Apple’s detestable moral hypocrisy

“Last week, Apple announced it would refrain from donating materials and support to the 2016 Republican convention, ‘citing Donald Trump’s controversial comments about women, immigrants, and minorities,'” Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry writes for The Week. “As a conservative, I detest Trump, his pomp, and his works… But if there’s anything that could make me want to support Trump, it’s this new breathtaking display of hypocrisy from Apple.”

“As Apple CEO Tim Cook, who is openly gay, was taking the forefront in a corporate boycott of so-called ‘anti-LGBT’ bills in places like North Carolina and Indiana, he was also assiduously courting business in places like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates, where homosexual activity is actually illegal,” Gobry writes. “Cook certainly doesn’t seem to feel a burning moral need to boycott India, a place where homosexuality is punishable by life imprisonment.”

“A large share of Apple’s profit margins depend on the strength of the Chinese manufacturing sector and well-lubricated trade routes,” Gobry writes. “It can’t have escaped anyone’s notice that, besides condemnable ‘comments about women, immigrants, and minorities,’ a big part of Donald Trump’s campaign focuses on redefining the United States’ trade relationships, especially with China. This could be very bad for Apple’s profit margins.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Regardless of whether or not you agree with Tim Cook’s politics, we get emails from AAPL shareholders, more than one of which have posed the question in essence, “Which came first, Tim Cook’s foray into outspoken political activism — which is, of course, inextricably linked with the Apple brand — or Apple’s faltering growth?”

Some people have said that I shouldn’t get involved politically because probably half our customers are Republicans – maybe a little less, maybe more Dell than ours. But I do point out that there are more Democrats than Mac users so I’m going to just stay away from all that political stuff because that was just a personal thing. — Steve Jobs, August 2004

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  1. Steve Jobs was a liberal, just like Tim Cook. But Jobs also had a deep respect for his customers and a very strong desire to win their business and their support for Apple, no matter their politics. Tim Cook does not possess this wisdom. For Cook, politics trumps doing the right thing for your customers and shareholders. Tim has done an OK job, but he is definitely harming the stock price and Apple business with his conversion of Apple into a politically activist liberal corporation.

    1. Right is right. Wrong is wrong.

      You wish to stick labeles on people and denigrate them in the eyes of people who can’t think for themselves..
      Apple is not a “politically correct” company, they are just “right”.

      When they stand up for privacy and encryption against the might of the US government they risk EVERYTHING. Do you call them PC then?

      When they stand up for something it is despite the fact that NO ONE stands up for anyone anymore. They are the exception and are to be applauded, not belittled, for standing up for those who have no voice.

        1. No one needs to be right 100% of the time to be right when they’re right. No one needds to be right all the time to have the right to express their honest opinion. Business leaders and celebrities don’t have to keep silent on political issues to avoid offending their customers. As far as I’m concerned, putting monetary concerns ahead of doing the right thing is called being a coward.

          1. Whose ‘right’ is ‘right’ – yours because it mirrors Cook’s!?!

            Cook is no better than any tyrant or oppressive government that practices ‘might makes right.’

            And how many Apple employees DON’T share Cook’s radically insane stances live in abject fear because of trolls like you and your left-wing brown-shirt illegal alien thugs?

            Freedom of speech, bub – you don’t like it, go fuck yourself!

            Pardon my French (did you know that ‘fuck’ is root for a farmers expression in 1400s England – ‘plant a seed’), but I don’t deal well with grown adults living with their parents who still think like eighth-graders.

            Or communists, either….

          2. Cook’s with over a billion dollars based on his stock options. Droll ‘star’ actors are financially secure but live in the oppressive Union Hollywood bubble and risk nothing when speaking out for their comrades (Communsim is the original ‘no bidders ideology) leftist policies.

            They risk nothing!

            Now the demented hacker who wants to bring down a country because he’s an insane homosexual – he risks NOTHING because he is secure in his illusion.

            Sorta like those Islamic suicide bombers you might not have heard about because your Dear Leader Lord Obama has been wiping such references from everywhere he has reach. And commanding Network news to also avoid such references.

            Your Marxist World is coming, bub – hope you enjoy the pain!

      1. I don’t normally drop into these types of fights, since I prefer to discuss the tech side, but really? You can’t define what is “right”, especially since the definition shifts by personal bias. However, there is legal standing, mores and values, which do not shift overnight, if at all. Taking a stance is not what companies should do, if for no other reason than, it’s “none of their business”. Apple does not represent the beliefs and politics of all of their employees, and should refrain from pushing their hierchical beliefs on their employees, no matter what they are. If people want change, then do it the right way, through voting and legislation, but keep that out of offices. I have worked in extreme environments, and it’s not fun. There is no right in pushing your weight around, and no monetary standing to do so. Only an agenda, which Steve Jobs understood oh so well.

          1. In my opinion, you missed the point of the article. Taking your point to the extreme, if cook is right, then that would be license to stop reading with the Arabs

        1. The same should apply to unions, which seem to assume that ALL of their members want their dues spent on pushing political agendas they don’t/may not believe in.

        2. Actually, corporate culture is super important to the running of a company, and it can wade into politics. Apple’s corporate culture mostly aligns with left leaning ideology, but they do maintain corporate structures that avoid having to pay U.S. taxes and have stated that corporate income tax needs to be simplified and reduced.

      2. Political correctness is your dominant belief system. Professor Bruce Charlton explains it thoroughly in “Thought Prison: The Fundamental Nature of Political Correctness”, available for free here: And yes, Apple is a completely politically correct company. They are willing to negatively affect their stock price as a sacrifice to the god of PC.

