CEO Cook shakes up Apple’s management

“Tim Cook has orchestrated Apple’s first big management shakeup in three years,” David Goldman reports for CNN. “Giving his senior management team a fresh new look, Cook told some prominent executives to take on new responsibilities. And there’s a new face coming aboard too.”

1. Jeff Williams – Chief Operating Officer: Williams is now effectively the No. 2 executive at Apple.

MacDailyNews Take: Not counting Jony, of course. Steve Jobs left design chief Jonathan Ive ‘more operational power’ than anyone else at Apple.

2. Phil Schiller – marketing chief: In addition to his marketing responsibilities, Schiller will now oversee the App Store. Already the point person for most third-party developers who want to build software for Apple iGizmos, Schiller taking over the growing App Store (which now includes the Apple TV) makes a good deal of sense.

3. Tor Myhren – marketing communications VP: Helping Schiller will be a new hire, Tor Myhren, who is coming from ad agency Grey Group. Myhren was the Don Draper of Grey Group, serving as the company’s president and chief creative officer.

MacDailyNews Note: Actually, Apple’s press release states that Myhren will be reporting to CEO Tim Cook. As vice president of Marketing Communications at Apple, Tor will be responsible for Apple’s advertising efforts and will lead an award-winning team that spans a broad range of creative disciplines from video, motion graphics and interactive web design to packaging and retail store displays.

4. Johny Srouji – hardware technologies chief: Srouji oversees the team that engineers Apple’s computer chips, batteries, storage, sensors, displays and all the other mind-boggling technology. He helped design Apple’s first system on a chip — the A4 iPhone and iPad processor. He’ll be keeping the responsibilities he has had since he joined Apple in 2008. But Srouji got a promotion into Apple’s exclusive executive team. He is now a senior vice president.

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    1. Refraining from my usual labeling of persons who pull this FUD, I have to ask:

      How does Apple having the single greatest era in its history, blasting it into to historic heights, equate to ‘Timid Tim’ and other Tim Cook bashing?

      As for the ‘Cuban guy’, have at him. I demure to your judgement on that topic.

    1. Definitely!

      Throughout the mobile and computer industries, we can see numerous companies that are producing far better products and software, and that are far more profitable.

      Oh, wait…

  1. All these remarks about Apple management just make my day with their absurdist take on things.

    First, since no one was fired, how can this be a management shakeup?

    Under Cook, Apple has performed much more robustly than ever under Steve jobs. This includes every benchmark known to any business major in the world.

    As Apple has grown, so do the responsibilities of running the ship.

    It seems your crystal ball needs some polish.

  2. tim cook shouldn’t just move or hire people, he should sit on them especially the new people until they understand Apple and perform. He should also fire under performers.

    Steve Jobs once told Ive that he shouldn’t do stuff so that people loved him (Ive had not wanted to reprimand a subordinate) but to make the hard decisions for the good of the product and thus the company (no company no staff anyways).

    Cook seems too soft like Apple Marketing Communications has been in the toilet for years and only now is he getting a replacement VP. (note the flubbed Apple Watch launch — what was Apr 24 all about and where was marketing to console irate press and customers, flubbed Apple music launch (Guided Tours instructions at END of initial free period), Bono album ETC ETC)

    as for sitting on new Execs and showing them the APPLE culture why is Ahrendts touting third party $2000 THIRD PARTY Speakers to the press during CHRISTMAS shopping season while not running a SINGLE Mac web ad i can see ? (Ahrendts is also in charge of internet sales). Focus on Apple products first girl…

    Move them, hire them , but sit on them and ALSO FIRE them if they don’t perform cook. Too many complaints from old time Apple customers . And for investors Apple stock is now at HALF msft’s valuation (P.E), if it matched msft’s it would be over 200 now (don’t even want to mention Amazon etc P.E… ), your small top exec team has to perform better … (where the iPad pencil ?)

  3. For all the naysayers who continue to rant about Tim Cook doing such a lousy job steering the Apple ship, the solution is so simple. Since you are all business geniuses, this should be easy for you!

    Just form your own tech business or join together in a conglomerate and beat Apple at their own game. I will wait here with bated breath to see who you coose a CEO. Good luck!

    1. sorry dude this argument used all the time doesn’t really wash..

      when You walk into a restaurant and the food is bad and the tables are dirty you don’t need to have ‘run a big restaurant’ to point out that the CEO of the restaurant needs work.

      When the Apple Watch launch 24 date gets screwed up and apple PR/Marketing says nothing to explain I as an investor can complain, I don’t have to have run a ‘conglomerate’ to do so.

