No Oscar nom for Aaron Sorkin for ‘Steve Jobs’ fictional box-office flop

There’s no Best Adapted Screenplay nomination for Aaron Sorkin for his “Steve Jobs” box-office flop.

Steve Jobs lead actor Michael Fassbender was nominated for Best Actor for his portrayal of a character purporting to be Steve Jobs. Kate Winslet, who has already won the Golden Globe for her portrayal of a character purporting to be former Apple marketing chief Joanna Hoffman, received a Best Supporting Actress nomination.

Sorkin won best screenplay for Steve Jobs at the Golden Globes on Sunday, but was completely left out of the writing categories for the upcoming Academy Awards.

The best adapted screenplay nominees instead are The Big Short, Brooklyn, Carol, The Martian and Room.

The complete list of 2016 Oscar nominees here.

MacDailyNews Take: No Best Adapted Screenplay nomination for Aaron Sorkin for Steve Jobs fictional box-office flop – and rightly so. He didn’t “adapt” anything. It’s nothing more than a fiction masquerading as a “biopic.”

That Steve Jobs flick is SJINO.

Sorkin’s screenplay is garbage precisely because it opportunistically trades on Steve Jobs’ name. If Sorkin had done as the multitudinously more talented and intelligent Orson Welles did with Citizen Kane, and named the film something else, using invented names for his invented characters who spouted his invented, increasingly tiresome pitter-patter dialog, we might have a different opinion. Alas, Sorkin et al. were not confident enough to do so. Instead, they chose the easy way over the right path. They chose to profit off of a dead man’s name, blemishing his legacy (for the twelve people who saw it), in order to peddle their concoctions.

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  1. But that LSOS Sorkin did unfathomably win a Golden Globe Best Screenplay award which just verifies what we knew all along – the press and media are idjits. That horrible SJ movie I hope dies an anonymous death and soon forgotten by all but the Apple Haters who will assume in their doofus way it’s the Gospel truth.

    1. MDN needs an acronym glossary. I found where they first posted “SJINO” but it isn’t defined there either, not that I can find. Searching for the term on the net doesn’t help. I hate acronyms.


  2. As someone who actually saw it, I can tell you it was an excellent film and a great script. Was it the ultimate Steve Jobs biopic? Definitely not, but I don’t think that was the aim of the film. Judging the film strictly on its merits–it was one of the best films of the year, expertly directed by Danny Boyle, and wonderfully performed by all the cast members. It moved and you found yourself caught up within all the drama and complexities of these people and their drive for perfection while changing the world.

    MDN seems to relish in trashing this film, though I suspect they haven’t seen it. Every headline related to it always has to mention that it was a financial failure. Though I doubt its failing has anything to do with being an imperfect Steve Jobs biopic that every Mac fan wanted. It was poorly released by going to large markets first and then opening wide weeks later. Should have just done a wide release. And let’s not forget that most people couldn’t give two craps about Steve Jobs. So the subject matter may not have been compelling enough when trying to compete against Dinosaurs and Super Heroes.

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