Aaron Sorkin’s ‘Steve Jobs’ flick unceremoniously dumped out of theaters

“Aaron Sorkin and Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs movie had another disastrous showing at the box office over the weekend,” Luke Dormehl reports for Cult of Mac.

“With earnings declining more than 69 percent from the previous weekend to just $823,000, the movie was dumped from 2,072 screens — more than any other film,” Dormehl reports. “By comparison, the new Bond movie Spectre took $73 million in its opening weekend.”

“The box office failure of Steve Jobs (no doubt much to the delight of Tim Cook, Jony Ive, Laurene Powell Jobs and others who criticized it) has been among the most disappointing of the year,” Dormehl reports. “To give you a sense of how big we’re talking, the original box office projections for the movie’s debut weekend were between $15 and $19 million. As it currently stands, the film has so far earned just $16,684,073 in its entire theatrical run… Steve Jobs is now playing in just 421 theaters.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If you haven’t seen it and you’re even the least bit interested in the truth of what actually happened and who really said and did what, you’re not missing anything.

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  1. The movie studio was completely tone deaf on this movie and I’m glad it failed f-ing miserably.

    The market for this movie was Apple fans. Of which there are millions. But we wanted something accurate, something that told a behind-the-scenes story of what brought the tech revolution to light.

    If we wanted an entertaining drama, we’d stick with fiction.

    So all they did was alienate a guy like me who was waiting to hand them my money to try to whore out the man’s life and attract more movie watchers. Instead, what they found out is that the core audience that would have made them millions was completely alienated from by the project and there weren’t enough people out there who wanted to watch a fake Steve Jobs treat people like shit for 120 minutes to make it a successful movie. Only Hollywood a-holes could lose money on a movie about Steve Jobs!!!!

    1. Other than (maybe) Apple fans, I think the American movie audience is a little tired of movies about Steve Jobs. There have been at least three: this one, “Jobs”, and “Pirates of Silicon Valley”. Personally, I’m sick of the idolization of Steve Jobs (both positive and the inevitable negative backlash). Just let the guy rest in peace.


  2. you know, a 5 million dollar super slick Steve Jobs documentary with actual footage, and a limited release in the top 20 markets would, gross more. Not sure why they need to make a fake movie about a computer guy.

    1. When he wrote allegorical stage plays based on real people, as Aaron Sorkin tried to do in three acts with Steve Jobs, William Shakespeare was even more cavalier than Sorkin, twisting history and ruthlessly distorting the personalities of famous people beyond recognition, the better to craft stories sure to be crowd-pleasers—the bottom line of the entertainment world.

      Of course the crowds that filled the Globe night after night did not include anyone who knew Hamlet or Lear or Richard III personally, or who were descendants or followers of them.

      Shakespeare’s real genius might be that he only wrote about people dead for 300 years, leaving few bodkin-wielding moral zealots or litigious relatives and grief-crazed followers to menace the Bard and his company of actors, who might have had to flee the stage ahead of a barrage of brickbats and rotten tomatoes.

      “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” — Henry VI Part II

  3. What did they expect, Steve jobs is not box office gold material and the best Steve jobs movie “pirates of Silicon Valley” was made much earlier and will be hard to beat by any big studio movie.

  4. Choose a more true to life script and someone more convincing as Steve than that actor was. Just being able to yell at people doesn’t make you a convincing Steve Jobs. He lacked all the other Stevelyness ingredients to convince anyone to be mesmerized by him as we were with Steve. Ashton pulled it off better so far.

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