Apple launches official company Twitter account

“Apple has today launched a company Twitter account for help, customer support and iOS tips,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac.

“Although Apple manages some support accounts for parts of its business, like Apple Music, this is the first time Apple has launched an account that covers its entire product range,” Mayo reports. “@AppleSupport is already verified, confirming its validity as an official Apple support avenue.”

“It is unclear to what extent Apple will provide 1:1 customer support but it is openly inviting questions from other Twitter users,” Mayo reports. “It is reasonable to assume that for complicated issues, the account is likely to direct users to normal AppleCare channels. However, basic questions and queries could be answered directly through social media with a 140-character reply.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Excellent!

Follow Apple Support on Twitter here:


    1. That is not Cook’s job. Apple has a legal staff and a bunch of lobbyists and a PR department, not that they’ve ever actually used any of them effectively. But these are the groups that need to get their act together. So far the Apple PR campaign hasn’t been super effective. The supporters of Apple are other cloud companies & software companies whose primary motive is cost avoidance. They didn’t back Apple from the start and you know darn well they will slink back under their rocks the second Apple hits any real headwinds. Oh, and the surviving terrorist of course wants Apple to keep her husband’s iCloud account sealed for obvious reasons. That’s not support for Apple, that’s actually undermining Apple’s argument.

      It boils down to this: if Apple owns all data on the iCloud, then they win and the FBI will not be allowed to serve warrants for information access. But that also means that nothing you put on the iCloud is personal, recoverable, or transferable if anything happens to you. Nobody in their right minds should ever trust it as a primary backup or for any sensitive information.

  1. They should have just read the posts in the Discussions…….
    Instead of talkng to the outside world talk to people having actual problems.
    2 step verification? Nice idea, how about actually sending the code? Just a simple thing as replying to a post requires 2 step verification and if you have to wait for a code first….but wait, thre is more….asked to join a shared icloud calendar….2 step…..still no code and then: you asked to many times for a code “wait a while and try again”. How long is a while to a computer? Does my computer understand the concept a wait a while? pffffff.

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