“General Motors Co.’s efforts to distribute Apple Inc.’s in-car software faster than its competitors may be paying off for the Detroit auto maker, some dealers say,” Mike Ramsey reports for The Wall Street Journal. “CarPlay, Apple’s software that displays an iPhone’s screen on a car dashboard and gives access to applications, including Apple’s mapping application, became available on 27 GM models this fall, far more than any other auto company.”

“‘We’ve had people coming in because they’ve heard about it, and once they see it, they really do like it because it mirrors the look and feel of the devices they use,’ said Chris Hemmersmeier, chief executive of a chain of Jerry Seiner Dealerships in Salt Lake City, Utah. ‘It’s helping to close the deal once they see it,'” Ramsey reports. “GM officials say they have anecdotal evidence of an impact, and agree the offering has been well-received.”

Ramsey reports, “Phil Abram, executive director of connectivity an infotainment at GM, said customers have been asking for the feature for years and the company plans to expand it to as many more models as soon as possible.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Vehicle makers without Apple’s CarPlay will suffer the consequences for their shortsightedness and/or laziness.

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