1. It’s interesting how they described where they went to get best in class technology, including Russia for software engineers, China for electronics development, but then threw in the U.S. as their primary market, but with no contribution to their effort. We in the U.S. really need to up our education game if we want participate in this process. Home schooling from minimally educated parents and dumbed down public education standards are not going to create the workforce to participate in this new economy.

  2. Why should Apple build a car?
    What would that car cost?
    Where would that car be manufactured?
    How many versions of the car will there be?
    How many car will apple sell in a year?

    No it makes no sense for apple to make a car.
    The software, or some sub systems, ok. sold to any care company that wants it, sure. But to start building cars, NO.

    You should be asking Disney to build a car!

  3. Apple is at its heart a design company. A car is very possible, especially considering their ties to big Chinese manufacturers. They can do it and will shake things up. Looking forward to the next few years. 🙂

    1. I would say they were a problem solving company that understood design was important aspect.

      The only thing they will shakeup, building a car, will be their share price.

      A joint effort on a car with Disney is the way to go. Then sell the design and collect any fees.

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