Apple blocked Volkswagen from demonstrating wireless CarPlay at CES

“Millions of iPhones are already equipped to use Apple CarPlay over a wireless connection, but the Cupertino, California, tech giant blocked Volkswagen from showing off the user experience at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas,” Eric Tingwall reports for Car and Driver. “‘We wanted to demonstrate wireless CarPlay and the owner of CarPlay technology didn’t allow us to,’ Volkmar Tannerberger, head of electrical and electronic development at Volkswagen, told Car and Driver.”

“The ability to use CarPlay wirelessly is a feature of iOS 9, Apple’s most recent mobile operating system, but no automaker offers a system that is compatible with the protocol,” Tingwall reports. “Existing infotainment systems that accommodate CarPlay require users to connect their phones to the car via a USB port.”

Tingwall reports, “While Tannerberger didn’t explain why Volkswagen’s plans were stopped, we suspect that Apple wants to control the first demonstration of wireless CarPlay, likely at one of its own events such as its Worldwide Developer Conference or its fall keynote, and possibly with another automaker that it has partnered with.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Or Apple didn’t want a sack of lying shits associated with their product.


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  1. Today it was revealed that the Feds and the states were extremely frustrated with VW because they have provided little information on their practices. As with other German companies, VW is taking business advantage of Germany’s fanatic “Datenschutz” culture, and so they are claiming they cannot provide further information in the interests of protecting “privacy”. It’s unclear whose privacy they are protecting other than themselves.

    Germany is using these same pseudo laws and tactics to protect their own industries in going after American tech companies in Europe. Now they’re going to get a taste of their own medicine…

    1. Easy to judge a german, like shooting a goldfish in a bowl.

      What if the Privacy fanatism is Apples very own domain?

      But Apple has Prime Partners now, shared privacy is Apple culture now. Understand what Timmy did to Apple and its customers and then get back to us telling us something new, please.

      Thank you.

      Datenschutz means Anonymity, just the laws that protect us from giant companies and the endless greed behind them (investors who always blame Wall Street if they just do not earn enough money on the back of working people)

      Go to work man and use your assets to help. Or get lost. You damn investor. We go to work.

  2. Go VW! Glad they bullshited on the phoney exhaust data. I’m buying VW! Ignore Apple. The criminal is Cook. Disgusting homo who hides his male lover. And transsexuals are worse.

    1. @Das Auto: You don’t want people peeking into your bedroom, your bedroom is none of anyone business. stop being so nosy. Same go for Tim Cook, his private life is no-one business.

  3. Not only is Volkswagen a SOLS as MDN puts it, but they also have a big mouth! Given their current PR mess, a big mouth is the last thing they should have.

  4. What wireless method is being used? As has been pointed out at the thread for “Apple developing completely cordless Beats earphones with charging case ahead of iPhone 7”, if it’s a Bluetooth wireless connection and there’s going to be audio data transmission, the audio quality is going to be noticeably compromised due to severe compression.

  5. But wait, there’s more. During the Keynote address, the VW chairman tossed in a comment he clearly hoped would lend an extra special boost for their showing of an all electric concept van. Before the unveiling, they played a brief video montage of the VW bus from the 50s-70s. The comment dropped into the intro was along the lines of “I understand even Steve owned one”.

  6. VW was the only car dealer that had a showroom car with wireless CarPlay that I linked with my iPhone to evaluate. I’m embarrassed that Apple would treat an early adopter this way.

  7. I hope that an existing USB CarPlay can be converted to the Bluetooth without any hardware changes. I just bought a 2016 Cadillac XTS and love CarPlay but would love not having to take out the phone from my pocket.

    1. I would love to add CarPlay to my existing car, but seeing that it requires a cord.. forget it.
      If I have to take my phone out and hook it up.. might as well just mount the iPhone in a dash holder and use IT instead of the stereo. my iPhone connects via bluetooth to my car anyway. Hell there are iPad mini in dash mods for my car already..

      Apple needs wireless carplay. I would love to have it, but the cable kills it.

      And no, not going to buy a new car *just* so I can use carplay either.


    So based on this infopage at Apple, apparently it has not been released to the car makers yet? Why not? My iPhone works okay with bluetooth in my VW Diesel Passat – no fumes! I have a display but AirPly has not been enabled. Do I have to go buy an newer VW to use AirPlay? Why? They should be able to enable it via firmware updates.

  9. I don’t think people have truly grasped just how much damage to the world VW has done with this emissions lie. The planet is Dying and many people trusted VW german credentials to be working honestly and so purchased cars to help the planet and at a premium to just buying rubbish. The amount of damage VW has caused would beat the banking crisis as its a global disaster. German people have a high reputation for honestly and perfection they set high standards and are the leaders in car manufacturing which makes it all the more sad for Germany. I hope Apple do not help VW sell cars until they have cleaned up their solution mess and refunded every buyer who was coned into buying green cars as companies like this need to be closed so others don’t think it ok to do the same.
    Its time for change in the world of business and Apple under Tim is doing a great job of leading this change.

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