Say goodbye to OS X on your Mac

“Apple products have gone through a series of name changes through the years. Sure, it’s been ‘the Mac’ seemingly forever, but not just the Mac. Mac II, Mac LC, Mac SE, Mac Portable, Mac PowerBook, Mac Quadra, iMac, iBook, various G3 and G4 models, Mac mini, MacBook Air, Power Mac and MacBook Pro, and MacBook,” Wil Gomez writes for Mac360. “Whew. All Macs.”

“iPod, iPod mini, iPod nano, iPod Classic, iPhone iPhone G3 to iPhone 6s Plus and now iPhone SE. Times change and so do product names,” Gomez writes. “Say goodbye to OS X. Why? Because change.”

Gomez writes, “Apple’s naming schemes for operating systems have gone through changes, too. The iPhone’s operating system became iOS. Now we have watchOS, tvOS, and if the hints prove true, soon no more OS X; instead, macOS.”

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MacDailyNews Take: “Say goodbye to trying to work ‘Mac’ and ‘OS X,’ but never ‘Mac OS X,’ into your MacDailyNews headlines,” says Messrs. and Mesdames Inside Baseball to themselves, hopefully.

Mac OS X was better than OS X and “macOS,” given tvOS, watchOS, and iOS, is even better today.


  1. I’ll vote for “macOS”.

    The Roman numeral “X” in Mac OS X and OS X is confusing and redundant when spoken, e.g. “Mac OS 10 10.11.4”. It would be sufficient to just say “macOS 10.11.4”.

    1. In Tom Hank’s movie That Thing You Do, the band is called The One-ders, like the number one. Everyone calls them The Oh-nee-ders. Hanks as their manager promptly renames them The Wonders. The jokester in the band quips, “As in I Wonder what happened to The Oh-nee-ders?

  2. Technically we should be at version 21.

    Keeping the first digit the same “10” and changing the digit after the first dot to signify a major OS release went against all known software versioning standards at that point. What a way to make a mess for all the smaller software creators to then do what ever they like to version numbers.

  3. So, has Apple said anything or leaked anything to make the reporter think/write that this change is coming? Or is he just making this up out of thin air in order to fill his quota of clickable stories?

  4. Well I hope we hear less from Tim Cook about pads replacing real computers, and I hope we see more effort in bring the Mac up to date and improving its reliability. The name change is just window-dressing. The problem is a faulty view of the future by people at Apple who don’t actually do any of the real work.

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