Apple News opens the floodgates

“Apple is rolling out new tools for its imaginatively named Apple News news app to local newspapers, independent publishers and even bloggers, expanding the amount of content you’ll be able to read on your iPhone, according to media reports on Tuesday,” Carrie Mihalcik reports for CNET.

“The News app, which is baked into the iOS software that powers iPhones and iPads, aggregates news sources into one feed and builds personalized recommendations based on what you read,” Mihalcik reports. “Apple has partnered with more than 100 media companies since launching the app in September, including The New York Times, Condé Nast and (full disclosure) CNET.”

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  1. I’ll have to give Apple News another shot. I quit using it because it was horrible as a source for actual breaking news. It was more of a collection of Interesting Stuff to Read When You’re Bored, but I have other places to go for that.


  2. Apple News is a joke. Don’t use it. They can’t seem to do much right these days other than pump out new versions of stale product and, the software….. Oh brother

  3. Gave it a try early but lost interest. Their tile approach to selecting from my categories is silly. If they ran Safari bookmarks that way from my Favorites bar, I would never use it.

    Mostly lost interest because of the lack of alternative news sites. Nearly all the news sites they point to were 100 percent behind the Bush wars.

    Apple News favors corporation news.

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