Apple’s new iPad Pro debuts with forced reboots, missing Apple Pencils

“It’s been a bumpy start out of the gate for the iPad Pro, Apple’s latest member in its tablet family,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s. “The device became available on Wednesday. Some of those of us who purchased one have experienced some frustrations.”

“First, some users have experienced a situation where the iPad Pro fails to start — the screen remains dark, the home button is unresponsive — after it has been charging for some time,” Ray reports. “I have experienced the phenomenon multiple times with the unit I bought. It seems justs about every time the device is left plugged in and charging for an extended period of time, the result is the device is dark and needs to be forced to restart, a process achieved by holding down the power and home buttons.”

“In addition to that issue, users like myself who purchased the iPad Pro immediately on Wednesday were not able to get the ‘Pencil,’ a special stylus designed expressly to enhance the capabilities of the device,” Ray reports. “My checks of area Apple stores in New York over the weekend indicated no supply of the $100 accessory. Apple’s online ordering system indicates a shipping time of four to five weeks for new orders.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Sigh.

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  1. It feels like MDN is more and more becoming the Drudge Report. Every article lately is to push a specific agenda – that Tim Cook’s Apple is incompetent. If I want agenda pushing there’s plenty of other places to get it. I guess I have to scratch MDN off my list of worthy Apple news sites.

    1. You can’t handle the truth, pajama boy.

      I prefer MDN’s method of plainly stating when they believe Apple has fscked up. It gives tons of weight to the times they praise Apple because they have a little something that most of the tech (and general) media lacks: INTEGRITY and CREDIBILITY.

      You’re not going to get smoke blown up you ass here, so if that’s what you want, best be looking elsewhere to sites that suck off the Apple teat 24/7/365 and lack credibility because of it.

      If you think Apple and/or Tim Cook are perfect, you’re a crazy S.O.B.

      1. No need for the “pajama boy” Juvenile comments.

        MDN sure has its own style.. But i could not agree more that sometimes , at least one of the staff who leaves comments, goes way off the top.

        1. “No need for the “pajama boy” Juvenile comments.” Because starting this conversation by throwing in “Drudge Report” is soooooo mature! What agenda does Drudge, a news aggregate website, push? Is it this headline “CHARLIE SHEEN HIV POSITIVE…” must be code for homosexual in there somewhere or this headline, “COPS: Woman Battered Beau Over Sex Position Dispute…”, code for not into weird sex, those dang Christian do-gooders, or this headline, “ZUCKERBERG: FACEBOOK WILL BE ‘BETTER THAN HUMANS’ IN DECADE…”, code for I’ll still be off the Social grid so I don’t care. Drudge at times make the headline more embarrassing for some on the left like “Obama Welcomes DREAMERS in Spanish…” oooh, talk about ‘feel the bern’, seriously though, I would love to see Obama have a conversation with George Bush in Spanish, that would be priceless, but the Left’s media has been doing that to the right for the last 50 years.

      2. Nobody is perfect, including you pal.

        It’s all negative all the time on Tim Cook here, that’s all he’s saying. Does it have something to do with the fact that the MDN guys are Republican stone-agers? Maybe, can’t say.

        Tim Cook is running the largest company in the world, and he’s doing a great job. There is no company anywhere as successful as Tim Cooks’ Apple. Can they do better? Sure they can. Will they? They better.

        People need to realize that everything is not going to be as perfect as it was for us back when the company was much smaller and not as affected by Wall Street.

        They have lots to learn. Tim will make it happen, you watch.

      3. MDN has typically swept Apple failure aside in a “nothing to see here” air. I think they’ve finally seen how ridiculous that is, and can’t help but address it now.

        As Apple fans, they give it the best spin they can — mild disappointment and pep-talks, “come on, Apple.. get your head in the game.” But coming from MDN, that’s a scathing review of Apple’s work.

        As someone else noted, this kind of launch for a Surface would send MDN and most commenters here into a fit of gleeful titters.

        MDN — might be time to start using the word “Beleaguered” before Apple’s name in headlines.

