“The bill unveiled by the UK on Wednesday does not ban companies from offering strong encryption, although they must be ‘reasonable’ in handing over data,” John Gapper writes for The Financial Times. “These governments seem to have realised the danger of making a category error about encryption — mistaking companies for mathematics. Even if they stopped Apple and others from deploying end-to-end encryption (when a user’s phone or computer holds the keys to decrypting its messages), it would not prevent a terrorist or anyone else from using the technology — the algorithm is out there.”

“Citizens and consumers also have good reason to seek out encryption that works, that prevents any disaffected teenager who feels like causing trouble — or Chinese or North Korean hacker with serious intent — from intercepting messages and stealing our credit card details. The internet’s overarching privacy problem is not that there is too much security, but too little,” Gapper writes. “So the UK government rightly concluded that trying to eliminate strong encryption by law is more trouble than it is worth.”

Gapper writes, “In practice, the technology is probably less ‘unbreakable’ than GCHQ and the NSA publicly assert — they have cracked hard problems before and the NSA is said to be working on a quantum computer that would do so.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The reason for mass encryption is the misuse of mass surveillance.

As we’ve stated many times: Because the U.S. government spooks trampled all over the U.S. Constitution, constantly demanding that Apple grant access to customers devices, Apple decided to remove themselves for the equation. And so, the government reaps what it hath sown. We guess law enforcement will have to get off their asses and do some old-fashioned leg work if they want to crack cases.

And, as we just wrote yesterday, when this UK bill was being reported as looking to ban strong encryption: Backdoors = insecurity. Wherever backdoors exist, it’s not only “authorities” exploiting them legally. Only a blooming idiot would believe in a “secure backdoor” accessible only by properly authorized “authorities.”

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759

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