iPhone mini: What we know about Apple’s rumored 4-inch ‘iPhone 6C’

“Given the popularity of the 4-inch form factor, it’s quite likely that Apple will introduce a replacement for the aging iPhone 5S — at some point. Of course, with the 6S nomenclature already taken, the company will have to adopt an alternative coinage,” Justin Jaffe reports for CNET. “Currently, the leading candidate seems to be the iPhone 6C, though the iPhone Mini has also been bandied about.”

“Some sources are reporting that Apple is planning a product introduction for March 2016. Given that this timing would coincide the Apple Watch’s first birthday, it’s highly likely that such an event would be focused on its successor.,” Jaffe reports. “And yet it’s plausible that the iPhone 6C could also arrive then, with a retail launch following just days later.”

“That noted, Apple Insider reports that veteran Apple tea-leaf reader Gene Munster expects that the iPhone 6C may actually be introduced alongside the iPhone 7 next September. (Would it then be called ‘iPhone 7C’? That’s anybody’s guess),” Jaffe reports. “If we assume that the 6C will become Apple’s new entry-level model, don’t expect the latest and greatest specs on this model. That said, it’s possible that Apple could move from the 2013-era A7 chip found in the iPhone 5S, and use the same A8 chip from the more recent iPhone 6/6 Plus. If true, don’t expect Live Photos (which are dependent on the newer A9 processor.)”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Rumors are all over the map regarding this next-gen 4-inch iPhone and some of them even include the device being powered by Apple’s A9, in line with iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. That “rumor” originates with KGI Securities’ analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who has a very strong track record when it comes to iPhone materials, specs, and features. So don’t give up on Live Photos just yet.

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      1. That’s not find a friend who has an iPhone six and I bet they won’t have have Live Photos but find a friend who has the iPhone 6s and the will Live Photos work only for iPhone 6s because of 3D Touch you can also find this information on Apples web site

  1. It’d be crappy to only offer those of us with good eyes and normal sized phone pockets–or who don’t want to carry a purse expressly to fit their phones–a second-class-hardware phone.

    1. True, but at some point, something has to give. If they pack everything spec for spec on the 6S+ into a 4″, the battery life would be horrific.

      And while many people would want a full featured/powered 4″, many people would be looking for something much less.

      It seems to me like a 4″ iPhone would lead to some tough choices all around.

      1. Well, it seems clear to me that most people would like Ive to give up his unhealthy obsession with making iPhones thinner each generation. There’s nothing stopping Apple from offering a 4″ screen iPhone that is thick enough for all the hardware and battery goodness to perform as well as the larger screen phones and last two full days on a charge.

        1. I do agree he’s insanely obsessed, but in this case it makes sense. I think there’s a lot of overlap of people who want a 4″ iPhone and do want it to be really thin.

    2. What’s wrong with carrying a purse for my iPhone? I go purse shopping all the time. Don’t hate it because you don’t understand it. Just try it and you might change your mind.

      1. My wife bought this really small purse that she thought was perfect for going out to parties with. But she was quite unhappy when she found out that her iPhone 6s plus was too big to fit into it. She returned it. Wasn’t going out without her iPhone.

  2. My current 4s is as slow as a 3-legged dog walking through ankle deep mud on a hot day. So I want a new phone that is FAST and small and has a decent battery life. Come on Apple, you can do that!

    Second, let’s dispense with the goofy names ending in letters. 3g, 3gs, 4s, 5c, 5s, 6s, etc. Who the hell is selecting these names, Dilbert? Let’s just give each iteration of the iPhone a new number. That seems simple enough. iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone 9, etc.

    Finally, if the iPhone 7 comes in 3 models correlating to the size of the old 5s current 6s and 6s+, then give them regular names like: iPhone Classic, iPhone, IPhone Plus. Alternative, the iPhone Plus could be called: The Big Ass iPhone. Just a thought.

  3. iPhone 7 will come in 3 size. uniform look. People who want a 4″ phone don’t want to feel subsidized. It will have differences but hey! There are differences in the 6s and 6s+….

    Apple is listening.

    1. I think it’s OK to have extras like the better camera exclusively on the top of the range iPhone, but things like 3D touch, which are a new user interface feature, should be standard features across the entire range.

      I’m all for a 4″ iPhone that is thicker. If you think pack to the early iPhones, the form factor was very practical and I don’t think that anything is gained by slimming them down excessively. For me, the problem with larger iPhones is the screen height, which makes it far too big for my shirt pocket. A 4″ screen with a proportional width would work well and the thickness is not an issue at all. Just make it thick enough to accommodate all the parts that are needed – including a decent battery and don’t leave out any parts because of an obsessive quest for thinness.

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