      4. Not half as much as you, narcissistic smitty.
        Hey, regular piece of crap, it is just another knee jerk hit piece. “Some” users…what does that mean? There may be a real issue, but you assholes around here are so quick to jump on the ‘fire Cook’ and ‘Apple sucks without SJ’ mantra that you don’t even give things a chance to develop. You know that “news” nowadays is just whatever someone can spew faster than another – no checks on facts, sources, etc. it generally takes days or weeks to get a reasonable cogent description of a situation. With Antennagate and Bendgate and all of the other FUD spouted against Apple over the past decade, it is reasonable to take stuff like this with several grains of salt.

        And MDN, you can suck it, too.

    2. I read back daily news specifically for the commentary. If I want a press release I can go to other websites for that.

      Just like writers need editors, Apple needs product testers. Someone who will take the product home and test it from a user perspective. This would help solve a lot of the slip ups.

      1. Perhaps they should get people in the ‘enemy’ camp to be product testers.. They sure won’t sugarcoat any perceived flaws.. It may just be that Steve Jobs was the best at getting Apple to produce great products because he thought like an Apple-hater.

    3. Maybe that’s because that’s the sentiment of the articles at large. Apple hasn’t had a recent win. Blame anything or anyone you like. When the product is great, they don’t make enough (Apple Watch and now Apple Pencil). On long-time mainstays, the product ships in a seemingly rushed state – Apple Music and Apple TV.

        1. That’s the only instance of such a problem reported so far that I have read. Most reports are very positive about the tablet itself even by those who seem to have a desire to have a whinge about something or other and simply settle upon the absence of the pencil or the relative averageness of the keyboard, that thankfully other options seem to more than cover for those that need one.

      1. For Microsoft Surface Pro 4, I would be saying nothing. I do not read news aggregators about Microsoft products, as I do not particularly care too much about them. I support Windows clients and servers, but I do not care one way or another about their hardware. One exception, the Xbox One, which has taken a very long time to mature, and gets little use in my household, almost as much as my Apple TV.

        1. But if you come here to MDN then you will read about MS products, or those of any other companies who aren’t Apple, especially if they have issues.

          As for water under the bridge, apparently that river seems to be flowing faster and stronger with Apple.

          1. And my prior comment is an attempt to show that Apple’s woes are more confirmation bias as apposed to some measurable rate of increase in QC failure. 2015 is shaping to be the year of Apple, with a torrent of product updates and new releases. With an increase of production it will also seem there is an increase of missteps. I propose the rate is the same, and no different than years, even decades past.

    1. It’s water under the bridge, seriously! For that kind of money it ought to work out of the gate. It’s biggest accessory isn’t available for 4-5 weeks. That’s pathetic. It’s only the beginning of of another bad rollout. Atv4. Hum, what was Apple known for. Waiting to release a finished product. This is something one might expect from the others!!!!!

      1. I only say it, because nothing is specifically broken. Unless you can reproduce the problem “The blank screen on long charge” is a notable example, it’s difficult to say one way or another what you want fixed. The pencil is not integral to the functioning of the iPad. It’s an accessory. Surely it would be nice to have it on day 1. But it’s not ready, so to speak. That is the “water under the bridge.” The complaint is over a $99 accessory that has more cool in 6 inches than anything else recently. I get that. Don’t feel insulted. The guy who is disappointed for spending “$800” for something that isn’t what he had in mind, frankly is sad for the wrong reason. He didn’t spend $800 for the pencil. He spend the money on a huge iPad that has a lot of potential, which get unlocked as soon as the accessories become available. Simple.

        It will all be available for Christmas. No worries.

  2. Yet on the Time review, which MDN lists immediately before this report, states that “The iPad Pro is the best computer Apple has ever made.”

    a) Bullshit.
    b) Gathering from these reports, I should hope not.

  3. FUD Alert. Been using mine since Friday and although I wish I had my Pencil, It has be working flawlessly. I’m an artist and you can understand why I need some Pencil love, but the experience of using this big iPad is wonderful.

  4. … Yeah. This is a clear sign, part of a set of consistent signs, that Apple has gotten too big for its current management and has lost, that BIG word Steve Jobs always used, FOCUS.

    Seen it before. JUMP on that sucker Apple and tame it again!

  5. This article makes me want to describe a problem I am having. Two apps, one being MDN, after repeated re-installations, open then immediately disappear. I can double click the home button and they show to be in the background memory, but then selecting them, they open and disappear again. Anyone know what can fix this? I have scoured the forums, to no avail.

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