust and respect. We take seriously our responsibility to uphold these traditional, long-standing values of our company.

About 21st Century Fox

21st Century Fox is the world’s premier portfolio of cable, broadcast, film, pay TV and satellite assets spanning six continents across the globe. Reaching more than 1.8 billion subscribers in approximately 50 local languages every day, 21st Century Fox is home to a global portfolio of cable and broadcasting networks and properties, including FOX, FX, FXX, FXM, FS1, Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network, FOX Sports, Fox Sports Network, National Geographic Channels, STAR India, 28 local television stations in the U.S. and more than 300 international channels; film studio Twentieth Century Fox Film; and television production studios Twentieth Century Fox Television and a 50% ownership interest in Endemol Shine Group. The Company also holds a 39.1% ownership interest in Sky, Europe’s leading entertainment company, which serves 21 million customers across five countries.

Source: 21st Century Fox

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  1. Ailes is a guy from 1950s, when it was perfectly normal to force women to have sex and to harass them. His issue was that he was so powerful most of his life that he began to think that he can continue with this for decades and nothing ever will really get to him.

    1. I’m a guy from the 1950’s and there has never ever been a time in my life when sexually harassing, or forcing women to have sex would have been regarded as acceptable.

      I became sexually active adult during the ‘swinging sixties’ and left home to live in ‘Swinging London’ while ‘free love’ was in vogue and I was certainly a very enthusiastic participant. My career is in an industry where a certain amount of promiscuity is commonplace. Good fortune has enabled me to enjoy a great many sexual encounters, but every single one of them was with a 100% consensual partner, and all the better for being that way too.

      Great sex is dependent on the interactions of the participants, if one partner is unwilling, then it’s never going to be good sex anyway – quite apart from the issues of it being sexual assault or rape.

      I really don’t understand why so many people with power and influence try to force themselves upon others. Plenty of attractive people are drawn to those who are rich and famous so they’re unlikely to be short of offers, therefore I find it hard to understand why so many people in that position feel driven to pursue sexual conquests with unwilling participants.

      1. You might be just better person than average for the time, so your experience is different. Overall culture of the time was, however, not that great with the treating of women.

      2. its about power not sex, the sex is simply a tool to get that power buzz. As for the treatment of women well my partner back then was in advertising in London in the 80s and it was still a pretty brutal business in terms of sexual exploitation of women. The Japanese clients in particular treated the women like pieces of meat and the ‘corporate’ ethos was to put the most attractive women on show when they were around and to a point let them play out their sexist routines to keep them happy. Newspapers especially those owned by Murdoch though hardly exclusively, were indeed probably a worse environment if her ex Mirror Editor colleague, was anything to go by.

    2. Wow, talk about looney left stereotypes!

      Obviously, as most denizens from the leftist fever swamp, spawn inconclusive opinions devoid of facts.

      Good luck with that. 💩

  2. This is a long time coming. Thank you Gretchen Carlson & Megan Kelley for coming forward to publicly evicserate this man. And congrats to the Murdoch sons for getting rid of him. And thank you to the other dozen women who are unnamed who have joined carlsons suit against him. Roger ailes is very good at television and has made fox a success, but he is a horrible man who deserves to be raked over the coals for the way he treated women over the years. There are so many stories yet to come out, this resignation may mitigate some of them, but just like Cosby, they will now all come out of the woodwork.

    Full disclosure:
    I’ve never given much of my professional history but I started as a graphics editor at Fox News in 1998. I was there for 5 years. Then I moved into 3D animation, and then started the design firm that I’ve referenced previously. Trust me, there are many more stories that they won’t be able to silence. This harassment also applies to gay men such as myself, who have to stay closeted while working there (at least 14 years ago it did). Anyway, that’s the context of that comment in case anyone of a certain moniker wants to spout some bullshit *cough* f14t16.

