Free: A Photoshop-like app for Macs

“Everybody knows what Photoshop does but few people know how to make graphic design and enhance photos on Photoshop,” Natalia Nowak writes for Mac360. “Why? Photoshop is expensive, complex, and has an extensive learning curve.”

“Are there Photoshop alternatives? Sure. Affinity Photo and Pixelmator come to mind, but there are many others, including Acorn and the much renowned GIMP for Mac,” Nowak writes. “What if you’re a Mac user on a budget and all you want is something good but Photoshop-like?”

“If Photoshop is the big dawg in graphic design and photo manipulation apps, and Photoshop Elements is something akin to Photoshop Lite, then what is PixelStyle?” Nowak writes. “Photoshop-like. Or, maybe, Photoshop Ultra Mini.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Downloaded. Will give it a run-through ASAP. Anybody used or using PixelStyle?


  1. Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. Very robust apps for only $50 each. No subscriptions. New features added regularly. So long Photoshop and Illustrator, and later this year (hopefully) Indesign with their page layout program.

  2. As far as I’m concerned, Pixelmator deserve to be supported because they have released a truly excellent product at a very reasonable price and when you buy their product, they keep giving you free upgrades.

    Even if a rival product turned out to be marginally better, I would still prefer to use Pixelmator as they are the sort of company that do a great job of looking after their customers. We should appreciate and support companies like that.

  3. I so hate Adobe with their hostage move going cloud only!

    It is hard for me, as a freelancer with a lot money invested in AE plug-ins to think of a beneficial switch.

    Sometime, I wake up at night only to hate Adobe more.

    Photoshop and Illustrator will be down the drain soon as I came with solutions and workflows acceptable enough to suite my need.

    It is a releive to write here.

  4. The website is dreadful.
    “all photo graphic designers”

    Honestly, you’re better off just getting an old Ps copy. 5.5 works fine and you have actions, CAF, etc.

    1. Makes me nervous: “Available for OS X 10.7 and above, iMac, Macbook Mini, Macbook air, Lion, Macbook Pro, Yosemite, mavericks.”

      Macbook Mini? I guess it doesn’t work on iMac Pro and iMac Air. Bummer. Doing photography work on my 27″ laptop would have been awesome!

  5. Affinity Photo and Designer are great! Pixelmator is right up there, too.
    But both do not support Adobe PS plugins, which is why I am still using Photoshop.
    There are NO other photo graphic/editing apps that support Adobe plugins.
    I love my Adobe plugins and use many of these in ways that are not what the developers’ intended their plugins to be used.
    Without the ability to use Adobe PS plugins, both Affnity Photo and Pixelmator limit as to what I can use these apps for.
    That stated, as soon as Adobe started their monthly subscription and cloud B.S., I walked away from Adobe.
    I have been on PSCS3 for years and, really, it has been working well for me and has plenty of’ the features I need and will ever want or need to use.
    Adobe just keeps adding more “features’ along with more bloat!
    Adobe is just greedy.
    As soon as Affinity Photo and/or Pixelmator can offer Adobe plugin support, I will be rid of Photoshop entirely.
    Until then, neither of these is a complete PS replacement for me.
    I seriously doubt this PixelStyle app is a PS replacement contender, either.
    I can’t afford Adobe’s monthly subscription rate. That and buying Adobe products now is just just ridiculously too expensive for individual designers and small creative shops.
    I wish Adobe would die in the same manner as the RIM Blackberry.

  6. The GIMP — raster like Photoshop
    Inkscape — vector like Adobe Illustrator
    … are two truly excellent professional image applications that I’ve used for years without issues. They are both open source and free, and are maintained by active communities of developers. Your search is over.

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