Apple sneaks into several commercials during Super Bowl 50

“Apple didn’t buy airtime during America’s National Football League 2016 Super Bowl, but some of its products did turn up playing a cameo role in a variety of commercials,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider.

“A spot for T-Mobile featuring Drake ended with a promotion of the carrier’s unlimited “stream all you want” music feature that specifically called out Apple Music, spelled out with the Apple logo,” Dilger reports. “While activity tracker FitBit paid to promote its new Blaze smartwatch in an advertisement, what appeared to be an Apple Watch was featured in spots by Hyundai showing off the company’s Bluetooth automotive system called Blue Link, which enables remote start, unlocking and other features from smartphones and select smartwatches (although not the FitBit Blaze).”

“Apple did contribute $2 million to help finance the Super Bowl Host Committee this year (along with several other Silicon Valley firms), as the game was held in Santa Clara, California, which is located near Apple’s headquarters and virtually adjacent to new properties the company has recently acquired,” Dilger reports. “However, the company turned down the rights to use the organization’s branding for promotional purposes.”

Many more examples of Apple appearing during Super Bowl 50 more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s Apple’s world, we just live in it.


  1. The reason advertisers line up to hand over millions of $ for a few seconds of time and the reason millions tune in JUST for the commercials is because of Steve Jobs. The NFL should be giving Apple a commercial each year.
    They should also do something about those blue tablets, it kind of makes them look dumb.

    1. Your logic falters badly.

      Number of eyes watching the program are what drives ad costs, not the fact that Apple once aired a powerful ad on Superbowl Sunday over 30 years ago.

      To suggest that the richest company on the planet should be given free advertising just because you happen to like the brand is ridiculous. I am quite confident that the television networks much more appreciate the steady funding that beer and car companies spend on sports advertising during not only the SB but every week. Those are the frequent fliers who are eligible for perks, not Apple.

      1. Your logic falters badly as well. Apple started the ad-as-a feature-to-look-forward-to-watching in 1984, that is not widely disputed. Before that most ads were boring and were just on and were more interested in pounding their product into your head, not quality production entertainment.

        I also think Super Bowl ads have peeked. Yea, they will still make TONS of money for a long time to come, but the novelty is not what it use to me. They are kind of getting of boring and trying too hard to be wacky.

    1. @ Prof/Doctor… Researchteacher…it may be your area of research isn’t language usage nor your teaching credentials..but “virtually adjacent” simply means…nearly adjacent,,,almost adjacent. If that’s your pic, it looks you are an elder (to me) so no insult intended, perhaps just my lame attempt at word humor.

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