Why we can’t stop talking about Apple

“I had a chuckle Monday morning, when Steven Milunovich, a technology analyst with investment bank UBS, told a San Francisco conference he was hosting that Apple had declined his invitation to send an executive to speak,” Adam Lashinsky writes for Fortune.

“Instead, he asked three Apple experts to form a panel: analyst Horace Dediu, blogger (and University of Michigan senior) Mark Gurman, and me,” Lashinsky writes. “I was amused because I pulled a similar maneuver at Fortune Brainstorm Tech in Aspen three years ago. If Apple won’t talk about itself, then invite others to talk about Apple.”

“Apple justifiably remains the object of fascination for everyone from product fanatics to Wall Street investors,” Lashinsky writes. “There isn’t another company on the planet that is discussed this way. Still.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple? What’s that? The fruit?

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  1. Maybe Apple PR shoukd shift i to a higher gear and take charge of the narrative.
    There is only one reason apple PE is at the absured level of 12.xx
    ” markets confidence in the future of Apple”

    But as i had mentioned once before.. Maybe Apple PR IS deliberatly relatively passive and quiet .. Maybe they want the stock low to help their buyback !?

    In any case Apple valuation is just absurd !

    1. Spot on Yo – I’ve been saying this for three years – 12 ?? p/e is a complete joke compared to MSFT and GOOG which are 30+, and Apple is crushing both companies on ever metric reported quarterly

  2. Or, Apple is deliberately keeping quiet so they can buy back all their stock, or enough of it to essentially make the company private, and then raise a giant middle finger to Wall Street. Just a thought.

    1. Please kill this meme. The only way a company can go private is when outside investors buy up all of the stock.

      Apple is using stockholder cash to buy back shares to shore up the value of the remaining shares. As the number of outstanding shares goes down, the value of the remaining shares goes up. Outside investors would have to raise over $1 trillion to buy up all outstanding shares to take Apple private at today’s valuation. It’s not going to happen.

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