Apple’s clever gamble with new Apple Music for Android app

“Over the years, Apple has made a habit out of hating on Android, publicly criticizing the platform as it urges users to switch to iPhones,” Amy X. Wang writes for Quartz. “But Tuesday’s (Nov. 10) beta launch of Apple Music for Android turns all of that around.”

MacDailyNews Take: No it doesn’t.

“The app offers more or less the same features as Apple Music on iTunes or iOS, and it has all the same content as well,” Wang writes. “It also costs $9.99 a month and includes a free three-month trial period.”

“What the app will do is ensnare people in Apple Music itself — a valuable opportunity that might be well worth the sacrifices in both design and potential product sales,” Wang writes. “So far, Android users have generally reacted to the new app with enthusiasm, and there are already nearly 8,000 user reviews in the Google Play Store. Now it comes down to whether many more Android users will bite.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Those who settle for fragmandroid are notoriously cheap. Good luck convincing them to pony up $9.99-$14.99/per month, Apple.

This is hardly a “gamble” by any stretch of the imagination. It was an exceedingly nominal cost to port the app. Grabbing the relatively few who bite (and who are likely the most probable to be considering an upgrade to a real iPhone anyway) is just a bonus.

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  1. Now I can buy one of those cheap Amazon tablets and glue it to the wall as a music player. Just hook up speakers and all set for cheap.

    Also this is no different than iTunes on othe systems like Windows etc.

  2. After the Nth time that my childs broke an expansive iThing they are getting cheap fragmandroids and they will (I hope) still be covered by my already running family plan.

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