Poorly-conceived ‘Steve Jobs’ movie flops hard and Silicon Valley cheers

“The movie ‘Steve Jobs’ had all the makings of a Hollywood blockbuster,” Nick Bilton writes for The New York Times. “It had a starry cast (Kate Winslet, Jeff Daniels, Michael Fassbender). The screenplay was by the acclaimed writer Aaron Sorkin (who also wrote ‘The Social Network’).”

“But the movie tanked at the box office, earning about $18 million in the seven weeks after its Oct. 9 release,” Bilton writes. “Perhaps Hollywood had overestimated the public’s fascination with the man. Perhaps the film came a couple of years too late or a couple of decades too early. Or perhaps we have Steve Jobs fatigue, after all the books, movies and documentaries on the visionary Apple co-founder. But perhaps most surprising is the way in which Silicon Valley relished in, and contributed to, the film’s demise.”

“What was also surprising was how veteran technology journalists took issue with the film’s depiction of Mr. Jobs. They attacked the film and its makers like piranha that had just come off a two-week juice cleanse,” Bilton writes. “Walt Mossberg, who was a technology columnist for The Wall Street Journal for many years before co-founding ReCode, wrote a 1,400-word column on how Mr. Sorkin “chose to cherry-pick and exaggerate some of the worst aspects of Jobs’ character,” proclaiming over and over that the Steve Jobs portrayed in the film ‘isn’t the man I knew.’ Steven Levy, who covered Apple for Newsweek and Rolling Stone, said that the Steve Jobs portrayed wasn’t ‘the person I knew.’ And Larry Magid, who covered Apple as a syndicated technology columnist for The San Jose Mercury News, wrote in Fortune that the movie was ‘not about the man I knew.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Bilton seems upset that this mess flopped. Why does he care?

It’s simple really: “Steve Jobs” problem is that it’s SJINO.

This film is garbage precisely because it opportunistically trades on Steve Jobs name. If Sorkin had done as the multitudinously more talented and vastly more intelligent [Orson] Welles did, and named the film something else, using invented names for his invented characters who spouted his invented, increasingly tiresome pitter-patter dialog, we might have a different opinion. Alas, Sorkin et al. were not confident enough to do so. Instead, they chose the easy way over the right path. They chose to profit off of a dead man’s name, blemishing his legacy, in order to peddle their flickering light show of falsehoods. — MacDailyNews, October 21, 2015

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    1. the main reason it tanked was because it was a shitty movie.

      three scenes of talky-talky backstage before early product releases… who cares?

      even staying within that claustrophobic format, would’ve been more relevant to include backstage at the iPhone launch.

    1. Absolutely right gv. People haven’t lost their fascination with Jobs and Apple, the film didn’t come too early or too late, and folks don’t have Steve Jobs fatigue. The problem is the movie SUCKED! It was a fictional tale, and not a very good one, that was advertised as true story.

  1. I definitely will watch the Steve Jobs film. I’m just not going to pay for it . . . As an adult, I will fully understand it is not the “real” Steve Jobs on screen . . . just like reading the Kama Sutra has not caused any long term brain damage (that I’m aware of ), I’m sure that watching this movie will not cause irreparable harm 🙂

    1. Then I guess it’s OK if someone makes a movie of your life and makes you look like a total a-hole without redeeming you for all time to people everywhere and all your heirs? (Assuming you aren’t one of course.)

  2. Bilton posits just 3 possible reasons the movie flopped: Hollywood overestimated public fascination w SJ; bad timing; and SJ fatigue.

    A fourth possible reason is obvious and far more plausible, and renders the other 3 excuses irrelevant: the movie was an abominably poor portrayal of a man the world is fascinated with.

  3. I did see the Fassbender version of the Steve Jobs movie a few months ago… poor Steve was constantly portrayed as the asshole, and really only put the spotlight on the negatives for the majority of the movie until the very end.

    I still think Pirates of Silicon Valley is the best one.

  4. I still say it is BEAUTIFUL art.

    That said, clearly some serious mistakes were made here.

    The line about stealing the UI or GUI or whatever happens with Woz’s back to the camera, so likely dubbed in later. A HUGE mistake.

    Taking artistic liberty but calling it Steve Jobs was a HUGE mistake.

    Marketing it as an emotional father daughter drama was bizarre.

    Fassbender did a nice job, but who again? No one goes to a movie to see Fassbender. Autocorrect can’t even recognize his name.

    So yeah, huge mistakes. Which is a shame, because I actually shed a few tears at the end, and the movie still has me thinking.

    Too bad.

  5. I just don’t think Bilton is smart enough, or informed enough, to understand why this film is so bad; he seems pretty clueless… or he has abone to pick eith Jobs and he distorted his review.

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