Dutch government backs strong encryption, condemns backdoors

“The Netherlands government issued a strong statement on Monday against weakening encryption for the purposes of law enforcement and intelligence agencies,” Patrick Howell O’Neill reports for The Daily Dot.

“The move comes as governments in the United Kingdom and China act to legally require companies to give them access to wide swaths of encrypted Internet traffic,” O’Neill reports. “U.S. lawmakers are also considering introducing similar legislation. The Dutch executive cabinet endorsed ‘the importance of strong encryption for Internet security to support the protection of privacy for citizens, companies, the government, and the entire Dutch economy,’ Ard van der Steur, the Dutch minister of security and justice, wrote in the statement.”

“Encryption scrambles data so that only those with the keys to unscramble it can access it,” O’Neill reports. “For example, Internet users utilize encryption whenever they access a website that has an HTTPS connection, which protects their Web traffic from interception, and Apple iOS devices and Google Android devices are encrypted by default when the user turns on the lock screen.”

MacDailyNews Take: To be clear: As usual, Apple did this first and, as usual, Google chimed in “me too” in order to not look bad, even though it’ll take them years to roll it out, if they ever do, while virtually every Apple iOS user already has it.

Android 5.0 and 5.0 only comprise 29.5% of Android devices. The percentage of those are encrypted by default is far less than even that due to significant performance issues. Android 6.0, with full-disk encryption on by default, is only running 0.5% of Android devices!

With 22% running iOS 8 and 70% running iOS 9, 92% of Apple’s iOS devices are encrypted.

In other words, reporters should stop equating Android with iOS in terms of encryption, among many other things. Android is a bad joke, as usual.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s nice to see that at least one government on earth gets it. That common sense is so elusive elsewhere is disheartening.

Visit the Apple-backed reformgovernmentsurveillance.com today.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Albert P” for the heads up.]


  1. The Dutch government gets it because it’s a socialist country that aims to, above all, protect its citizen. The same can’t be said of others who care more about its 1% and influent corporations.

      1. I’m from a socialist country. There are various degrees of socialism (Nordics countries are front runners) and let me you the Dutch sits in that spectrum. I know it cause I’m living in your country for almost 20 years my friend.

  2. Who cares. They let in hoards of able-bodied muslims, robbing Syria et at of a generation who could fix their country, they allow Amsterdam to become a red light sewer, drugs are rampant … and now no back doors. I presume that is in tech only, right?

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