Apple’s iPhone SE: The sold out flop

“Apple’s iPhone SE hasn’t sold in the vast numbers that a new iPhone release typically does. Did anyone really expect it to?” Mark Hibben writes for Seeking Alpha. “Some have called iPhone SE sales weak. Yet it’s selling well enough to be back ordered in the Apple online store with a shipment delay of a week to 10 days in the U.S. The SE will probably outsell the iPhone 5s it replaces as Apple’s lowest cost iPhone.”

“At least that’s the take of RBC Capital Markets analyst Amit Daryanani, who predicts sales of 40 million units in 2016. I think that’s a pretty easy prediction to make,” Hibben writes. “As Apple made clear at the March Special Event, it sold over 30 million 4-inch screen iPhones in 2015. The SE offers much more value by virtue of the processor, camera and NFC/Apple Pay system from the latest generation iPhone 6s. So it should outsell its predecessor.”

“But it was never going to sell 10 million in a weekend, and for this to become the yardstick to measure of success of the phone is kind of silly,” Hibben writes. “Nevertheless, the ‘weak’ initial sales of the SE are being offered as more evidence of Apple’s imminent decline by SA Contributor Michael Blair.”

MacDailyNews Take: That’s only because Blair is a brain-dead hit-whore who cherry-picks and massages data to constantly predict the ever-imminent demise of the world’s most valuable company. Blair makes John Dvorak look like an Apple genius.

“The significance of the SE is that Apple is deliberately becoming more price competitive. As such, it represents something of an experiment. I doubt that anyone knows for sure what the demand elasticity for iPhone is. We’re about to find out,” Hibben writes. “I believe this is a long-term positive for the stock. Apple has the manufacturing and distribution scale to compete on price. The fact that Apple is even testing the waters with the SE should scare its competition.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As a high quality device with excellent specs all around, the iPhone SE is a vastly more interesting experiment for Apple than was iPhone 5c.


    1. Did not Apple announce that the iPhone SE sold 3.5 million in China alone on pre-sales? That does not sound like a flop to me. . . ergo more “Blair Bitch Project.”

  1. It’s so laughable 😆 at this point, reading this predictable, drooling drivel:

    …The ‘weak’ initial sales of the SE are being offered as more evidence of Apple’s imminent decline by SA Contributor Michael Blair.”

    How imaginative. Another FAILure of analysis. We should put the faces of these characters on dart boards.

  2. Mine arrived today. It is rather quick.

    The 5s styling is also ace. Wave it around in public and nobody thieves it 🙂

    Mind you, on that last bit there’s probably going to be a lot of 5s owners getting their phones nicked now.

  3. I just activated my SE last night from a 5c.
    Forget this guys headlines…the SE is Wonderful!!
    I am eating a sausage biscuit and coffee as we type using
    Apple Pay…really easy and quick and I still get a hard copy receipt…now if Walmart will finally get on board.
    I also love the Health app with the always on coprocessor as it tracked 3200 steps on the treadmill this morning to relieve my guilt for the sausage biscuit. I know to many this is old news, but for me, moving from a 3 yr old 5c to the SE is a three generation upgrade and I am thrilled with it. It is also lighter than the 5c, but not as smooth or as easy to drop. The author of this article is brain dead.

  4. The Apple Store I went to yesterday was sold out of ALL unlocked SEs and only had a couple TMobile, and Sprint phones left… And only in the 16GB model. So I’m guessing sales are terrible.

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