Apple Energy: Is this Apple running its own microgrids or more?

“Yesterday, reported that Apple Inc has founded a new, fully owned, subsidiary known as Apple Energy and that this entity had applied to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC regulates power companies) to be able to sell electricity and other power grid services to anyone that is not a public utility,” John Fitzgerald Weaver writes for Electrek.

“Does this mean that you can now buy clean electricity made on the roof of the Apple Spaceship?” Weaver writes. “Unless you are a large corporate electricity user within 10-30 miles, probably not.”

“However if we step back and take a broader view, something interesting is happening – the likes of Apple, Google, Ikea and others including even Walmart are showing us a small piece of the future of much smarter electricity grid owned by many instead of the few,” Weaver writes. “Apple also has the ability to sell ‘capacity, and certain ancillary services.’ Ancillary services, in our brave new world, can come from things like batteries in electric cars that are parked while waiting to head to their next customer.”

Tons more in the full article – recommended – here.

MacDailyNews Take: Is Apple Energy a matter of Apple saying, “it’s there, we’re making it anyway, better to sell it that to waste it” or is there more to this than meets the eye?

Apple Inc. forms Apple Energy company; looks to sell electricity into grid and perhaps directly to consumers – June 9, 2016


  1. This is my favorite Apple news in a long, long time. Who needs to be an ISP when you could revolutionize energy? Small beans if you can provide power for your own initiatives. (Apple car charges at Apple Charging & Tesla Charging stations?)

  2. Mother Earth News has promoted energy conservation and individual energy production for years. I wish that more citizens took the initiative to harvest wind, solar, and hydroelectric power; and sell the excess to power companies. Unfortunately, local codes often prohibit citizens from exercising their desires. County living isn’t that bad once you get used to it.

  3. The golden goose would be to sell small power plants to homes and businesses for around $5k installed. The power plant/generator would create power with no resources from natural gas, propane, nuclear fission, etc. Possible new methods could be extracting water from the air and converting into hydrogen, safe (no threat of waste or contamination) nuclear processes, etc. Payback from these generators would be 2-4 years, and their lifespan would be 15-20 years.

    If companies like United Technologies aren’t willing to move the ball forward then it’s time for Apple and others to lead the way.

  4. Laws may have to change but you can certainly see where electric cars and energy supplied into the grid could combine to make the cost of buying and ownership become much more competitive especially if some way were found to offset the potential lower running costs as compared to ICE cars either the initial higher cost of buying. Although if the consumer doesn’t own the cars at all in the plan then the former becomes an even bigger bonus.

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