“A new biography portrays Steve Jobs as a skeptic all his life,” Rachel Metz, Barbara Ortutay and Jordan Robertson report for The Associated Press. “Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, [is] to be published Monday… The Associated Press purchased a copy of the book Thursday… Advance sales of the book have topped best-seller lists.”

“He called Jonathan Ive, Apple’s design chief, his ‘spiritual partner’ at Apple. He told Isaacson that Ive had ‘more operation power’ at Apple than anyone besides Jobs himself — that there’s no one at the company who can tell Ive what to do,” Metz, Ortutay and Robertson report. “That, says Jobs, is ‘the way I set it up.'”

MacDailyNews Take: By SteveJack: So, in effect, I was right.

Metz, Ortutay and Robertson report, “The book was originally called “iSteve” and scheduled to come out in March. The release date was moved up to November, then, after Jobs’ death, to Monday. It is published by Simon & Schuster and will sell for $35. Isaacson will appear Sunday on ’60 Minutes.’ CBS News, which airs the program, released excerpts of the book Thursday.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Steve Jobs via Apple’s iBookstore (U.S.16.99) here: Steve Jobs – Walter Isaacson.

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