Apple and Ericsson to develop 5G phones

“Swedish telecoms firm Ericsson AB has inked a seven-year deal with Apple that brings an end to outstanding mutual patent litigations between the two and paves the way for their joint-development of the next generation of super-fast phones,” Matti Huuhtanen reports for The Associated Press. “Ericsson, the world’s largest wireless equipment maker, did not reveal terms of the deal Monday but said it includes a cross-license that covers patents owned by both companies, including the GSM, UMTS and LTE standards used in mobile technology.”

“Though the monetary sums involved were not disclosed, investors liked what they were hearing and Ericsson’s share price ended 3 percent higher at 80.95 kronor in Stockholm,” Huuhtanen reports. “Ericsson said its deal with Apple means cooperating on the development of fifth generation, or 5G, as well as on video and wireless networks.”

Huuhtanen reports, “Although it gave no precise amounts, Ericsson said it expects revenues this year of some $1.4 billion this year, which includes ‘the positive effects’ of the settlement and income from other licensees.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Now that the renumeration has been addressed, let cooperation reign!

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  1. If this finally makes it possible for Apple to make one iPhone model that truly works on any network and country, cool.
    The headaches I get from friends and family asking which used iPhone 5s works on what network.

  2. A reminder: Apple is one of the few cell phone designers and manufacturers who provide REAL 4G phones. Meaning: The iPhone 6S series supports LTE Advanced, which qualifies as actual 4G technology. Regular LTE does NOT.

    Next step: Kick the lazy-ass cell phone providers into providing LTE Advanced networks across the planet. In the USA, the only current LTE Advanced network I know of is in Chicago, IL. Hopefully it has spread since I last checked.

    Getting the 5G standard finished and deployed? That’s years away.

  3. Part of any new design should start to look at a system with lower cost of network deployment and maintenance. We need a breakthrough so that we can get more competitors in the field and get data prices down. The cost of entry is so high in countries like Canada where there are miles and miles of miles and miles (it’s a big country) with a population one tenth the size of the USA.

    Data prices are insane in Canada. I know someone who was once charged $80 for 6 MB (yes, MBs) of data. They were locked in to the wireless provider. One provider has come out with decent roaming in the USA, but everyone’s global roaming charges are insane.

    I know Apple has to stay focused on few insanely great things, but I wish they could pave the way or become a worldwide provider of data services at reasonable prices, so that we could all cut the relationship with greedy companies. TV to home, phone services,etc. could all be IP based and go over the network.

    Sounds like a fairytale, but so does every breakthrough, before there is a breakthrough. We need more stubborn visionaries, who don’t accept the status quo (like Steve Jobs and others).

    While we’re at it, let’s get rid of systemic problems that we collectively should be ashamed still exist – like hunger, abject poverty, etc. A generation needs to own a determination that it will not pass from the earth with anyone still dying for lack of food.

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