    2. Kent, agree with you about Steve Jobs. Disagree with you about Tim Cook. Steve knew times were changing. And he respected Tim’s abilities to do what is right.
      Not what makes the most money to speculators,
      Not what the loudest think is right.
      What is right for people (beliefs, liberty, privacy) is what is right, but sadly politics like to jump in and brag … both ways.

      So, lets let Tim be. He just opened up India to Apple products and I say that is pretty cool.

    3. Tim Cooks political views on any subject have no place on the workforce. He should be fighting those battles as an individual not with the Apple name behind him.

  2. Along with the Steve jobs quote MDN posted, someone find Michael Jordan’s. He said the very same thing years and years ago.

    I love apple, Tim Cook isn’t doing a bad job imo.. But his politics (using Apple to amplify his voice) is getting annoying.

    1. “Republicans buy sneakers too.” is the Jordan quote. It was his reply when asked why he wasn’t publically supporting Harvey Gantt in the 1990 Senate race with Jesse Helms.

  3. As a long time Apple customer I am deeply offended by Tim Cooks hypocrisy. He offends conservative Americans while doing business with countries that employ near slave labor and imprison and oppress their people.

    He can’t stand the sight of a confederate battle flag, but actively courts Muslims who butcher people and communists who oppress people.

      1. It is even worse than that. They deal with countries that completely subjugate women, to the extent of child marriages, forced marriages, and “honor” killings, while at the same time express that they are appalled by Donald Trump, a blustering New York real estate developer.

        1. David and George, what you are failing to understand is that all those gays and women that are subjected to death and imprisionment WANT TO BUY APPLE PRODUCTS. Apple isn’t doing it for the governments……it is doing it for the people so they are empowered by Apple products that might allow them to communicate safely with Apple encryption.

          Start to think for once!

          1. Paul, totally agree. and to David and George, why all the hating???
            Do you think its Tim’s job to fix the world, or to punish it???

            The only think a CEO can do is deal with the world. And in China, Apple’s suppliers are held to the highest standards in China. That is pretty amazing.

          2. You are the one that doesn’t think and understand.

            They are total hypocrites, the hypocrisy being exactly as the author of the article relates. Apple is taking a political stance against the Republican convention because of Donald Trump, but they are completely hypocritical because they don’t take political positions against situations and countries which they profit from.

            1. David, your logic does not stand up.

              Apple has never stopped selling iPhone’s in the US to people it disagrees with. Why would it do that internationally?

              And it wouldn’t make sense. Not selling secure phones oversees would hurt people who need privacy and security (i.e. the down trodden) more than it hurts any oppressors.

              What Tim is doing is pushing for change toward greater tolerance and individual rights. Just by coming out he had some impact in foreign countries. There was a big reaction in Russia for instance, that a world level CEO came out.

              You are a whiner, but you need to find something you understand to whine about.

            2. If he doesn’t do that at the same time he publicly chastises the Republican Party in the United States, he is an obvious and total hypocrite.

            3. Its called picking your battles.

              Just being out has caused consternation in less tolerant countries.

              If Tim said that intolerance was ok in other countries to get sales, that would be hypocrisy. Just not putting as much effort into those places (where lets face it, he has less power than in the US) is not hypocrisy.

            4. Wrong. Cook is scolding America for the crazy idea that men should use men’s rooms and women should use women’s rooms and proposing boycotts of states that enact laws upholding this very sensible policy.

            5. What?
              You mean if today I decide I identify as a girl I can’t go into the girls bathrooms??
              Effing heck! What the blank happened to people’s common sense???????

            6. The people who brought that “bathroom law” and those who support it obviously pretend to have absolutely no clue how the transgender thing works. The other argument is, exactly what particular problem was that law supposed to solve? Were there in North Carolina (or elsewhere in America) ANY recorded cases of men dressing up as women, pretending to be trans-gender, going into women’s bathrooms and sexually assaulting women? Was this such a serious scourge that the current laws on the books couldn’t address? In other words, if any cases did make it to court, were the defendants successful in using “I’m a transgender person!” as a defense for walking into a women’s bathroom?

              You don’t decide to become trans-gender. You usually find out in your puberty that you are a woman trapped in a man’s body (or vice versa), although for some, this happens even earlier. You don’t wake up in the morning and decide: “I’m a woman today”. Anyone who claims this is a complete and clueless idiot.

              There were never any cases of trans-gender persons sexually assaulting women (or men) in bathrooms. The only purpose of the law was to declare, on behalf of the people, that North Carolina detests trans-gender people and wants them out of the state.

              The absurdity of the situation is beyond real; will now police ask people to show their birth certificate before entering a bathroom? Or will they now go arresting people who were reported by ‘concerned citizens’ for looking suspiciously like the other sex? What happens if the trans-gender person had gender-reassignment surgery (and now has proper breasts and vagina)? Her birth certificate will still say ‘Male’, but walking into a men’s bathroom at a truck stop would carry a strong risk of getting fondled (or worse). Would (s)he now get arrested (and prosecuted) for violating this bathroom law?

            7. ‘Transgender’.
              You’ve had a lobotomy or something dude.
              Any freak can pretend to be a woman and go into a women’s bathroom.
              The fact that you need laws to stop this from happening is proof of the insanity that you fools have brought.

              What a baboon.

            8. Dude. What an ass you are.
              Seriously man.
              Are you a latent homosexual?
              You seem absolutely hell bent on trying to convince people it’s ok.

            9. I used to be just like you (bigotted, very vocally anti-gay), until I got a chance to actually meet gay people. What the research and science has long ago concluded, I have concluded myself as well: they are normal people.

              And besides, that is really not relevant in this discussion; what is relevant is, letting them be. Just let them live their lives the way everybody lets you live yours. You really don’t have to be convinced that they are normal; just let them live.

