Did Apple pick the right or wrong time to unveil reimagined Apple TV?

“Apple could be picking the right time, or the wrong time, to introduce a reimagined Apple TV,” Benny Evangelista writes for SF Gate.

“Apple has a big event planned for Wednesday in San Francisco and, according to numerous reports, the headliner will be a new, more powerful fourth-generation Apple TV streaming media device,” Evangelista writes. “But when it comes to streaming content, have Netflix, Hulu and Amazon beat [sic beaten] Apple to the punch?”

MacDailyNews Take: Obviously not:
Apple dominates pay TV streaming with 61.9% viewership on Apple devices – September 4, 2015

“An Adobe study released Friday suggests the new Apple TV could be the device that pushes connected TV viewing past the ‘chasm’ between ‘early adopters and early mainstream,’ said Tamara Gaffney, principal analyst and director of the Adobe Digital Index, the research arm of software maker Adobe Systems,” Evangelista writes. “TV Everywhere viewership on connected devices increased by 63 percent this year compared to last year. And among young viewers born after 1997, that share increased by 153 percent during the same period.”

“In results that bode well for Apple, Adobe found the use of the existing Apple TV models increased by 10 percent this year, while competing devices like the Roku, Amazon Fire and gaming consoles became stagnant. And that’s without Apple pouring much of its vaunted marketing muscle into the Apple TV — outside of cutting its price to $69 earlier this year,” Evangelista writes. “‘Apple TV is in the lead and it’s growing,’ she said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The right time. It’d be nice to debut it with the Internet TV “skinny bundle” component, but, well, you can’t have everything all the time. We’ll wait for the holdouts to capitulate to Apple, the company that already dominates TV Everywhere – without even having unveiled the new Apple TV.

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  1. Apple has proven time and time again first is not best. iPod, iPhone, iPad and so on. The best unique features which Apple always does will mute anything that was out first easily. Not to mention people have been waiting for this update for several years. Demand will be there for this new box.

      1. Marketing is promoting and selling your products and advertising is a huge part of that. There’s also market research, but Apple pays little attention to that, like when 60% of iPhone owners (Jony Ive’s figure) said they wanted thicker phones with better battery life, Jony said “No”.

  2. …And the new TV remains just a rumor. Hyper rumination about a rumor. (o_0)

    Ahem. IF the rumors are true, the new TV will shove the envelope into new territory. I seriously doubt that envelope will be full at the start. But I do expect that gaping open envelope will invite and attract online media into the Apple way of the future. I expect some *shaking* and *quaking*. It’s gonna be fun to watch and a joy to experience.

    Your graves have been prepared for residence, media oligarchy fuddy-duddies. 😀

  3. One thing for sure when it comes times to put the cart before the horse and spew speculation before the facts are in, it’s mission accomplished for most tech jouranalists.

  4. What better time to get fuel behind a new AppleTV than the Christmas season. The time is right…if it was released this past June, it wouldn’t have gotten much traction. I would like for it to stream to multiple TV’s…don’t want to buy an AppleTV for each TV I own. If it does, I can kill off DISH bigtime!

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