Apple may introduce less expensive gold Apple Watch, new iPad keyboard at September 9th event

“Apple may still have a few surprises in store for its Sept. 9 event, including a ‘revamped iPad keyboard’ and a less expensive gold variant of the current Apple Watch design, according to The New York Times,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider. “That aligns with what KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said back in March, when he indicated Apple could launch as many as three additional casing materials in time for this fall’s holiday shopping season.”

“Friday’s report indicated that one of the options Apple may introduce is a less expensive gold version. Apple’s current 18-karat gold Apple Watch [Edition] starts at $10,000,” Hughes reports. “Other materials that Apple could introduce include white gold, titanium, or even ceramic. Less common materials include carbon fiber, rubber, or custom creations like Rolex’s ‘Rolesor’ and Hublot’s ‘Magic Gold.'”

“The Times said its sources indicated Apple is ‘putting the finishing touches’ on a revamped iPad keyboard that ‘may’ launch this year,” Hughes reports. “It is unknown whether that product would be the wireless keyboard with integrated battery outed by the FCC, along with a new Magic Mouse, last month, or if it is an entirely different product. Apple does not currently make an iPad-specific keyboard.”

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MacDailyNews Take: New Apple Watch cases would be an inspired move and help to reignite the general public’s interest after deep supply shortages short-circuited some measure of Apple Watch Buzz earlier this year.

FCC filings leak Apple’s ‘Magic Mouse 2’ and new Wireless Keyboard with built-in Li-Ion batteries – August 17, 2015


  1. “…custom creations like Rolex’s Rolesor”

    No chance in hell Apple will go there.

    “Rolesor” is just a yellow gold bezel on an otherwise perfectly-good stainless steel watch case, and the inclusion of gold links in a stainless steel watch bracelet.

    AKA: Your grandfather’s watch.
    AKA: All the gold you can afford.

  2. It’s pretty obvious that the Butterfly Touch keyboard will be introduced. The fact that no writers are mentioning it just shows that they don’t really pay attention to what’s staring them in the face.

    1. Do you mean a physical keyboard as part of an iPad? If so, I don’t think so.

      But selling it as a Bluetooth accessory, that might be kewl! Maybe toss on a touch pad so as to avoid ‘Gorilla Arm’ (caused by having to constantly lift one’s arm up to touch a touch screen). We’re getting into ‘touch book’ territory.

  3. Whatever Apple does, I hope it’s not the introduction of a cheaper Gold Apple Watch. Reason being, all Apple Watches have the same form factor, whether or not they happen to be gold or aluminum.

    That being the case, there needs to be an air of exclusivity around their top-of-the-line watches. Introduce a cheaper model–that also happens to be gold–and I think a significant number of people will chose the cheaper gold watch.

    Now, if they’re talking about offering it in titanium or platinum that’s another matter (or even silver), but unless they’re doing variations of gold (rose gold, white gold, at similar price points) they shouldn’t do anything to potentially dilute a relatively new brand.

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