      2. IF Cook does not watch it real real close, as he goes to some of these countries that does execute or imprison gays, all he has to do is offend one politician in said country and he will find himself detained and embroiled in that countries political system as they enjoy the publicity. . . A strong reality of this world today.

          1. Homosexuals do not promote ‘tolerance’ in any way.
            You must agree with them or else.
            My friend was targeted by them last year and almost lost his business. He dared to state that men should not ‘marry’ men and they began a campaign of hate like you wouldn’t believe.
            It was just horrible.
            So much for free speech.

            There are still some that have not been brainwashed by the leftist media, but most cannot voice their views for fear of retaliation.

            Cook is living proof of homosexual hypocrisy.

            1. Agree 100%.
              Any time common sense is expounded you can expect the one-star bigots to react.
              Take it as a sign that you’re not one of them.

            2. Wow you sure are weak kneed.

              You are equating LGBT’s disagreeing with you as intolerance or anti-free speech? You don’t actually know what intolerance or free speech means do you?

              For starters, exercising free speech is not anti-free speech.

              And pushing for equal rights is not intolerance. Intolerance would by saying non-homosexuals still had to act like homosexuals. LGBT people are not expecting heterosexuals, including those who believe homosexuality is wrong, to become homosexuals themselves.

              You haters. You can’t even make a case for your position that is remotely level.

            3. You are weak minded.
              I’ve seen far, FAR more hate and bigotry coming from you leftists than anywhere else.

              My friend’s family came very close to shuttering their business because of bigots like you.
              Those homosexuals instigated a hate campaign including posting dozens of low ratings on social media (Yelp, Google….) in an attempt to discredit him. He successfully had them all removed and the damage was limited, thankfully, but boy those nasty vindictive “LGBT people” left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

              Yeah pal, some love you show to those that will not capitulate to your demands. You are pure evil.

            4. Groupthink brainwashing strikes again!

              No homosexual has ever forced a heterosexual to become homosexual (even if they tried, it can’t be done, just like the reverse couldn’t even though many gays were compelled to become straight). If you run a business, you will want to avoid refusing service to blacks, Jews, Latinos, gays or any other group you privately may not like. Because if you do, the American Jewish Congress, or NAACP, or GLAAD will descend on your business and expose you as a bigot.

              America affords you the freedom to believe and think and say whatever you want. You will not get arrested or prosecuted, regardless of what you say.

              It also affords you the freedom to suffer the consequences of hate speech.

              As for your friend, he obviously exercised his right of free speech, and others have exercised their right of reacting to his free speech. Nobody has to like all of their customers, and it is ultimately their own decision whether they want those customers or not. Your friend is most likely a good person in general (I am assuming here he’s an evangelical Christian; vast majority of them are good-natured people), but the poisonous groupthink enforced by religious doctrine (not just Christianity, but also Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and practically all other major religions) makes them accept twisted moral values that are hurtful against other people.

              America is slowly improving, and that change is coming. The country accepted women’s right to vote; they accepted inter-racial marriage, black’s right to vote. And now, they are finally supporting marriage equality. These changes, once accepted by the majority, are irreversible. As people learn to accept them, the also realise that they were inevitable, and the previous way was simply wrong and unfair.

              I’m sure there are still a few Americans who genuinely believe women shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Or blacks. Or that whites and blacks shouldn’t be allowed to marry each other. Their numbers were quite large initially, but they kept shrinking. Same with those resisting marriage equality and equal rights for all.

            5. Predrag, you are brainwashed.
              Totally brainwashed.
              “No homosexual has ever forced a heterosexual to become homosexual”
              What sort of asinine logic is that?
              Homosexuality is not normal. Heterosexuality is.

              A man marries a woman. They have children. Normal.
              Families provide children, as well as aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews and even grandchildren and great grandchildren. Normal.

              Homosexuals do not produce any of those things. AIDS, STDs and various addictions are more the norm. Go ahead, go to the CDC website and look it up. 1% of the population causes 75% of the new AIDS cases in the US.

              Then tell me how many people contracted AIDS from ‘intolerance’?

              Homosexuality is nothing more than a malfunction of the normal, healthy sex drive. It’s a form of mental illness and has *zero* biological benefit (quite the opposite).
              Only brainwashing could possibly explain why this is news to you people. As if suddenly human biology has magically changed.

              No normal male is repulsed by the female body, and vice versa. Every part of the male reproductive system is designed to work in harmony with a female counterpart to make sex pleasurable and thus to propagate the race. The female is imbued with a natural attraction to healthy males for the same reason. It’s called _nature_.

              Pretending that this is ‘normal’ (let alone desirable) is bizarre, and notably, claims to that effect are never *ever* made on the basis of biological facts.

              You want “marriage equality” and “equal rights” for all?
              Ok, let siblings marry.
              But wait, is it “natural” and desirable for a brother and sister to fall in love with each other and consulate that relationship? Yuk. No. So why demand that we consider homosexuality to be natural?? It just isn’t.

              You leftists have just plain lost the plot.

            6. Haha.
              Only leftists could downvote the facts of human biology.
              Can you imagine what goes through the mind of these people?
              Not much apparently.

              Yeah, let’s all give our own anatomy a one star vote.

            7. You clearly study your biology from bible. Otherwise, if you did make an effort to learn, you would have found out that the homosexual behaviour is exhibited in most animal species. While it represents rather small percentage (much like in humans), it does exist.

              We can debate what is ‘normal’, and what is ‘abnormal’, but that is not really relevant. Homosexuality is NOT a mental disorder; it may or may not be caused some genetic mutation, but whatever causes it is not something that can be treated or ‘cured’.

