Apple’s Siri feels like a true personal assistant on Macintosh

“Many aspects of my life are neat and organized. My computer is not one of them,” Lisa Eadicicco writes for TIME Magazine. “I rarely purge my system of old files and photos. I forget to uninstall software I don’t need anymore. My desktop is a mess of thumbnails and documents.”

“But over the past week, I’ve had something helping me manage that digital disarray: Siri. ‘Show me all the files I opened today.’ ‘Find my spreadsheets.’ ‘Get me the files I downloaded yesterday,'” Eadicicco writes. “These are just a few of the commands Apple’s voice assistant can handle in macOS Sierra, Apple’s new software that will bring Siri to Mac desktops and laptops when it launches this fall.”

“I rarely use Siri on my iPhone, but when I do, it’s usually to set reminders or answer a quick question. Siri on the Mac, however, feels like a true personal assistant. It becomes a digital secretary of sorts, fetching relevant files and sending messages as I bark out orders,” Eadicicco writes. “overall, I found that Siri was more flexible and efficient [than Microsoft Windows’ Cortana] when it came to quickly retrieving information and files on my computer.”

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MacDailyNews Take: And Siri on macOS Sierra beta isn’t even close to being finished, yet.

Okay, let’s begin the long Independence Day weekend! Interns, tap those kegs!


  1. I just fired my actual assistant because Siri on MACos is sooooo(!!!!) GOOoOo000d!!!!! Jumping with joy! No more spending money on my assistant!!

    1. Microsoft Cortana is simply the best PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) on the market today and for a great many years into the foreseeable future, bar none!

  2. I’ve been using Cortana on my iMac for months, shame Siri isn’t coming to my iMac. Then again Sierra may not be coming to my iMac, but it is okay. I can still use Win 10 on my iMac.

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