      1. Witnessing this behavior is not innuendo. I only ever comment on things I have experience with, so cut the crap and accept that these “poor little women with small brains” are going to bring down this horrible man. Maybe someday you’ll experience this level of unwanted advance and discrimination in the workplace and then you’ll understand. But as I said below, massively insecure people always project their fears onto others and seek to control that which threatens them. You can go back into your hobbit hole now.

          1. That’s also the behavior of someone who’s career has been threatened, whether directly or implicitly, by the very men who harassed her. “Tell anyone what happened & you’ll never work in this industry again” is the most common refrain. I wish straight dudes like you could experience this for even a day, so you could know how it feels.

            1. I know at least three women who told me at the time that they resisted unwanted sexual advances from different celebrities. In one case, the young woman had just been promoted to a well-paid position and her husband was very ill ( he later died from his illness ), so the income boost was hugely important to them. After rejecting the advances from that celebrity, he told her that she would never again work in this business. Days later she was suddenly removed from that job for ‘not having the right sort of personality’.

              In recent years, there have been multiple stories of British celebrities sexually exploiting people in years gone by. The three celebrities who were identified by my friends have each been publicly named as having been the subjects of police investigations and knowing what I did, I was confident that they would be held to account, but none of them have faced any actual charges and are now publicly insisting that they have therefore been proven innocent. I feel really aggrieved that those celebrities have been getting away with this sort of behaviour.

  3. Fox News is a trademarked name- not a statement of fact.
    “Fair & Balanced” is a slogan and also not a statement of fact.

    Roger Ailes birthed this steaming pile of disinformation, innuendo, Republican talking points and outright lies. Hopefully, Fox Noise will wither and die discredited – like Republican Sentor “Tailgunner Joe” McCarthy.

      1. … FOX has none. They are only paying ails (my spelling) $60 million to stop abusing women at their corporation. Wish I’D known I could get that much back before I’d retired. All I could expect to get was busted chops. Maybe if I was already rich?

        1. As a Bernie supporter turned sunflower, have you seen the news today?

          DNC e-mails dump show your candidate was rigged to lose.

          Tell me again, who is the moron?

          1. I am not a Democrat and had no doubts it was an uphill battle. The movement was more important than the candidacy and a number of new organizations have sprung from it, including Brand New Congress.

            The non-partisan organization will be eorking with Independents, Republicans and Democrats to turn over the Congress in 2018- yes 2018.
            Take a look at

  4. A sad end for a very talented man.

    Fox News Channel was the most-watched basic cable network for the week of July 11, both in the total day and prime time dayparts. This represents the 6th consecutive weekly win for FNC, which was up 56.5 percent in total prime time viewers and up 56 percent in total day viewers compared to the same week in 2015.

    Among cable news networks, Fox News Channel topped MSNBC and CNN combined for the week in both prime time and total day viewership.

    During the week of major breaking news, FNC had 12 telecasts in the top 20 basic cable telecasts (total viewers) including The O’Reilly Factor, The Kelly File and America’s Newsroom, On the Record with Greta Van Susteren, Hannity and The Five. The July 14th telecast of The O’Reilly Factor was the #2 cable telecast for the week with 4,596,000 viewers only behind ESPN’s presentation of the Home Run Derby.

    Fox News finished ahead of Nickelodeon, Adult Swim, Cartoon Network and HGTV in average total day viewers, and ahead of HGTV, USA, ESPN and TNT in total prime time viewers.

    1. You need to remember that the core audience of Fox News is the 70+ crowd, the folks who are still wedded to their televisions and to cable television. Everyone else is moving onto other media sources. Finding a millennial with a cable subscription is rare. Additionally, the total number of Fox News viewers in the US is quite small. Less than1% of the US watches Fox. That’s not much at all. They have an exaggerated sense of their influence and importance.

      1. You are right. But if FoxNews has a “quite small” number of viewers, then CNN must be “incredibly small” and networks like MSNBC “totally insignificant”.

        Too bad I don’t watch any of them.

        (I know a millennial who’s family is a Neilson family. He said that they don’t watch cable and they said that they don’t care and sign them up. The Neilson system records the family’s time spent viewing video game, dvd/Blu-Ray/Netflix/etc.. Not a single minute of cable.)

