It’s not Android or Surface, so what’s eating into iPads?

“While iPad mini sales boosted iPad volume numbers at the expense of falling ASPs in 2013, iPhone 6 Plus sold at higher volumes at a much higher ASP. The base model is priced at a $100 premium to the typical price of new iPhones, which were already higher than iPads, despite being smaller devices,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider. ”

“If Apple arbitrarily categorized its iOS sales volumes the way IDC and Gartner historically counted tablets (defining screens larger than 5 inches as “media tablets”), Apple would be reporting steadily higher growth in units, volumes and ASPs for “tablets” while still reporting market leading iPhone sales,” Dilger reports. “iPhone 6 Plus ate up iPad sales the same way iPhones ate into sales of point and shoot cameras: by making “the tablet you have with you” more useful than the more optimized device that gets left at home. In particular, iPhone 6 Plus eroded into the differentiation offered by iPad mini, which was contributing a significant part of iPad unit volumes.

Dilger reports, “Really, rather than having ‘gone missing,’ iPad sales turned into iPhone 6 Plus sales, the same way that iPods didn’t mysteriously ‘go away’ but were instead folded into iPhones the same way.”

Much more in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take:

We’d rather Apple cannibalize Apple than somebody else cannibalize Apple. — Tim Cook, February 27, 2008


  1. I’ve bought 4 iPads as gifts to kids.
    They’ve held up great, but are not customizable enough for young children, so no more.

    The little ones are getting Amazon Fire Kids Addition and the older ones will start getting music systems/instruments.

    I’m done providing anything that can have FaceBook/Twitter/Snapchat/LookAtMeLookAtMe on it.

  2. People don’t seem to understand the turnover rate will be more like PC turnover rate. The older ones still do most everything the new ones do, and they don’t slow down as much as PCs. I would expect a 5-year or 6-year turnover rather than 2-year like phones have become. Now that there is not the “two year contract”, I would expect phone sales to drop to 3-year. All of this stuff keeps doing what it is supposed to, and the “must have new features” aren’t as frequent as the past.

  3. For many of us, the iPad was simply a respite from tiny iPhone screens. Now that we finally have iOS on a larger screen with the portability that no iPad can achieve, the iPhone has once again become the optimal device for our mobile computing needs.

  4. I gave away a perfectly good iPad (original) to a friend so I could buy a new iPad Air. That’s one less future customer for Apple, unfortunately. I guess that’s the down side of making great hardware that lasts so long.

    1. yeah, true,

      and then look at what happened to the american automobile industry once they decided to quit building quality cars – they got their clocks cleaned by the japanese for quite a while – until some of them fell victim to the same temptation themownselves.

      so i think in the larger scheme of things mr. apple is better served by building long lasting and quality products and letting the analysts bitch about slow sales because the gear lasts too damn long.

  5. My case is a little different.

    I have returned to OSX on a Macbook for mobile even if it is heavier and larger.

    Their are no practical apps for the kind of work that I do on iOS, and it has a lot more bugs than OSX.

    It’s ok if you are a consumer of mostly entertainment content + email, music, video, as opposed to a producer. Otherwise…..No

    And its more prone to damage if you drop it. And easier to drop because of the overly slick surface, even if you have a case, it can easily drop out of the case. But thats a lesser issue than the first that I brought up, which is productivity.

  6. As others have said – mine still works fine. Why do I need to replace it? It doesn’t have the improvement rate as the phone – it was already very good. Apple blew it by not making it crappy enough at the beginning – or something.

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