Apple Pay a massive hit in China: Just one of 19 banks reports 3 million cards added in first 2 days

“China this month became the fifth country where consumers can use smartphones to pay with Apple Pay, and Chinese shoppers quickly embraced the Apple Inc. payment system,” Frank Tong reports for Internet Retailer.

“In the first two days after the Feb. 18 launch, 3 million consumers linked their bank cards to Apple Pay according to China Merchants Bank, one of 19 Chinese banks involved in the rollout,” Tong reports. “The payment method can be used to pay in stores with compatible terminals and in mobile apps that link to Apple Pay.”

“Apple did say it is quite happy with the launch,” Tong reports. “‘I would rate our first-day performance as 1,000, if the full score is 100,’ Jennifer Bailey, vice president of Apple Pay, said at a mid-February press conference in China. Apple also has rolled out Apple Pay in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.”

“Apple says the 19 Chinese banks offering Apple Pay, including such major institutions as Bank of China and the Agricultural bank of China, represent about 80% of bank cardholders in China,” Tong reports. “In addition, 16 retail chains, restaurants and online retailers in China have begun accepting Apple Pay. They include Starbucks, McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Circle K and the French department store chain Carrefour. Almost all of those merchants have launched promotions for Apple Pay users. For example, Starbucks offered a 15 yuan ($2.30) discount to Apple Pay users who spend 65 yuan ($10) or more.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Wait, incentives to use Apple Pay? Gee, what a great idea!

Apple, give us a reason to use Apple Pay beyond looking like tech dorks in front of the line at the register. What’s the incentive to use Apple Pay? There is none besides looking like a flaming nerd. As if Apple doesn’t have any money. That, inexplicably, is how they approach Apple Pay. Hello, Tim? Eddy? Talk to some people who actually go to stores and shop for things, please.

Incentivize its use! Give Apple Pay users a percentage of every dollar spent via Apple Pay to spend at Apple Stores. Something. Anything! Get people used to using it first. Sheesh. It’s really not that difficult. It really isn’t.MacDailyNews, August 6, 2015

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Arline M.” for the heads up.]


  1. MDN is absolutely correct. There needs to be a real customer issue surrounding a vendors non-support of Apple Pay.

    Trust me, when mama can’t get her discount coupon for Apple Pay to work, there will be hell to pay for retailers who don’t support it.

    Sheesh. It’s really not that difficult. It really isn’t.

    1. Does anyone know how much Apple gets off each transaction? It may be so small that there is no way to make it meaningful for the customer. However, the credit card companies have a lot more wiggle room to make a meaningful kickback to customers, as do vendors.

  2. As I have stood in line observing people at checkout, you know most of them have their iPhones already in their hands as they peruse tweitter / e-mail / facebook / texts as they wait aimlessly in line to check out. It’s just so damn easy to use it to pay instead of fetching the wallet out of your purse or pocket and putting the phone away.

  3. Continue to spread the word to all the retailers about apple pay – and how much faster their lines will go!!!

    They need to know and they need to know you might go elsewhere if they don’t bring it on.

  4. Nobody uses Apple Pay, nobody. Seriously I won’t even ask if they have it at checkout. Again, the only places I’ve known to even have it are McDonalds (never go there anyway) and Whole Foods. Wish Apple would focus on making great Macs and Software again.

    1. Bring your count up from nobody to 1.
      I use Pay 3x/week. Not only that, I’m Super Nerd; I use my Watch to pay for my groceries! Mainly the mom & pop grocery store up on the corner for dinner fixin’s. I switched from CVS to Walgreens. A bottle of peroxide is just that, so no store loyalty there.

  5. It looks particularly dorky when every time you try to use it the card is rejected. 7/7 of my attempts have been declined. I then proceed to pay for the transaction with the same debit card that Apple Pay is registered to and it works just fine.

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