Multiple injuries as tour bus collides with new flagship Apple Store Union Square in San Francisco

“A double-decker tour bus with an open-air top reportedly lost control and crashed into the construction site of the new Apple flagship store, at the corner of Post and Stockton, just before 3 p.m. today,” Jay Barmann reports for sfist. “NBC Bay Area has a chopper on the scene and reports at least seven injuries, saying as many as 30 people were on board the bus.”

“Three of those injured are said to be in critical condition, according to the SFFD,” Barmann reports. “From live footage on the scene it appears multiple vehicles were involved in the crash with several wedged against the scaffolding by the bus, and a second open-air tour bus next to the one that crashed.”

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“At least four people suffered critical injuries after a double-decker tour bus lost control in traffic near Union Square on Friday afternoon, striking several vehicles and knocking over nearby construction scaffolding, witnesses said,” Chris Roberts reports for The San Francisco Examiner. “The red tour bus, operated by City Sightseeing, was traveling east on Post Street around 3 p.m. when it “lost control,” according to a man working with the the Union Square Business Improvement District, who declined to give his name.”

“The bus struck several cars and trucks in traffic before veering to the left, where it struck scaffolding on the construction site of the new Union Square Apple stor,” Roberts reports. “A bicyclist was also struck by the bus, according to scanner traffic.”

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“SF Fire Dept. spokeswoman Mindy Talmadge updated the situation saying three people had suffered moderate to life threatening injuries, and that no children were injured,” KTUV reports. “Talmadge said a minimum of five cars are totaled and that one bus lost control for several blocks and struck people along the way, including at least one person on the sidewalk and a bicyclist. The cyclist is said to be among those who are critically injured.”

“SFPD said Post Street is shutdown from the 200 to 500 blocks and triage has been set up,” KTUV reports. “The cause of the crash remains under investigation. Fire officials added that overhead power lines are down in the area. PG&E is at the scene.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Our prayers are with the injured.


  1. “Multiple injuries as tour bus collides with new flagship Apple Store Union Square in San Francisco”

    Collides with? So the Apple Store was moving? Isn’t it much more accurate to state the tour bus ran into the Apple Store?

    1. Headline-writing involves using fewer words. Since readers know that a vehicle probably isn’t driving itself (yet), it paints a picture in their heads with fewer words to say “Bus crashes into building” than to say “Bus driver crashes into building.” The latter might make a reader say “I do hope he wasn’t carrying a coffee out in front of him and spilled it in his shirt when he walked into the building’s wall.”

      So, your critique of those types of headlines is fairly nonsensical. They make sense for conveying useful information to readers with fewer words. There are plenty of serious problems in today’s journalism – this isn’t one of them.

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