              The more relevant part is, whether people who are homosexual have right to live their lives like the rest of the world or not. If in your life you haven’t had a chance to meet many homosexuals (keep in mind, you most likely did, without knowing, as many stay in closet in fear of bigots), you may not quite realise that, with the exception of their sexual preference, they are normal people in every respect. Now that they can get married, many do, and live normal committed lives. There is absolutely nothing in their personalities that would motivate me, or anyone with a functioning brain, to treat them any differently than anyone else.

              Look; before coming to America, I used to be very hostile to gays. I was young (in my 20s) and conisdered them abnormal, unnatural, perverted, immoral and a scourge of the society. It wasn’t until I met several remarkable people who happened to be gay (and subsequently also realised that several of my great friends from youth were actually gay) that I began to understand that they actually aren’t perverted, or immoral, or bad. Their own moral compass was oftentimes much more accurate than other people’s (integrity, sincerity, compassion, other similar positive human values).

              Let me put it this way for you, and perhaps you’d understand. Let us, for a moment, and for the sake of the argument, assume that homosexuality is a disorder, and that some day we may find a cure. What do we do with homosexuals until that day? Do we deny them the right to love other people and be loved? Do we prohibit them the exercise of same rights that we confer upon the rest of the population? More importantly, do you really think it is a disease that you can catch if you aren’t careful??

              So, if homosexuality is not something you choose (you’re born with it, so you either are or aren’t), then what is the danger of letting two homosexual persons have the rights and privileges of others? How does the fact that two men love each other and are married to each other affect your own life, or that of your family? It doesn’t. My children have classmates with gay parents, and it had no consequence on their upbringing. The children of those gay parents happen to be straight, so there really doesn’t seem to be any danger to anyone.

            8. 1. We’re not animals you wally, we’re discussing *human* biology.
              Animals eat each other. So you’re saying cannibalism is ok??
              Bizarre logic.
              2. Show me where I said I hated homosexuals? Classic straw man.
              3. If you want homosexuals have the right to ‘marry’ you must also afford that same right to *anyone* that wants it, and that includes relatives.
              4. Homosexuality is absolutely, positively, definitely a mental illness. It was changed on pressure from homosexual groups because it held them under a well deserved stigma. Look it up.
              5. AIDS was first called GRID. Gay Related Immune Deficiency. Again, changed because of the (equally well deserved) stigma. Most AIDS cases are STILL caused by homosexuals. *That is a fact.*
              7. No homosexual can naturally reproduce. That alone should be a clue. When normal people are unable to reproduce it is called infertility, and it is not celebrated, it’s treated.

              All homosexuals have the right to do as they please. I am not saying anything but that. If they want to have their little ceremonies like normal people do who am I to stop them? What they want though, they DEMAND, is for everyone else to applaud and approve. That is not right and you know it.

              Bottom line. Most of your reply here is totally bogus. Straw man after straw man and little else. It’s the same story any time I debate anyone on this topic. You have no facts, just bigotry. You assume anyone and everyone that does not cow tow to homosexuals’ demands are haters.
              You’re wrong.

              The reason I say you are brainwashed is because when confronted with facts you cling to your views anyway. 100% of what you think is dictated to you by the leftist media. I said “look it up” but I know you won’t. You people never do.

            9. 1. I did mention animals just to point out that humans aren’t unique and even though animals don’t have ‘mental disorders’ (since they don’t have the human level of reasoning), they still exhibit homosexual behaviour, much like humans.

              2. I never wrote, nor implied, that you hated homosexuals. Who is presenting a straw man here??

              3. What logic, or law, requires that if you grant legal right to marry to homosexuals, you would automatically have to do it for siblings (or children, or animals, or cars, or whatever other unrelated things you can come up with)? This is probably the biggest strawman argument of all.

              4. About the only people who still continue to claim that homosexuality is ‘absolutely, positively definitively, conclusively, permanently, profusely, decidedly (pile on more affirmative adjectives) mental disorder/disease’ are people who have no mind of their own and express the dogma of their religious teachings, regardless of how many times, and by how many minds, lot smarter than theirs, have discredited such dogma with scientific and empirical proof. There is a lot of scientific text out there on the subject. Unfortunately, reasoning with such people is an exercise in futility.

              5. there are some 36 million people affected by HIV/AIDS in the world today. About 4% are in the US. Of that total, over 85% are straight, and majority are women. There are more children with HIV/AIDS in the world than there are Americans with it (about 1.8 million children, v.s. 1.2 million Americans). Data is from WHO. Tell me again how AIDS is a Gay disease…

              7. There is no dispute that homosexuals cannot reproduce, nor is there any dispute that there are heterosexuals who don’t want to reproduce (even though they are biologically quite capable). In many developed nations, the percentage of population that does NOT want children is greater than the percentage of gays. Do these people also have a mental disorder?

              Another big straw argument is that the homosexuals want you to applaud and approve when they are getting married. This is simply false; they just want to be allowed to actually do it, that’s all. You really don’t have to like it, you don’t have to applaud or cheer, you are just politely asked not to boo (after all, it really doesn’t concern you, or affect your own life in any way).

              When you are confronted with facts (data from WHO, studies from various universities in America and elsewhere), you stick your fingers in your ears and yell “la, la, la, la!” repeating your dogma and refusing to acknowledge that gays really won’t hurt you in any way if you let them marry each other. All you are asked to do is let them do it. Treat them exactly the same way you treat a black man with a blonde white wife. Or a white man with an Asian wife.

            10. Forget homo/hetero normalcy, marriage and monogamy are not normal. They were designed into society long ago to tie a woman to a man in a form of ownership. Now that women are more independent than ever, divorce rates are through the roof.

