Apple’s detestable moral hypocrisy

“Last week, Apple announced it would refrain from donating materials and support to the 2016 Republican convention, ‘citing Donald Trump’s controversial comments about women, immigrants, and minorities,'” Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry writes for The Week. “As a conservative, I detest Trump, his pomp, and his works… But if there’s anything that could make me want to support Trump, it’s this new breathtaking display of hypocrisy from Apple.”

“As Apple CEO Tim Cook, who is openly gay, was taking the forefront in a corporate boycott of so-called ‘anti-LGBT’ bills in places like North Carolina and Indiana, he was also assiduously courting business in places like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates, where homosexual activity is actually illegal,” Gobry writes. “Cook certainly doesn’t seem to feel a burning moral need to boycott India, a place where homosexuality is punishable by life imprisonment.”

“A large share of Apple’s profit margins depend on the strength of the Chinese manufacturing sector and well-lubricated trade routes,” Gobry writes. “It can’t have escaped anyone’s notice that, besides condemnable ‘comments about women, immigrants, and minorities,’ a big part of Donald Trump’s campaign focuses on redefining the United States’ trade relationships, especially with China. This could be very bad for Apple’s profit margins.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Regardless of whether or not you agree with Tim Cook’s politics, we get emails from AAPL shareholders, more than one of which have posed the question in essence, “Which came first, Tim Cook’s foray into outspoken political activism — which is, of course, inextricably linked with the Apple brand — or Apple’s faltering growth?”

Some people have said that I shouldn’t get involved politically because probably half our customers are Republicans – maybe a little less, maybe more Dell than ours. But I do point out that there are more Democrats than Mac users so I’m going to just stay away from all that political stuff because that was just a personal thing. — Steve Jobs, August 2004

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  1. Shortly before he died, Steve “made it clear to Tim Cook and everyone else ‘Don’t ask what Steve would have done. Follow your own voice.'”
    Al Gore, Apple board member, October 2011.

  2. Apple stands for Goodness, whatever the politics. They are building solar farms, helping to teach kids coding, bringing music, art and design to the people, planting thousands (spending millions) of trees on their land.

    So look people, the LGBT train has left the station. They are not second class citizens and shouldn’t be. If people have a problem with a company or its CEO standing up for gay rights they have a problem. But whatever. Right is right. That people are annoyed is their problem, not Apple’s.

    1. I disagree.
      Gays ARE 2nd-class citizens.
      And the sooner we can also roll it back to where women are again, the better I’ll like it. (Actually, I just remembered, women ARE still 2nd class citizens.)
      And further, what’s with these uppity darkies? They’re all over the place now. We used to have laws to keep them in their place — laws that were obvious, reasonable and natural.

      Just in case — /s

      Society progresses. Some kick and scream about it. (And puh-lease don’t bring in you bronze-age book of genocide, torture, and rape to justify it as being okay. I’ll just ask you if you have stoned any of your children to death yet, for being disobedient.)

      1. Sean: You call this ‘progress’?
        We have 2.2 million in prison in the US, only communist China beats that.
        Another 5 million on parole or probation here. Five million!
        Suicide rates are up 30% according to the CDC.
        Apple sits on $200b while people starve to death.
        AIDS, drug addiction, depression… on and on it goes.

        This is you leftists’ idea of PROGRESS? Because the mental illness of homosexuality is now celebrated instead of treated??

        The inmates really are running the asylum.

            1. No, it doesn’t. The data you present is really worrying, but none of it actually negates (or has anything to do with) the important and valuable progress made in the area of civil rights.

            2. Yes it does. Completely.
              You people talk of “civil rights” but oddly you seem happy to let Chinese people live under communism. What about their “civil rights”?
              Where is the outcry??
              Because the leftist media does not make it an issue, therefore it’s not even on your radar.
              You are sooooo easy to manipulate……

            3. I thought you were an American, living in America, and I thought we were discussing Tim Cook, who is an American, living and working in America, for an American company.

              What does China have to do with any of that???

              And, speaking of China, Chinese people live under capitalism, not communism. You sound very ignorant when you say things like that. While their political system is a single-party dictatorship, and the party in power is nominally called the Communist Party, the system is in fact quite capitalist in many ways. With respect to the Chinese “civil rights”, if you do a bit of googling, you’ll discover that Apple is probably the most vocal of all American companies operating there in furthering the civil rights of Chinese population. Obviously, Apple has very little power there; after all, they are an American, not Chinese company.

              And as an American company, they have the social responsibility to speak up for equal rights in America.

  3. “As a conservative, I detest Trump, his pomp, and his works… But if there’s anything that could make me want to support Trump, it’s this new breathtaking display of hypocrisy from Apple.”

    Let me translate that for you…

    “I am a righteous person who stands by my principles, but I could completely change my stance on Trump because of this one company.”


    “Apple is being hypochritical and it’s 100% their fault I’m hypochritical. Otherwise I would SO totally stand by my principles.”

  4. What a bunch of nonsense. You do what you can where you can. Like Tim Cook refusing to sell products in India could have any impact on their political views. It’s a straw man argument. I applaud Tim Cook’s use of his position to try to affect people’s opinions the world over. Keep on ya, mate.

  5. So, he is complaining that Tim Cook, unlike Gobry, has morals, yet is still able to fulfill his fadurashary duties as CEO.

    I guess Gobry, a self described conservative, thinks that morals have no place in business.

  6. I respected Mr. Jobs.
    He was a liberal but had an open mind.
    Cook, a homosexual, is quite simply a hypocrite of the highest order.

    It is patently obvious that his focus is not on Apple, but on furthering his own political views and using Apple money to do it.
    The most visible homosexual in Silicon Valley and this is how he behaves. O_o
    This is unacceptable.
    I am not paying Apple money to promote homosexuality and every other kind of evil. Cook should stay out of politics and get back to doing his job. Period.

    No doubt the bigots will give this one star. It’s what they live for.

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