Apple updates iMovie for Mac

“Apple on Thursday pushed out a solid update for iMovie for Mac, bringing the popular video-editing software to version 10.1.2,” Cody Lee reports for iDownloadBlog. “The release brings about several improvements, including faster project creation, easier clip selection and more.”

“The focus of the update seems to be visual cues and speed,” Lee reports. “Apple added a New Project button in the Projects Browser and Larger project thumbnails on the visual side, and the ability to begin editing a project with a single click on the speed side.”

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MacDailyNews Note: New Macs come with iMovie or you can pick up a copy via the Mac App Store for US$14.99.


  1. I wish they would just make it more stable and fix some very blatant bug since the 10.1 update. I get a lot more crashes and beachball hangs when editing with 10.1. It also corrupted one of my library files. I have sent in 50-60 crash reports in the last few months created from projects created in new library files (not a previous one that may or may not have been corrupted by previous crashes).

  2. I can’t use the new one. I just do not like it. It’s harder to use, buggier, slower, less intuitive, and a step backward not up.
    I think what has happened is that the concentration on the Watch and the iPhone and now the car has let a whole range of other parts of the company languish in a way that essentially alienates long time supporters. The Mac, Mac mini, Final Cut, and a slew of other products are up to FOUR YEARS since the last update. How obvious is it that they are ignoring those products? At the same time (and it’s sad).. even lowly Microsoft is coming up with better products, Huewai (sp?) is making strides in phones, and the pace of innovation has increased, hence the most recent earnings miss. I have over a million dollars in Apple Stock.. I’m a believer.. but my patience will need some kind of reward.. some genuine boost of confidence at WWDC..

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