            11. Predrag
              1. You people bring up animal behavior as if it applies to humans. Next please bring up planetary behavior or plant anatomy. It’ll be about as applicable.

              2. Every homosexual apologist either states outright or implies that those that oppose them are motivated by hate. The point stands.

              3. No homosexual union can produce children much less any of the rest. That should be (but sadly is not) obvious.

              4. I have a mind of my own, you do not. That is also all too obvious. Let me guess, you also believe in global warming and wearing fur is wrong etc etc..
              I am coming from a strictly scientific standpoint – i.e.: biological facts – while you plug away at the religious aspect over and over. You are just one seriously big chip on your shoulder somehow pal. You may need to see someone about that.
              Did you check my facts on the CDC website.
              Of course you didn’t. It would hurt your case.
              Look up why homosexuality was considered an illness and why the status was magically changed (clue: it was not through any new scientific information…)
              Reasoning needs facts, and you have none.

              5 Homosexuals are STILL the cause of most AIDS cases in the US, and worldwide it has spread due to bisexuals coming into contact with women. Those are more facts.
              What you;’re doing is seeing the RESULT of homosexual behavior and ignoring the CAUSE of the epidemic. What a joke.

              6. You didn’t know AIDS was first called GRID did you? Of course you didn’t, you have no facts, you’re just here to gainsay.

              7. Well duh.

              The only ‘la la’ is coming from you my ignorant friend.
              I was at a wedding this weekend, a black man marrying a white girl.
              You absurd but predictable attempts to try to equate this with racism is truly sad, as is your near-verbatim regurgitation of standard leftist media arguments for the normalization of homosexual behavior.
              Homosexuality in humans is totally indefensible, and as stated before claims to that effect are never *ever* made on the basis of biological facts.

              Case closed.

    1. Conservative Americans are easily offended .Every company is seeking the Chinese consumer. Why should Apple be any different ? Every computer/ gadget maker are making their products in the same countries . Are you complaining about that also ? As for the Confederate flag only some Southerners seemed to like it. Its a symbol of hate .

      1. It’s not that they are doing it, it’s that they are hypocritical in doing it. Other companies are doing it without the hypocritical positions regarding our own country.

      2. You’ve missed the point. The point is about the hypocrisy of essentially boycotting one member of one party. If cook stayed out of politics, as he should, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Nobody is saying Apple should pull out of other countries…just pointing out the fact that it is politically awkward to call out one person when it’s clear he can’t really go all in. If you can’t go all in, it is best to just stay out of the conversation. It is a no win for a business to be openly political. Best to keep the opinions limited to fundraising dinners and such.

    2. So let’s just think for a moment. What you are implying is that IF Trump was to win then Apple should stop selling products in the US. Because otherwise he would be selling to a country led by an anti gay, mysogonistic racist. Right? But that would deprive people like me and you who want to buy Apple products and use these Apple products to fight bigotry and stupidity. As I am doing right now by the way.

      My question to you is, why does Apple need to punish the gays and women who are already punished by their government, by not selling them Apple products too?

      1. Paul, you are the bigot here and your hate-filled ranting (“anti gay misogynistic blah blah blah”) is quite nauseating.
        You people live for this stuff don’t you?
        Every single day you leftists are “Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump….”

        You’re scared witless that a successful none-idiot could be elected so you take to this and every other forum on the web to try to stop it.

        Well guess what. I’m not anti anyone, not a fool, not a misogynist, not a racist and most importantly NOT a liberal.
        If I think Trump will do a better job than Clinton I’ll exercise my right to put him in office and you can just move to France.

        1. How do I give this 1000 stars?
          Sadly Paul is all too typical of the frothy mouthed hysteria the left whips up every time someone with a functioning mind says it how it is.

          It’s truly frightening how easily the media manipulates them.
          SO glad my parents taught me to think for myself.

          1. Let me put this out (again): Donald Trump will never in a million years be the president of America (or any other place). The only segment of American population that is truly enthusiastic about him is the uneducated white American man. there is some support beyond that core group, but those are mostly dogmatic Republicans, who are now doing triple back-flips, reversing themselves from just a month ago (#NeverTrump!) and, some with a pinched nose, declaring their support for Trump.

            Women, blacks, Latinos, other minorities, and especially the educated population, largely cannot fathom the possibility of a Trump presidency. It is quite simple: he shows complete disdain for constitution (barring all Muslims, suing journalists he doesn’t like and prohibiting them from reporting, etc), a complete lack of any understanding about any of the major global conflicts, or even the most basic concepts of the American foreign policy (including the relationship with NATO and its members), not to mention never having held an elected office, and anyone with a functioning brain clearly understands that such a person is simply unfit.

            Let us see how this goes…

            1. You are blinded by your own bigotry predrag.
              If another Clinton gets into the White House it will be due to left wing media brainwashing, which has convinced people of idiotic things such as global warming and homosexual ‘marriage’.

              I am highly educated and informed as is everyone that I have met that intends to vote for Trump.
              The more you type the more hateful and ignorant you look.

              Carter announced sanctions against Iran in 1980, including the cancellation of visas for Iranian citizens. If that had been Reagan you leftists would be still howling about it.

              Clinton, Nobama, and just about every politician left and right has reversed course, but I’d much rather have an outsider in office than another Clinton.

              Stop the political rants predrag, you’ve got no idea what you’re talking about.

            2. Look, I have no horse in this race (I’m not an American).

              I’m not sure what kind of school you went to and which media you read, but all you have to do is listen to what Trump says and does, and that will make it clear that there is no way women, Latinos, Blacks and other minority groups would ever vote for the buffoon.

