Apple’s new product launch will be super boring (in a good way)

“On Monday, I’ll be in the audience for the keynote of Apple’s WWDC conference, its annual gathering of developers who create apps and software of all kinds for Apple products,” Rick Tetzeli writes for MarketWatch. “As is typical before these events, the rumor mill is alive with hints of what the company is expected to announce”

“Unfortunately, investors, consumers and pundits don’t think one ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ event is enough. They want Apple to introduce an iPhone every time,” Tetzeli writes. “So when Apple introduces a set of improvements to its operating systems, as it will on Monday, should observers be disappointed? Probably not.”

“if Apple bores the hell out of you Monday morning — and that’s always possible, given the fact that Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs on stage — don’t fret about Apple. Monday isn’t about you. Monday is about the developers, and what they may do for you down the line,” Tetzeli writes. “If you’re wearing an Apple Watch by the end of the year, and you’re turning to your wrist then for some app that seems as vital as Snapchat or Tinder or Yummly or Slack, that’s when you’ll know—and only then—that WWDC was successful, another small step forward in Apple’s ongoing, incremental pursuit of innovation.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Amen.


  1. It’s good to know that other people expect nothing less from Tim Cook other than “boring”, that’s exactly all I think he is capable of. Of course, there’s the possibility that if Tim Cook engenders a picogram of enthusiasm from the crowd and pundits that some will point to this as evidence that Tim Cook is as exciting and inspiring as Steve Jobs, and has the wit and wisdom to manage Apple.

    1. Undoubtedly, some people would point to a lack of somnolence in the crowd as evidence that Tim Cook is somehow as good as Steve Jobs after all. That would be a pathetically weak form of hopeful loyalty.

      The fact is that Cook the presenter is just plain boring, and as soon as he yields the stage to Craig Federighi or even Eddy Cue, things pick up. As always in the post-Jobs era, it is going to be droolworthy developer tools and product enhancements that engender real enthusiasm at WWDC. Not numbing statistics, not flashy promos, not legerdemain.

    2. This Tim Cook bashing ignorance is getting too old and stail… Move on already. Tim is not Jobs… And Jobs was not Tim.
      The dude may not be as charasmatic as Jobs.. But he has vertues Jobs could not get within 10 miles of …

      1. Since you are Tim Cook’s unabashed sycophant, please, list all of Tim Cook’s great virtues and how each of these characteristics have improved Apple’s standing in technological and corporate success. I guess once Tim Cook has done things that are significant and noteworthy criticism will cease. So, inform us.

        1. Lol.. Unabashed Sycophant? right off the bat… Lol …

          I guess Steve must have seen his Virtues besides other unabashed sycophants … After all he hired him and worked with him as his right hand man for 10 years plus… Let him make apple the most profitable comp in the world.. ..and later nominated him as his replacement.

          Yup Tim …He is the person responsible for Apples massive efficancy
          and profitibility… Even at Jobs Time

          How about Apple growing( aprox) from 7 billion earnings/Q in 2011 to 19 billion/Q in 2015…
          Annual Revenue from aprox aprox 80 billion to 230 billion.

          I guess all of these happened under Tims tenure due to his Vices not Virtues.

          Go troll some where else.

          1. Tim Cook was very lucky that he followed Steve Jobs. Tim Cook can thank Jobs for his success and Jobs’ visionary inertia. That will not last and you fail to describe any of Cook’s “virtues”, loser.

  2. I wish Apple could get back some of the magic it had 10 years ago. I like my Apple products, but I don’t have near the enthusiasm I once did for the brand. Once upon a time, I wanted all of my tech to be Apple-branded. Now, I only find the iPhone to be a must-have.

    I used to love hanging out in the Apple Stores. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to one and, if I were to go now, it would be only to buy an accessory.

    We’ll see what products they announce at the forthcoming media events, but I’m certainly not holding my breath for another renaissance.

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