Why the tiny 4-inch iPhone SE will be a gigantic hit for Apple

“Bigger isn’t always better,” Lewis Wallace writes for Cult of Mac. “With the iPhone SE, Apple has designed a tiny smartphone that’s destined to become a gigantic hit.”

“The device, unveiled during Apple’s ‘Let us loop you in’ event Monday, looks like a totally amazeballs iPhone — and it comes with an Android-low price,” Wallace writes. “The iPhone SE price point is almost unbelievable — it was probably the biggest surprise of Apple’s presentation. Starting at just $399 for a 16GB model off-contract, it’s the cheapest iPhone ever to hit the market. For middle-class consumers with a bit of spare cash, it’s almost an impulse buy. And for the budget-conscious, it comes in free with a two-year carrier contract.”

“Setting the price below $400, and making it free with a cellular contract, could draw even more of Tim Cook’s swarm of beloved switchers, not to mention people in untapped markets like India and China,” Wallace writes. “The iPhone SE could be the ultimate gateway iPhone.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Let it be.

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    1. What you’re saying is absolutely true. The greedy investors claim Apple can never sell enough iPhones because Apple can’t sell as many high-end iPhones as Samsung sells some low-end crap-phones and there’s nothing Apple can really do about that any more than Lexus can sell more cars than GM. Most analysts have already stated this new iPhone will be a huge failure because it won’t outsell Android smartphones that are $150 cheaper. Why should analysts wait for solid proof when their minds are already made up? With Wall Street it’s all about outright unit sales and nothing else matters.

  1. 4 months too late! I got so tired of waiting for my 4s to do anything, I finally broke down and bought a 6s at Xmas, even though I wanted a smaller phone than the 6s. If I would have waited I could have had a smaller phone and saved $250. Crap!

  2. After all the clamor and demand for larger iPhones and then finally getting and using one I think many now long to go back to the smaller, more pocketable and covenient size. This is going to be HUGE and a huge surprise for many anal-cysts. But I still like my 6 Plus.

  3. If only they didn’t mark up the price abroad again (not as badly as they did before, but, still…).
    €489 !!!! for the 16GB iPhone SE.
    Agreed, that includes 21% VAT, but still at the going exchange rate of 1.12USD/€, the price could have been 399*1.21/1.12 = 431€, meaning a markup of 489-431 = 58€ or 13.5%.

    I hope they don’t act that way in evolving markets. The competitors certainly won’t.

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