              Clinton is a poisonous political candidate and not really any better than Trump, but until the American Republican party makes their tent better than uneducated white men, they will never win the presidency again. Even with the Democrats sending another Clinton, they should easily win this. All Clinton needs to win is for the Republicans who don’t like Trump to stay home. And quite many will.

              As for Carter, sanctions and Iran, that was in 1980. In other words, 36 years ago. In case you haven’t noticed, both the world, as well as America, have changed since then. Significantly. Neither Reagan, nor Carter would be able to say (much less do) anything like that today. Nor can Trump.

            3. I find your accusation that Trump appeals to “uneducated white men” insulting in the extreme, to say nothing of comically ignorant.
              Have you polled Americans, do you know who is supporting who?
              For pity’s sake, you’re not even in America.

              Armchair experts of your ilk are ten a penny and the vast majority of you get your news from one liberal quoting another liberal’s views on an event. Amusingly you all believe yourselves to be informed.
              I’m here to tell you that you’re nothing of the sort.
              I have intimate knowledge of a few things here and I can tell you that by the time a story gets out into the wild it’s a factual shadow of its former self.

              Cook is being faulted for allowing his own personal bias to affect Apple. Every time he makes a move he gets it wrong, he is very clearly distracted and his hypocrisy in recent months has been shocking.
              Campaigning for what he calls ‘human rights” in the United States while ignoring the plight of billions of people in China and the Middle East is unconscionable. This latest political gaffe is disappointing.

              Meanwhile, Trump may be right for the White House, but the relentless shrill bleating of you and other ignoramuses make it hard for regular people to assess him accurately.
              And FYI, I’m not interested in why you think him unsuitable. Sorry, just no.

              Looking up and down these comments, you come off as nothing more than a patronizing little shit. You’re arguing with everyone but getting destroyed again and again. Points for persistence, certainly, but not for much else.
              I suggest you stick to Apple news, this isn’t your strong suit.

            4. I don’t know, man. I am very much tempted to believe you, as you claim intimate inside knowledge. However, it is quite difficult when one looks at the amount of resistance to Trump from the most respected conservatives in the Republican party (Ryan, Priebus, Alexander, many others whose names I can’t remember now). Even after Trump became the de-facto flag carrier for the party, most of those high-rinking conservatives continued to express serious doubts about him. As I said, Hillary is probably the worst candidate Democrats could possibly field, but at least Democrats seem to be united and they aren’t openly vocal and critical against their own candidate the way Republicans are today.

              Then again, the election is five months away and American voters are known worldwide for their extremely short memory and what happens now doesn’t really matter for election in November. Many things can change.

              In the end, the American presidential elections have always been won by the candidate who spends the most money anyway. If Trump decides to finance his own ticket, he can potentially outspend Hillary and win the office.

            5. American conservatives seem to be extremely touchy these days. This shouldn’t be a surprise; their party’s presumptive presidential candidate has the potential to obliterate everything the party represents. Don’t feel bad; Hillary isn’t any better either, so it is just the matter of who has less bad candidate…

              Anyway, enjoy the season (the election season)!

  4. Alienating roughly half — or in the case of outspoken LGBT boosterism, well more than half — of the pool of potential customers worldwide simply cannot be good for business.

    Cook has tainted Apple with his personal politics. I know for a FACT that all Apple employees do not universally share his views. I also know people who have refused to buy Apple products because of the company’s perceived politics.

    I’m all for a CEO change at Apple Inc. Someone who’s smart enough to keeps his or her mouth shut about things not related to the company’s products and services and focus on QUALITY products and services, instead.

    1. I am a shareholder. I am a conservative. I have felt Tim Cook has done a good job running Apple, apart from his injection of politics into the Apple business. If this continues, then I would advocate a new CEO. Apple does not exist to be a platform for Cook’s personal politics. Either Cook returns the company to the foundation that Jobs put it on, or he should leave. It is really that simple.

  5. Thanks Tim Cook for balancing the equation a little bit. After the moral hypocrisy and corporate hate aimed at the LGBT community spewed by businesses such as Chick-fil-a and Hobby Lobby it’s great to have Apple (and it is the whole company not just Tim Cook) reminding the world that human rights,acceptance, and equality matter. I love the fact that in countries where homosexuality is still punishable by law, the most sought after phone is made by a company that actively condemns discrimination of any kind. Anyone who buys and loves an apple product may have one small daily reminder that the world’s most successful products are created by a diverse group that works together to move beyond differences to acceptance and cooperation. Bravo Apple.

      1. In all fairness, that response was a spontaneous reaction by local restaurants; the company representative made sure to confirm that the company HQ did NOT initiate it, and implied that they don’t endorse it, specifically stating that the restaurants are in fact “closed for public” on Sundays. In other words, some of our franchises have decided on their own to help a local cause, but we had nothing to do with it, and officially, we are NOT open on Sundays, nor will we ever be.

          1. Fair enough. Although, your proof can be argued; the article doesn’t quite confirm that the company itself does not hate LGBT community (nor does Johann offer proof that they explicitly hate them). The article simply says that some local Chik-fil-a restaurants decided to open and hand out free meals to the people affected by the tragedy. We still can’t confirm one way or the other whether the company “hates LGBT”. All we know is that the CEO said that he doesn’t believe in marriage equality. One can argue whether this can be construed as hating the LGBT.

      2. Interesting. One franchise gives out sandwiches one day and suddenly that negates what the CEO of the corporation has done. So if one Apple store hands out one iPod to one homophobe you guys will be OK with Tim Cook again?

        Besides, you would have to decide if this was a hate crime or a terrorist attack. Your post indicates that you believe this was a hate crime against the LGBT community and not a terrorist attack in order to fit your narrative. At this point your view that this is strictly a hate crime is a minority view.