      I’m NOT trolling, T.C ain’t all bad, he’s got a share of successes but there are whole lot of valid consumer and investor complaints. Besides slow on fixes like the Wifi issue (with no PR explanation), multiple avoidable snafus like Bono album , Apple Music screwing up customers collections etc theres also the stock issue: After spending 150 billion in buybacks (compare this to Beats purchase of 3 billion) and racking up tens of billions in debt for it the stock is still stuck (half the P.E of the S&P average ) And yes stock is a valid benchmark of a public listed company it illuminates the CEO’s performance.

      I’m not calling for T.C’s replacement but there are obvious flaws in his leadership, as CEO of APPLE he needs to focus less on social issues and deal with APPLE (and not societal) problems FIRST.

      1. mostly Agreed again …
        I think Tim is the man to run Apple.
        Re stock valuation. .. No doubt it has heen a frustrating 7-8 months if not longer..
        But have you considered the fact that it is in Apples benefit to have this low valuation at the time being…. till they are done with the buyback? (Which in the long run will also benift thise share hokders who hang in there)

        Maybe its a deliberate strategy to stay relatively quiet … Why pump the valuation when one is in the midst of repurchase .
        Maybe pr will get back to full force and change the narrative once buyback is done…?
        Just thoughts… Instead of bashing Tim… I peronally think he is the best choice for the position .

        1. your reply is reasoned and I Up voted you.

          I’m old time aapl investor and have been well rewarded but it’s so frustrating to see what I consider inferior tech companies like Msft , Goog (alphabet) have such high valuations.

          1. It seems your concerns are less about Apple than they are about “the stock market”.

            It presumes that even if whatever gripes people now have about Apple were gone, that Wall Street, analysts, investors (big & small), and the US govt would all then “love” Apple and its PE multiple would approach that of the overall stock market (hey, it is a good first step…), Microsoft or, even better, Amazon.

            Frankly, I don’t see that happening. Because enough data & info are already available to support a higher AAPL share price now. Yet it is not happening.

            Personally, I think the whole scenario screams about the shortcomings of our stock market system.

            People’s frustration about Apple’s low share price should be directed toward supporting real changes to our dysfunctional stock market trading systems (flash trading s/b banned, as it is in Europe) and stupid tax laws that allow traders to characterize trading returns as “investment income” (with favorable tax treatment) rather than what it really is if trading is your regular job: ordinary income.

            1. did you read my original longer posts? MOST of it weren’t dealing with the stock market. There I talked (lengthily) about PR etc in reference to the new VP hired.

              As for TC being ‘helpless’ with the stock market, maybe but then again:

              Not advertising or pushing Macs for YEARS even with Win 8 fiasco doesn’t help alleviate the cries of “Apple is risky one product company” (I’m NOT saying it would have changed anything but TC didn’t even TRY to push the stock up by building up the Mac business to round up Apple’s portfolio … you’ve got 150 billion in buybacks ostensibly to push the stock up — TC said it was to help the investor — but hardly a few bucks on Mac advertising. Note that Macs are a larger business in profit than Dell, Hp, Acer or Lenovos PC business yet NO serious ad campaigns.

              It’s only now that they seem to have recognized the weakness in the Marketing Communications , hired the VP and also just Started a Mac Business section online . Maybe you all think that TC’s no Mac marketing for years is correct but i beg to differ and by setting up the Mac business section now he seems to agree with me.

              if Apple’s other businesses like Macs, iPad, services in total equals or is more than 50% maybe cries of ‘one product iPhone fears’ will go away?

              I can go on and write a lot more on how TC could have helped the stock price but space precludes it.

              So i’ll end by point out:
              The Stock market is corrupt but THEN AGAIN note how Google, Microsoft, Amazon etc with weaker products have managed to navigate it to astounding PE valuations. Why weren’t they penalized if the stock market BY ITSELF is doing it and the CEO have no power, why doesn’t the stock market EQUALLY damage all companies? it’s obvious that the CEOs have managed to do stuff, cultivate the press, analysts, push and market, DEFUSED rumours, some tech companies have even reported manipulative analysts to the SEC etc to keep the stock up. Apple’s valuation is HALF the S&P AVERAGE which is ridiculous .

              I AGREE with some of your suggestions for stock market fixes, I don’t even like ‘shorts’ (investing should be having faith in the company growing, not a casino).

              I’m a apple user for decades. Being an Aapl investor doesn’t preclude me from having a valid opinion (some non investors keep saying that Apple should have nothing to do with investors and we should just shut up but as Apple went Public they are legally bound to satisfy investors). In fact investing in apple with cash means i have greater skin in the game than just consumers.

      1. @yojimbo007. Yes, you are right. I doubled-checked found out that Schiller will have additional responsibility of App Store, but Cue will remain the head of software/service division.

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