Apple TV designer Ben Keighran is leaving Apple

“A designer who played a key role in the development of Apple’s newest TV box is leaving the company,” Peter Kafka reports for Re/code.

“Ben Keighran, who joined Apple four years ago when it bought a startup he co-founded, says he is leaving soon and eventually intends to start something new,” Kafka reports. “‘I want to create not just a killer product, but my own iconic company,’ he said.”

“Keighran said he spent the last three years overseeing the look and feel of the software on the new Apple TV — a $149 box that lets users watch Web video on their TV,” Kafka reports. “He said that software also incorporates part of Chomp, the search startup he co-founded and sold to Apple in 2012.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Good luck to Ben in his future endeavors!

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      1. Nice one.
        Not surprising that the guy wants to break back out on his own. Probably already enjoy starting up his own company. He would have got good capital from Apple’s buyout to start up a new one.

  1. Lets just hope they use this opportunity fix all the bad ideas in the new tvOS…. the line of text has to go; the inability to choose or turn off the ‘splash icons’ at the top, settings in every program and not ganged in ‘settings’ (like all other iOS devices) and a raft of other small items all need attention.

    Now the fact that the remote has no mute button and has added a button for voice and uses the long-press for sleep is a harder item to fix.

    1. Hey, I like the line of text for passwords. Easier than the big block method for me. Of course using the remote app is even easier. And what’s wrong with a long press for sleep?

    2. Lots of other UI issues with the Apple TV4. I have given Apple a feedback long list of annoyances that someone should have caught. Definitely one of their sloppier efforts.

    3. All of my issues with the new Apple TV involve Siri.

      Why can’t I ask for “all of the top comedies in the last six months”? Or “what are the best movies in the last year”?

  2. No wonder Apple TV v4 is so bad – their lead guy had his mind on something else!

    Another bit of proof of Cook’s ineptness. (Ru-roh – here comes the hate!)

    Mac user since ’88. Willing to pay the price, not willing to join the cult, sorry….

    1. You’re already paid the hate price on Tim Cook. WTF do you know about anything at Apple? Are you privy to what goes on there? If not then STFU. It has nothing to do with “joining a cult” except maybe a hate cult.

  3. If he had anything to do with the decision to ignore UHD (or 4K) in this version of AppleTV then I feel sorry for his future endeavors.

    I still think that decision is a glaring example of how and why the current management team is going to lose us.

    If you aren’t watching 4K now, then you make think my post is ridiculous. For those of us with 4K streaming devices who enjoy 4K everyday, the AppleTV becomes a product that we never turn on.

    Why would I turn on AppleTV after I have a Roku or nVidia shield or TIVO Bolt. Yeah the ATV has a good interface and App Store (no Amazon Prime, though) but it’s of no use to me when my first choice for viewing is any device which streams 4K first.

    4K is here to stay… It’s here NOW….

  4. I have replaced the ATV 4 remote with the one that came with my Apple TV 3. It is much easier to use in the dark. It is way too easy to brush the touch pad and mess things up. Siri seems useless anyway.

  5. So AppleTV will now be able to improve. I don’t know if that’s the guy who decided apps couldn’t have any storage on the AppleTV but if he is, I’m not going to mourn his departure.

    On the positive side, Maps did improve after the initial fiasco.

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