Artist Nikolai Lockertsen has posted a video entitled “iPad Pro Art ‘The Pad,’ a time-lapse using the US$5.99 Procreate app.

Lockertsen explains his background: I also teach how to draw using an iPad at

Highlights from my courses include:
– Thumbnail sketches of different creatures/characters/environments being created
– Selecting final designs from the thumbnail drawing process
– Surface, Colour, and Lighting, and Scale adjustments to give different styles
– Details, Look and Surroundings to give a sense of realism and scale
– Learning the incredible power of creating your own Procreate brushes
– Setting up different perspectives to create environments with believable depth
– Tips on how to enhance your images and give them that ‘film’ look

I work as an Art director, Concept Artist and Matte Painter in the movie and TV industry. I have a fun career history, having worked on such movies as “Troll Hunter”, Oscar-nominated “Kon Tiki”, “Max Manus” and “The Mortal Instruments”, to name but a few.

I’m fortunate enough to regularly work with Hollywood Director Harald Zwart and continue to develop my art. I am often travelling between movie locations and international film studios, and my iPad always travels with me!

Direct link to video here.

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