        1. “One franchise gives out sandwiches one day and suddenly that negates what the CEO of the corporation has done.”

          The founder of Chick-Fil-A simply stated, when asked, his belief that marriage is between a man and a woman. He did not say he hated people who believe otherwise, nor has he or any of his restaurants ever refused service to anyone. On the contrary, Chick-Fil-A opened on Sunday (usually closed) to prepare and distribute food – free – for the victims and family of the Orlando shootings.

          His statement was back when Obama and Hillary also stated their belief that marriage is between a man and a woman.

          The only hate is from those who want tolerance but refuse tolerance to others who simply have a different opinion.

          Recommended reading: The Silencing – How The Left Is Killing Free Speech by liberal author Kirsten Powers.

          “a hate crime or a terrorist attack”

          It was done by a terrorist who hates. This is what happens when intolerance becomes extreme.

          1. I assume you can Google so I’ll let you decided for yourself it what Cathy’s WinShape foundation has done with the money donated from Chick-fil-a is good or bad. I assume we won’t agree, but it has been more than one comment to a reporter.

            The reason that it matters if it is a hate crime or a terrorist attack is because “Larry” is claiming this shows that Chick-fil-a has changed it’s position on the LGBT community. But that only holds true as a hate crime. It is a minority few right now that this was predominantly a hate crime. So rather than give them credit for embracing the LGBT community they should get credit for helping after a terrorist attack. But if I see a Chick-fil-a float at the parade on Sunday I’ll be first in line to buy a sandwich.

            I do not challenge Cathy’s right to say anything he wants, but I also do not challenge Tim Cook. I am not trying to silence anyone. I want them all to speak. The Freedom Of Speech in the country is to allow the ideas of everyone to be out in the open. But there are consequences to speech. Cathy made his choice and as far as I know there has been little to no harm to his business. But his, and other like him, stance on the LBGT community helps create the environment that puts people’s lives in danger. Cathy misses a sale on a fried sandwich and a mother misses her son murdered in a bar.

            You say that people are trying to curtail free speech but aren’t you doing the same thing? You are trying to curtail opposition. Most of those claiming that free speech is being challenged are those in power. They are claiming it as a way to curtail dissent from those aren’t CEOs or Priests or Senators. Those that don’t have as much money. And in this country right now money equals speech.

          2. Wrong on Obama – Chick fil-a CEO statements were in 2012, the year Obama made his marriage equality stance clear (may 2012).

            The Wikipedia article on this controversy is full of facts if you want to know them.

    1. Yes, Tim, thank you for showing deference to countries which hold more enlightened views of homosexuality, like Saudi Arabia which simply executes LGBTs. You are doing a service in showing America what can be done if one is wiling to live one’s beliefs.

      1. Apple sells phones to people who disagree with them everywhere.

        How would discontinuing sales of a the most secure private phone to countries with people who need that privacy help those people?

        You are clueless.

    2. The founder of Chick-Fil-A simply stated, when asked, his belief that marriage is between a man and a woman. He did not say he hated people who believe otherwise, nor has he or any of his restaurants ever refused service to anyone. On the contrary, Chick-Fil-A opened on Sunday (usually closed) to prepare and distribute food – free – for the victims and family of the Orlando shootings.

      His statement was back when Obama and Hillary also stated their belief that marriage is between a man and a woman.

      The only hate is from those who want tolerance but refuse tolerance to others who simply have a different opinion.

      Hobby Lobby facts are different, but similar in result.

      Recommended reading: The Silencing – How The Left Is Killing Free Speech by liberal author Kirsten Powers.

    3. The controversy:

      The real-life effects of statements made by chick-fil-a CEO:
      Gabriel Aguiniga, a gay employee at a Chick-fil-A in Colorado, also said the hardest part hasn’t been hearing …comments. Instead, “[it’s] constantly having people come up to you and say, ‘I support your company, because your company hates the gays,’” Aguiniga, 18, wrote in an email. “It really takes a toll on me.”


      This is why it’s nice for Tim Cook to balance the equation a bit.

  6. When it comes to mixing business and politics, what would Steve do? The smart thing, unlike Cook.

    This backlash is inevitable and Cook brought it upon himself.

    Just because you operate out of the Land of Fruits and Nuts and have surrounded yourself with Libs, wallowing in the groupthink, doesn’t mean the whole world, or even the majority, agree with you.

    There’s a price to be paid for mixing personal politics and business and Cook, like everyone else, will pay it eventually,

    1. When you say majority, you don’t specify where. In your town, it may well be; perhaps in your state as well. In your country, clearly not (Americans are largely favouring marriage equality). In the world, majority of countries support equal rights, although marriage equality is still on the books only in a few. If you look by population, with China, India and Indonesia representing half of the world, the picture is opposite. Then again, if we look at the developed world (EU, US, Japan/Korea, AUS/NZ, etc), the majority supports equality.

      Strong doctrinal thinking imposed by religoius institutions (churches, mosques, temples, whichever flavour) enforce groupthink on many of these social issues. When people extricate themselves from that enforced groupthink and begin thinking independently, they discover the meaning of equality.

      Throughout history, there were very many situations when doing what is right was initially hugely unpopular (voting rights for women, blacks, inter-racial marriage, inter-religious, inter-ethnic marriage, for that matter, etc). It goes further back (Earth rotating around the Sun, earth being round, rather than flat), where forces of groupthink brutally rejected any challenges, regardless of their merit.

  7. It’s a different day. Companies are taking political positions. They are taking political positions because it is good for the company internally. Treating employees fairly internally sometimes means you have to take a stand externally. Apple has not been alone in championing LGBT issues. The only CEO being accused of doing so because of their sexuality is Tim Cook. Seems as if you guys have a double standard.

