Spotify dims as Apple Music shines

“As reported yesterday, for the first time in 13 years, Apple broke their streak of quarterly revenue growth. The revenue decline is being attributed to slowing iPhone sales and overall macro economic trends (i.e. China),” George Howard writes for Forbes. “In an otherwise gloomy report, there was a surprising bright spot: Apple Music subscriptions have surpassed the 13 million mark, up from the 11 million announced two months ago.”

“In thinking through how to explain this accelerating rise, it’s relevant to remember that the Apple Music launch was far from perfect,” Howard writes. “I expressed my disappointment that Apple – a company that is able to create perceived value around products better than any other firm – elected not to attempt to do so with respect to music.”

“Now it appears that Apple may very well be creating this perceived value in the eyes of customers, which is resulting in distinguishing their product from others, reducing churn and growing subscribers,” Howard writes. “There have been a number of theories to explain how this differentiation is taking place, but they seem to coalesce around recommendations… Over the past months, I increasingly found myself checking the “For You” section of Apple AAPL -5.94% Music and being entertained, surprised and occasionally delighted, while having precisely the opposite experience with Spotify.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Oh ok. (smirk)

Apple Music has rendered Spotify’s future decidedly dimmer.

The best customers are those who pay. As demonstrated by years of data, form disparate sources, those paying customers are also significantly more likely to be iPhone owners than those who’ve settled for poor iPhone facsimiles. A healthy portion of these coveted customers will leave for Apple’s comprehensive offering which offers better family rates, more music, likely exclusives, and seamless integration across all Apple devices. It’ll even work with crappy Windows PCs and Android phones eventually (not that those are likely to be Spotify’s paying customers, but whatever, some of them will join Apple Music and maybe even graduate to Apple devices because of it).

Spotify could quickly be left with an unprofitable system, with a dwindling music library because they cannot afford to pay music royalties. — MacDailyNews Take, June 9, 2015

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  1. Putting on kevlar underwear…
    Putting on kevlar outerwear…
    Picking up vibranium/adamantium/rearden metal shield…

    Now I’m read to whisper…

    I kinda like TIDAL. I like the uncompressed hifi quality music and can damn sure hear the difference, particularly on newer recordings, and it’s just a breeze to operate in comparison to iTunes as it is focused on music, instead of music and apps and books and magazine and tv shows and movies and…

    now running way as fast as I can…

  2. I got the Apple Music family plan. However my youngest still likes Pandora because it produces a better mix for the music he likes.

    My wife still buys music from iTunes and does not explore Apple Music at all.

    Only I and my oldest use Apple Music. We both had used Spotify, in the past.

    I think Apple Music needs to make it clearer to find music via AM on iTunes. On the iPhone Music app it is easier.

    Many times I am faced with the option to pay for the music, when I know I should be able to add it to My Music.

  3. I still think music worth listening to is music worth buying. I do not want to rent my music.

    As to T Mac’s comment. I think Apple is leaving money on the table by not offering users the option to buy Apple Lossless files of their music like they did when they improved the iTMS AAC files a couple of years back.

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