“Using your smartphone while behind the wheel is a terrible idea. It’s distracting, it’s clumsy, and it’s just plain unsafe for you, your passengers, and other people on the road,” Dan Seifert writes for The Verge. “But since the smartphone is the epicenter of our digital lives, it’s really hard not to want to use it while driving. After all, it’s a navigation, entertainment, and communication device that slips into our pockets.”

“I’ve had the chance to test out Apple’s [CarPlay] system in a 2016 Corvette Stingray,” Seifert writes. “CarPlay behaves like an app on top of a car’s native infotainment system. Plug in your iPhone, tap the CarPlay icon that appears on the screen in your dashboard, and a familiar grid of iOS-style app icons jumps to the forefront. (In the future, you’ll be able to wirelessly connect, but currently you need a Lightning cable.)”

“The iPhone will charge if it’s plugged in, and I didn’t experience any of the overheating issues I often saw with Android Auto. Also unlike Android Auto, the iPhone is fully functional when CarPlay is running, so a passenger can still use it instead of relying on the car’s interface,” Seifert writes. “Chevrolet is one of the first carmakers to enable CarPlay across its lineup, with many more makers jumping on board in the coming months. Will the terrible first-party infotainment system ever truly go away? Will we ever get everyone to stop using their phones while driving? Probably not, unfortunately — but CarPlay should get us a good bit closer.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Can’t wait! Our next vehicles will be CarPlay-capable, that much is sure.