Apple leases 96,000-square-foot industrial facility as car talk swirls

“According to a report in the Silicon Valley Business Journal, Apple has leased a 96,000-square-foot industrial facility in nearby Sunnyvale, about a 10-minute drive from its current headquarters,” Marco della Cava reports for USA Today.

“Nothing more is known about Apple’s intentions for the plant, although the report immediately stirred unsubstantiated online media speculation that the lease was earmarked for Apple’s Project Titan, the oft-reported name for its car skunkworks,” della Cava reports. “That the large factory space used to house a Pepsi bottling plant has an ironic ring, given that Steve Jobs famously hired Apple CEO John Sculley away from Pepsi with the alleged taunt, ‘Do you want to sell sugar water, or do you want to come with me and change the world?'”

“Among the news flashes that have helped fuel the Apple auto rumors include reports that the company had been talking to owners of a former military facility east of San Francisco, where presumably a company could test cars in secret,” della Cava reports. “Back in 2014, Apple CEO Tim Cook told interviewer Charlie Rose that ‘there are products that we’re working on that no one knows about, that haven’t been rumored about yet.’ But he has since remained mum on the possibility of an Apple car.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Could be pretty much anything.

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  1. Yes, it could be anything! A former military base. Secret testing. Some new fangled form of transportation. I knew it. Apple’s in league with aliens. That’s how they designed the original iPhone. It was way too advanced for them to do it alone. It’s alien technology! The military’s in on it too. And that Apple Campus 2 – you know it really is a spaceship. I mean, they play dumb and joke that it looks like a spaceship. That’s just to throw us off the truth.

    And here’s the worst. Tim. He’s one of them. He’s an alien! That’s why he’s so confident when standing up to the corrupt and nefarious US Government. He knows he can obliterate then all in an instant!

    I’m going back to my meds now… 😜

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