Dell admits ‘profound security flaw’ was built into its computers

“A security hole that could allow attackers to access users’ personal data was inadvertently placed on Dell computers, the company has admitted,” Kevin Rawlinson reports for BBC News. “The hole represented a ‘profound security flaw’ that could allow access to bank details and other personal data, experts said.”

“Dell has issued guidance on removing the software that produced it,” Rawlinson reports. “The news comes after Lenovo was also criticised for pre-installing adware that potentially compromised security. One user, posting on Reddit, reported finding that their Dell machine came pre-installed with a self-signed root certificate authority, called ‘eDellRoot,’ and the private key associated with it.”

“In a statement released on Monday, Dell acknowledged the vulnerability and linked to a guide on permanently removing the software that caused it,” Rawlinson reports. “The firm thanked users who brought it to their attention and invited others to flag up any further security issues… Some people equated the security flaw with the Superfish adware that it emerged was being pre-installed on Lenovo computers earlier this year. The software was designed to help users shop online but experts warned that it was insecure.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Ah, the lovely Windows cesspool. No wonder it’s going the way of the Dodo.

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    1. We wish. In this case, it was the security blunder of blithering idiots with NO comprehension of modern security concerns. Anyone could access the private key. That’s a DOA manoeuvre. It’s giving away the store. It say’s ‘Please, I’m begging you! PWN me!’

  1. Okay, before all you guys get all self-righteous and stuff, a certificate error led to several applications on the Mac to require re-installation. I didn’t bash Apple for it, stuff happens.

    For the Apple die-hards, I remind them of the time iPods shipped with Windows viruses on them.

    1. Please. Apple had a certificate error and it broke some stuff — that’s a bug. Dell installed a self-signed root certificate authority with a private key. That is a willful act of subterfuge, and their “Oh, thanks guys for letting us know,” when someone found it is all CYA bullshit. I think Dell owes its customers a bit more explanation.

  2. So what about the people who purchased the effected computers and don’t follow these kinds of stories. How are they going to know they are at risk? Is Dell going to contact them? Is Microsoft going to release some kind of patch? I don’t care what platform you use, this is ridiculous and should not happen.

  3. …reported finding that their Dell machine came pre-installed with a self-signed root certificate authority, called ‘eDellRoot,’ and the private key associated with it.

    Dell: Still living in the last century. Smooth move. (0_o)

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