  5. Ailes was a bad dude. The testimony of the many women who have come forward in the last month is jaw-dropping. The guy was a bully. Not only did he force those who wanted a job to provide him with sex he also demanded they have sex with some of his friends, on demand. It turns out this guy who everyone praised and admired for the last four decades was a lowlife sex-slaver forcing women into prostitution. He had lot of power and used it for bad purposes.

    1. you jackass, “testimony” is under oath, there has been zero testimony against Ailes in a court of law. This is only the blathering of whores who are pissed their paycheck stopped. And AMAZINGLY, the people defending these whores also will be voting for the “wife” of the greatest sex sexual predator of our times. You people make me puke.

      1. I believe that almost all of these allegations WERE under oath, in sworn pleadings, affidavits, and depositions. There is unlikely ever to be any testimony in a courtroom because 21st Century Fox will settle prior to trial to avoid a ton of bad publicity. The accusers worked for Fox News, so I doubt they were liberals or Hillary supporters. The man who actually fired Ailes was Rupert Murdoch. If he’s a Libtard, he’s been hiding it well.

        I prosecuted domestic violence cases for almost three decades. The women often put up with hell for years without an outcry because they were terrified of retaliation or simply of becoming homeless. The same dynamic applies in sexual harassment cases. The classic casting couch line isn’t “You can have this job if you sleep with me,” but rather “Sleep with me or you’ll never work in this town again.”

        That threat can sound entirely credible when you are an intern and he is a giant in the industry like Roger Ailes or Bill Cosby. It sounds credible because it IS credible. I bet that Grechen Carlson filed suit when she had trouble finding a new job because Ailes told potential employers that she left Fox under a cloud. He probably told her to complain away, because nobody would believe her. He apparently hadn’t noticed how well that has worked for Cosby.

        It was wrong for Secretary Clinton to blame the victims of alleged sexual harassment, but at least she had the excuse that she was trying to save her marriage. What is your excuse?

            1. further…
              “Gretchen Carlson net worth and salary: Gretchen Carlson is an American television host who has a net worth of $6 million and annual salary of $1.5 million…Carlson was removed from her 2pm show “The Real Story” in June 2016. In July 2016, Gretchen filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Fox News CEO and Chairman Roger Ailes.”

        1. TxUser,
          You sounded very credible… right up to the point where you “forgive” the serial enabler, Ms. Clinton. Trying to save you marriage by destroying the life and reputation of your husband’s victims? In a sense, assaulting them a second time, while people like you give her a pass. No wonder she feels so entitled and above the law. Thank you for reinforcing the stereotype of the morally corrupt lawyer. Add to that most prosecutors are just political hacks in waiting.

          1. What part of “it was wrong” sounded like forgiveness or giving her a pass? My point was that she can offer an excuse—however weak it might be—for her behavior, while male slut-shamers cannot. She was also a victim, though certainly a lesser victim, of her husband’s conduct. She tried to hang on to her lifetime vows despite public humiliation. She succeeded where Ivana Trump failed under similar circumstances.

            1. “She tried to hang on to her lifetime vows despite public humiliation.” Buy lying and intimidating her husband’ victims. No excuse is acceptable for what she did. Haven’t you actively procucted people for obstructing justice as Ms. Clinton did? Instead there are people that want to reward her with the presidency. The same blind people that kept putting Ted Kennedy back in office instead of prison.

              Nixon screwed up so badly even the republicans agreed he had to go. George H W Bush lied about “no new taxes” and the conseratives abandoned him. What would a democrat have to do to be unelectabe?

  6. Too bad for Ailes that he didn’t have Hillary Clinton around to attack his rape victims or he would have gotten away with it scot-free like Bill.

    1. He did. Hillary tweeted that “Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed and supported”.

      Of course she supported Juanita Broderick, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky and the (I think it is something like 15) others that accused Bill of that. Yeah right…

  7. • Roger Ailes: Architect of a conservative network empire that employs thousands.
    • Gretchen Carlson: “I am blonde, have big tïts and can read pretty good.”

