Apple reportedly to drop ‘Space Gray’ for ‘Deep Blue’ color for iPhone 7

“Apple is planning to introduce a ‘Deep Blue’ color option to replace the Space Gray color option for the upcoming iPhone 7, according to a new report from Japanese website Mac Otakara,” Husain Sumra reports for MacRumors. “The new color will stand alongside the already available Silver, Gold and Rose Gold.”

Sumra reports, “Mac Otakara says Apple plans to discontinue the ‘Space Gray’ color, which was introduced with the iPhone 5s in 2013.”

“The report also says the iPhone 7 will keep the same LCD glass surface that current iPhone models employ,” Sumra reports. “This corroborates an earlier report saying that no major display upgrades are expected until 2017, when Apple switches to OLED.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If true, our Space Gray iPhone 6s Plus units just went up even more in resale value!

But, we doubt Apple is going to do this: Space Gray is just too popular and available on too many Apple products now (iPads, MacBook) is simply discontinue.


  1. All the more reason to expect a surge in iPhone cases. If this is true what more evidence is needed that Tim Cook just can’t help just f*cking things up.

      1. Yeah, color options are not innovative, but color options are a way consumers can customize their products. Giving customers the freedom to choose the colors that they want is a powerful endorsement for respecting and honoring the customer. It costs Apple little and builds consumer loyalty.

        1. mobile phone color is as waste of time for Apple when Apple itself pushes covers and cases to customize/protect your device at great profit to Apple and the 3rd party makers.

          Moreover, the marketing BS of “rose gold” and “space gray” reek of designer self-importance. One to three anodised colors are more than enough — black, silver, and gold are timeless and will meet everyone’s fashion needs. Blue and pink, not so much.

  2. I hate space gray, but I would despise dark blue exponentially more. I want black! The iPhone 4 and 4S had the perfect black, the iPhone 5 was also superb, but everything since then has been increasingly annoying, frustrating, and almost disrespectful to my taste. If they replace black or gray or whatever they’ve watered it down to now with some ridiculous blue, I will be skipping the first iPhone I’ve ever skipped. I’ve had every iPhone since gen1 and never thought this day would come. Everyone freaked out when Steve Jobs died like Apple was suddenly becoming garbage, but now it really is starting to look that way I guess it just took 5 years to forget about updating Macs, and piss off all the iPhone users.

    1. Well, Kate, I guess you know how some people feel about Space Gray. I suppose that Apple’s smart play would be to poll their customers regarding color options they prefer and offer them the five or six favorite options. This seems both doable and sensible.

  3. I’d have to see what they call deep blue before rushing to judgment. If it’s very dark and rich, I could make it work. If it looks too blue, no. The lustre of the iPhone enclosure alters one’s colour perception. I wonder if they have a chameleon technology in the works that smartly alters the device’s perceived colour based on what the user is wearing. After all, why shouldn’t wearables interact? It would have the secondary advantage, after fashion awareness, of simplifying the product line.

  4. Doubtful. Space Gray is the only color that has a black screen surround on the face. With the switch to OLED displays, which use least power when showing black, I doubt we’ll be seeing black displays with white bezels. If Apple offered a gold case with a black face, I’d give up Space Gray. But I strongly prefer a black screen surround.

    1. I couldn’t care less what the back looks like since I only see it the day I buy it. The back of every iPhone I’ve owned has read “(*) speck”. I do, however, prefer the face to be black. Not a fan of white around the screen.

      1. The black face is my reason for preferring Space Gray. And I agree. Mine goes into a case to give it some grippiness. Without a case , it’s like a wet bar of soap. Then needs a case to deal with the inevitable landing.

    1. BTW: One reason I personally prefer Space Gray is that it is a better frame for the display of the iPhone, as opposed to a lighter frame. One problem with color framing, as in Deep Blue and Rose Gold is that they affect the color accuracy of what you see on the iPhone (or other iOS device) display. I’m a child of the color management revolution and heed such concerns.

  5. The only reason for the Space Gray being popular is because its the only color that allows you to have Black bezel around the front screen.You should be able to select what color front and back that you want without restrictions from the Fashion Police which is the Industrial Design Team at Apple NOW. Black on Silver, Blackl on Gold would be Awesome options. RIP SJ.

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