  8. Steve Jobs may have been half-Syrian (by birth), but with his adoptive parents average white Americans, and himself looking like one, he never felt any sort of stigma or discrimination.

    Cook, growing up gay in Alabama, knows intimately what is discrimination and stigma. As a person of a minority against which there is still a strong discriminatory force, one can’t really blame him for feeling the responsibility to take advantage of his high profile and make an effort to right a wrong. It shouldn’t be a surprise if there is a strong pressure on him, from those who struggle with the same discrimination, to do that. People who are discirminated against, regardless of whether they are racial or ethnic minority, women or gays (i.e. those who aren’t straight white men) tend to suffer in silence, as they are more often than not powerless to change anything. Cook has been afforded some outsized power, and there is a compelling social force pushing him to use that power for positive social change.

    Make no mistake, Jobs was always as supportive as Cook on all those social issues. He just never was under pressure to use his position to make social change.

    We can discuss the propriety of Cook doing this and possible consequences to its business (whether it will really alienate the customers who disagree with his social and political positions), but I don’t think any one of those who disagree with him would want to have gone through life being picked on for being who they are.

      1. That is actually incorrect (it took a 15-second trip to Google to verify). His father was from Wisconsin ( a Calvinist), and his mother from San Francisco (daughter of Armenian immigrants). Both were white, born in America, so in every respect, mainstream, average Americans. Steve’s biological father was from Syria, but the mother was from Wisconsin. Both were white, as was Steve, so, neither him, nor his (adoptive) parents he was never really exposed to any sort of minority experience or discrimination. In fact, Steve was showered with attention and indulged throughout his childhood. While not quite privileged, he had a fairly sheltered youth, surrounded by engineers in the growing industry of the Silicon Valley.

  9. I applaud Tim Cook’s stand on discrimination.

    I do NOT applaud his view being spoken as the CEO of Apple. If he wishes to express his views it should be a personal matter, a private citizen, not in the name of Apple.

  10. Cook is hosting fund raiser for Paul Ryan so it’s not quite so black and white. Of course Cook is a liberal but he is buttering both sides of the bread.

    Why would/should Apple sponsor either political convention? Seems smart not to associate Apple brand there.

    1. The problem is congress often passes laws that interfere with business (for good or ill) and Apple needs to be on good terms with congress before laws that impact it get introduced.

      If you have a pot of gold, you have no choice but to the keep politicians happy so they don’t raid it.

  11. Shortly before he died, Steve “made it clear to Tim Cook and everyone else ‘Don’t ask what Steve would have done. Follow your own voice.'”
    Al Gore, Apple board member, October 2011.

  12. Apple stands for Goodness, whatever the politics. They are building solar farms, helping to teach kids coding, bringing music, art and design to the people, planting thousands (spending millions) of trees on their land.

    So look people, the LGBT train has left the station. They are not second class citizens and shouldn’t be. If people have a problem with a company or its CEO standing up for gay rights they have a problem. But whatever. Right is right. That people are annoyed is their problem, not Apple’s.

    1. I disagree.
      Gays ARE 2nd-class citizens.
      And the sooner we can also roll it back to where women are again, the better I’ll like it. (Actually, I just remembered, women ARE still 2nd class citizens.)
      And further, what’s with these uppity darkies? They’re all over the place now. We used to have laws to keep them in their place — laws that were obvious, reasonable and natural.

      Just in case — /s

      Society progresses. Some kick and scream about it. (And puh-lease don’t bring in you bronze-age book of genocide, torture, and rape to justify it as being okay. I’ll just ask you if you have stoned any of your children to death yet, for being disobedient.)

      1. Sean: You call this ‘progress’?
        We have 2.2 million in prison in the US, only communist China beats that.
        Another 5 million on parole or probation here. Five million!
        Suicide rates are up 30% according to the CDC.
        Apple sits on $200b while people starve to death.
        AIDS, drug addiction, depression… on and on it goes.

        This is you leftists’ idea of PROGRESS? Because the mental illness of homosexuality is now celebrated instead of treated??

        The inmates really are running the asylum.

            1. No, it doesn’t. The data you present is really worrying, but none of it actually negates (or has anything to do with) the important and valuable progress made in the area of civil rights.

            2. Yes it does. Completely.
              You people talk of “civil rights” but oddly you seem happy to let Chinese people live under communism. What about their “civil rights”?
              Where is the outcry??
              Because the leftist media does not make it an issue, therefore it’s not even on your radar.
              You are sooooo easy to manipulate……

            3. I thought you were an American, living in America, and I thought we were discussing Tim Cook, who is an American, living and working in America, for an American company.

              What does China have to do with any of that???

              And, speaking of China, Chinese people live under capitalism, not communism. You sound very ignorant when you say things like that. While their political system is a single-party dictatorship, and the party in power is nominally called the Communist Party, the system is in fact quite capitalist in many ways. With respect to the Chinese “civil rights”, if you do a bit of googling, you’ll discover that Apple is probably the most vocal of all American companies operating there in furthering the civil rights of Chinese population. Obviously, Apple has very little power there; after all, they are an American, not Chinese company.

              And as an American company, they have the social responsibility to speak up for equal rights in America.

  13. “As a conservative, I detest Trump, his pomp, and his works… But if there’s anything that could make me want to support Trump, it’s this new breathtaking display of hypocrisy from Apple.”

    Let me translate that for you…

    “I am a righteous person who stands by my principles, but I could completely change my stance on Trump because of this one company.”


    “Apple is being hypochritical and it’s 100% their fault I’m hypochritical. Otherwise I would SO totally stand by my principles.”

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