Beleaguered Samsung to attempt to knock off Apple iPhone’s Live Photos

“Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S7 will reportedly deliver with a new feature called ‘Vivid Photo,’ which will be a clone of the Live Photos function on iPhone 6s, allowing users to shoot images that come alive when they are pressed,” Killian Bell reports for Cult of Android.

“We already know that Samsung is planning to rip off Apple’s new 3D Touch feature for its latest Galaxy smartphones,” Bell reports. “Now Android Geeks reports that Samsung will steal Live Photos, too: ‘According to one of our sources the software engineers of the South Korean phone maker are testing a Live Photos-like feature that is supposed to debut with the Galaxy S7 later this year,’ reads the report.”

Bell reports, “‘Unlike Apple’s Live Photos, the Vivid Photo feature from Samsung won’t capture sound with the photo,’ adds Android Geeks.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yet another half-assed knockoff from the shameless South Korean innovators, Samsung.

No wonder their phone sales are spiraling down the toilet.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “boecherer” for the heads up.]


  1. What a bunch of idiots you are.

    Is this the same Samsun g who provides CPU mfg for Apple?

    Is this the same Samsung who is going to be the chief supplier of OLEDs for iPhones?

    You know, they got ruled against in a patent case. Since then, they’ve been like every cross-pollinator out there in the incestuous world of smartphones.

    I did try Samsung phone but went back to my iPhone.

    It worked ok, but it made me feel like more of a dick than all of you bullshit artist poseurs. You shouldn’t be allowed to have Ap-ple products. You’re not mature enough to use them.

    1. The only bullshit artist poser is you.

      What a poser you are to say that Samsung is the manufacturer of Apple Processor…..and other similar shit. A fucking dropout making your Macdonalds burger is the manufacturer of the Big Mac? The similarity in this example may be lost on you. But what it says is that any fucker willing to do it for the lowest amount gets the job. So stop posing as if it’s such a great thing that Samdung is doing. Cos it ain’t. Poser!

      1. Well, Paul, they’re thee mfg of Apple’s processor. Why don’t you tear your phone open and check. I’ll wait here. Ok. Now that you see that, go fuck yourself.

        BTW- see MDN article above for Samsung supplying new Apple screens.

        Get your hand out of your pants, asshole.

        1. apple designs the processors, samsung just stamps them out under the close direction of Apple engineers.

          Apple = architect
          Samsung = labourer.
          Comparing Apple to Samsung is like comparing say Michelangelo (architect) to his brick layers.

          although I admire craftsmen like (the better) brick layers they are no way equal to the great architects.

          when Bricklayers try to be architects the results aren’t pretty, that’s why Apple iPhones take 90+ % of all cell phone profits, taking practically the entire high end, now IF brick layer samsung is so great than surely it’s OWN phones would be taking 90% not Apple ?

  2. In the case of Live Photos, I think that this is something Apple should standardise so that they can be viewed and taken by everyone.

    Let’s face it: Apple usually has a feature to themselves for a year or two, and locking away something like this makes life difficult for its customers who want to share their Live Photos with family and friends.

    1. So Apple should just make the special features of its software and hardware open to and readable by crap phones?

      Besides the fact that makes no business sense, it would be a compatibility problem of insane proporations – just like the Androcrap world is now.

      1. Because
        – Google is desparate to be on iOS, where the buyers are
        – Apple is NOT desperate to be on fragmadroid, malware infested Andrcrap.
        i.e. there is NO parallel.

        1. I see a lot of people totally missed the point with all the 1-stars.. The idea is to make it a standard format that can be incorporated by other photographic devices. Just as photo sphere files can be embedded in Google Maps, perhaps the same can be done for Live Photos in Apple Maps too.. Having more than just iOS devices able to create those files would possibly boost use of mapping systems.

            1. Having that format accessible to Digital cameras would give people choice of photography device (perhaps better in certain lighting conditions and features not available in iPhone camera App) which can be viewed on any device including back on an iOS device. Imagine for example a Timer shot that showed a few seconds before the shot to see everyone getting into pose. 😀

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