Apple unleashes an Apple Watch ad blitz

Apple has debuted seven colorful new :15 spots for Apple Watch on U.S. broadcast and cable networks that cover a wide gamut of Apple Watch uses and features that are instantly familiar to Apple Watch users, but might surprise those still without Apple Watch timesavers on their wrists.

The seven ads are currently appearing in a wide range of programming from sports to prime time programs to daytime talk shows.

Some ads feature celebrities such as Alice Cooper, Nick Jonas, Jon Batiste and Chloë Sevigny.

The seven ads:

MacDailyNews Take: Which is your favorite? Ours is “Rain” (featuring the Dark Sky app) because it illustrates perfectly the difference between Apple Watch haves and Apple Watch have-nots. Apple Watch wearers are ahead of the pack.

Bonus: Here’s Chloë Sevigny’s first Apple Watch ad from last October:


  1. These ads are fantastic. They beckon to the uninitiated, titillate the bored, intrigue the jaded. My favourite? Row. I want that trophy. Honourable mention to Chlöe Sevigny. She was killer in Hit & Miss.

    1. The problem is the lag when you raise the watch to view it. I want immediate information when training hard. Sports are not the strong point of the Apple Watch.

  2. Trivial reasons (except for finding your phone – after you’ve found your watch earlier in the day – with what your phone?) to change your life style, routines (charging, accessorizing, choosing and learning apps, watch on, watch off, watch on, watch off… ….and spend a shit ton of money for the privilege.

    Plus my niece has one and I find it fugly on her wrist.

    Still a no sale here.

    1. PS: In other words, after a long string of winners, Apple’s least compelling product ever.

      Let me know when health kit is fully revved up and my docs are all set up to do constant monitoring my condition in ways that will extend and/or save my life. But even then, it won’t be a “fashion accessory” for me. Rather a life-span one, oh, and make it a a water-proof, hypoallergenic, charges from body heat pendant I can just wear underneath my tee shirt.

      1. A pendant you wear under your t-shirt? Sounds like you really want one of those “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” necklaces for the elderly and the frail. I think you’ve aged out of Apple Watch’s target demo

  3. These have to be the worst adverts I have ever seen from Apple. They look cheep, limited people, studio set, not real world not cool at all just naff.
    Actually these are the first bad adverts i have ever seen from Apple.

    1. You mean, they are similar (“limited people, studio set, not real world…”) to those old “Get a Mac” ads. Gee, those usually had a completely white background, essentially no set at all, and two normally-dressed actors representing a Mac and PC. Yup, those were TERRIBLE too… 🙂 (I like this style. Gets the point across quickly without distraction, like an Apple Watch.)

  4. I’ll bet it pained Apple to feature a white guy in their commercials, yuck. I’d like to see the racial breakdown of who actually buys Apple products versus the multicultural propaganda that Cook and Co. feel compelled to shove down our throats. These commercials are shite.

  5. I still stand by my feeling that the nascent wearable market isn’t really there. It’s incubating. People are waiting for a good reason to buy a smartwatch and a watch that is dependent on your phone, just isn’t all that smart. It’s a peripheral.

    I also think the square watch looks like something out of a vending machine or a carnival claw machine.

    Apple is in the lead with the AppleWatch with about 24 million units sold (supposedly) but those are, as they say, the faithful and the bleeding edge folks. I’m both, but I haven’t been moved to buy an Apple Watch.

    Ming-Chi Kuo is saying that shipments are expected to fall by more than one-quarter this year. He says that they will top out at 7.5 million.

    So the ad blitz isn’t surprising.

  6. The biggest problem with Apple Watch is that you need to live with one before you can actually understand how cool and wonderful they are. It is very very difficult to explain the the unwashed how once on, you never ever want to take it off.

  7. I’m surprised they don’t show the calendar complication. For anyone who has lots of appointments at work, just glancing at your wrist to see where and when you need to be next is a real life changer. The Dark Sky notifications are great for smokers who have to go outside too, but I get why Apple wouldn’t choose that scenario to sell their watches 🙂

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