    In America, people are presumed innocent until proven guilty by a jury of their peers…no one is imprisoned on outdated innuendo.

    1. While multiple allegations of sexual harassment are not a crime, it will in most cases get you fired.
      Let me put it to you in a way that even you might understand. Say for instance you work for a large corporation and your boss, and elderly, overweight, unattractive woman makes sexual advances toward you on multiple occasions and you shoot them down every time knowing that doing so will hurt your chances of advancement in the company. It becomes public, and more of your co-workers come forward with similar allegations. Now, should you and you co-worker quit or should your boss be fired?

        1. He was found guilty by the board members of Fox Entertainment Group. They are his peers, and the fired him. My God are you a dimwit. You should move to a Dell

        2. I’m going to regret this, but did you read my above comment? This is true. I’m sorry to burst your bubble but that is the culture there and although you are correct that allegations do not assume guilt, in this case they are more than accurate. And also the actions of the fox organization in dismissing him speaks to the impending Avalanche to come. When Mr. O’Reilly was accused of the same thing by a single ℅ worker, they circled the wagons around him and defended him. They know they can’t do that this time, and now that he’s gone there will be many more that come forward. It’s one of the reasons that I left the place, it’s a a hostile work environment if you are not “part of the club” both literally and figuratively. And Gretchen Carlson was valedictorian of her Stanford class, she is not a dumb blonde, that was the role she was asked to play. And neither is miss Kelley. These are smart, talented women who have a real case and will win, especially since he can’t effect their lives anymore.

            1. No, they’re not. And if you’re really that threatened by smart strong women or insecure that you would call either one of them that, then there’s no help for you in this world. Both of them are much smarter than you and don’t deserve that level of vitriol because they dare to go after a sleazy guy for his behavior.

            2. You’re a miserable angry man who sits behind his computer pounding out insults to people who you wouldn’t have the guts to do to their face.

            3. Rupert Murdock is hardly a Libtard. He did not defend Ailes. He fired Ailes. Grechen Carlson has to find a new job. The man who fired her for NOT being a whore gets a $69MM severance package.

            4. It’s interesting to see where you automatically jump — the women are whores, Ailes is fine and everyone who has an opinion different from you is automatically an idiot, libtard or one of many other insults you perenially use. Wowwww! What can it be like to walk around as such a bag of poison.

              Please go try your conversation tactics with a police officer, irritable 250 lb biker or somebody covered with gang tattoos. I’ll look forward to hearing your report.

            5. When women who claim to be sexually harassed, yet do not file immediate charges, but instead continue for years to cash paychecks from their alleged perpetrators, then only make allegations when there is even more money to be made if they are fired are the very definition of a prostitute.

              prostitute |ˈprästəˌt(y)o͞ot|
              a person, typically a woman, who engages in sexual activity for payment.

            6. It’s interesting you didn’t call me an idiot or libtard. One tiny step in the right direction.

              But you persist in calling the women whores. Why do you think calling somebody names is equivalent to making a point?

              How about trying to just make logical points, with no name calling and no insults?

              But that probably wouldn’t be enough for you, would it? Your pathetic, shriveled nasty little heart just has to constantly lash out. Does that make you feel like a big man? Make you feel adequate?

            7. You’re annoying – slightly. But most of all, botvijerk, you’re just pathetic.
              Somehow, your incessant bombastic negativity shores up your sense of self worth. But really, you’re just a poisonous sack of pus.

            8. Being incessently unpleasant is nothing to be proud of. It’s pathetic.

              You’re a coward, quite possibly with some kind of mental disorder. I look forward to your report when you act like that with some police office, irritated biker or tattooed-up gang member.
              Oh – you don’t do that! What a surprise, Mr. big tough boy.

  8. Why is this Mac news? Why do we have to read about this pig related to Apple? It only attracts fake billionaire Tramp losers with their retarded comments.

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