Apple’s iPad Pro shines in the hands of an artist – watch this time-lapse video

Artist Nikolai Lockertsen has posted a video entitled “iPad Pro Art ‘The Pad,’ a time-lapse using the US$5.99 Procreate app.

Lockertsen explains his background: I also teach how to draw using an iPad at

Highlights from my courses include:
– Thumbnail sketches of different creatures/characters/environments being created
– Selecting final designs from the thumbnail drawing process
– Surface, Colour, and Lighting, and Scale adjustments to give different styles
– Details, Look and Surroundings to give a sense of realism and scale
– Learning the incredible power of creating your own Procreate brushes
– Setting up different perspectives to create environments with believable depth
– Tips on how to enhance your images and give them that ‘film’ look

I work as an Art director, Concept Artist and Matte Painter in the movie and TV industry. I have a fun career history, having worked on such movies as “Troll Hunter”, Oscar-nominated “Kon Tiki”, “Max Manus” and “The Mortal Instruments”, to name but a few.

I’m fortunate enough to regularly work with Hollywood Director Harald Zwart and continue to develop my art. I am often travelling between movie locations and international film studios, and my iPad always travels with me!

Direct link to video here.

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      1. Well heck yeah, just ask Microsoft. You can create art while using Windows 10 to run Office and every other application known, including Solitaire, simultaneously!

        And with the MS Hot Breakfast App you can also use it as a griddle to fry up a load of bacon, eggs and hash browns. Top that one Apple.

      2. You are asking the wrong question all sorts of things can technically be done, its the process of doing it for a designer and artist helping him to feel in control of the whole process that is important so he can properly express him/herself, its why the graphics industry focused on the Mac from the beginning. So we need people who have used both to answer that particular question.

    1. I just went to the YouTube page and the artist makes no claims that this was produced on an iPad pro. In fact, while the artist answered many questions posted, he never responded to the many people who asked if you used an iPad pro.

        1. uh…no. His whole gig is art on the iPad, primarily (apparently) using Procreate tools. He is definitely working on an iPad. I just think there is room to doubt that an iPad pro was used on the video. And from what I could glean, he was not using the pressure sensitive Pencil.

            iPad Pro Art “The Pad” – iPad Drawing from Nikko
            (see the ‘Pro’ part?)

            From Nikko’s comments below the vid:

            how are you liking the iPad pro? also are you using the pencil? I bought mine but it won’t be here until Nov. 20 >. <

            Thanks. Yes, Pencil. It is worth the wait ;-)

        2. “Artist Nikolai Lockertsen has posted a video entitled “iPad Pro Art ‘The Pad,’ a time-lapse using the US$5.99 Procreate app.”

          So the opening sentence of this article is a lie? Show your proof, please, Mr. Guarantor.

          1. Oops, wrong planet. Hear on Earth, ‘wacom’ is spelled “WACOM” (see their website) and cintiq is spelled “CINTIQ”. They’re not obsessed with caps because you will also find they sell the “Intuos” and “Bamboo”, no shout caps required. It’s just marketing.

    2. I can reference that the standard ‘screen size’ for artists, back in the CRT display days, was 17″. Anything smaller was considered inadequate.

      Now we’re up to Retina resolution displays. Perhaps the smaller display size of the iPad Pro is good enough! But I’ll point out that Wacom makes their CINTIQ Pen and Touch Display as large as 27″.

  1. I’m no artist, but I’m a bit surprised this picture wasn’t created as a 3D model scene or a vector image. What I think is most impressive are the 3D inspired tools in Procreate, the drawing app used, and the fact that it only costs $6 at the App Store.

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